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How to Make Your Bedroom Ready for Romance

A bedroom has two primary purposes – the first is sleep and the second is romance. If you sleep more and romance a little, you need to think of your bedroom for decorate wall painting. You can easily fall asleep in an unmade bed, but you can’t get into a good mood and start romancing in an unmade bed. For getting dirty with your partner, you need to make your bedroom sex-friendly. And when it comes to making your bedroom sex-friendly and more relaxing, you need to have a few upgrades there. Here are some tips and tricks for your support:

Start with your bed 

The entire room should have a pleasing look. However, it’s the bed that provides a base platform to get naughty with your partner when both of you get into a good mood. Have a close look at everything on your bed, from the bed to the mattress, bedsheet, pillows, and pillow covers. Be sure that they are fine, soft, and comfortable and have a good smell. Try to have bold colors in the headboard and keep all the fabrics clean all time. 

Declutter your bedroom 

Clutters in any part of your home is bad for you. When it comes to your bedroom, it must be clean and organized. A clean and optimized bedroom assists you to get your required things soon as you start finding them. For this, make a list of the things that should be there and the things that shouldn’t be in your bedroom. Remove the things that shouldn’t be in your bedroom. Further, organize them everything as per your need. 

Have good candles

The romantic glow that comes from the candlelight is practically a cliche. It’s the reason candles are at the top of the list of romantic items. The candles produce enough light that enables you to see your partner without being too bright. Their glow is flattering and the dance of their flames is magnificently sensuous. Further, scented candles spread perfume in the air that builds a romantic atmosphere in the particular space.

Add plants and flowers 

Placing one/two vases of fresh flowers or a few potted small plants is one of the most economical and easiest ways to build a romantic, welcoming space. While adding them, ensure that they are thriving and alive. Keep in mind a dying or wilted plant won’t help you to get into mood. Further, ensure that the plants or flowers you are bringing into your bedroom are not allergenic/irritating for you and your partner. 

Buy essential oils 

After their defusal in a space, essential oils bring a therapeutic effect. opt for using jasmine, patchouli, or cinnamon to ignite romance and passion. After their use, these oils can enhance the blood flow in your body, boost blood circulation, and intensify your desire for love, romance, and sex. They can enhance your bedroom experience. 

Hang romantic wall art 

The decoration of your bedroom wall states many things about you and affects your mood. A painting of a sad bird/girl can make you sad while a framed wall painting of a romantic couple of swans, or a couple of birds of the heart shaped tree branch can lit the fire of your lost romance. You can opt for wall hangings paintings conveying the message of love, romance, and affection.

Put the family pictures down

Of course, you value your family a lot. You want to do everything for the care and happiness of your family members. However, having the pictures of your family members in your bedroom is a distraction for you and works as a barrier for you when it comes to getting intimate. You seem that your aunt, uncle, or elders/youngers is watching you, and this feeling makes you get diverted from your steamy mood. 

Throw out the TV from your bedroom 

For bringing a TV into a bedroom, there are two types of thought. You should throw it away from your bedroom when you aim to have a sensual and restful bedroom. Apart from being bad for Feng Shui and vastu, watching it is not more romantic than your partner. Having a close look to your partner can light the fire of romance in you and make you get dirty/intimate with him/her.


For making your bedroom ready for romance or more romantic, you should do whatever you can do. As per your creative mind and available resources, you can add more ideas to work with your bedroom. Do the things that can ignite the fire of love and romance.       

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