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How to Make Air Canada Check-In a Breeze

Air Canada check-in service isn’t the most user-friendly thing in the world, but if you know what to expect and where to go, you can get in and out as quickly as possible while still keeping an eye on your flight information and luggage. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about checking in with Air Canada flights, from where to find it, to how much time you should allot beforehand, to all of your options once inside. Once you’ve checked out these tips, you’ll be flying high with Air Canada customer support in no time!

Get in line early

Air Canada check-in online area is often crowded, and you want to minimize your wait time. In fact, at major airports like Toronto’s Pearson Air Canada Flights International, it might be in your best interest to get in line as early as 4 hours before your flight. You can go through security sooner that way too, which leaves you more time before boarding. If you have an iPhone or Android device, download Air Canada alliance so you can view live updates on wait times and manage/track your reservation through their mobile website instead of having to stand in line at all.

Don’t use the kiosk

For some reason, Air Canada booking has decided that we’re all familiar with their Air canada web check-in kiosks. Yet every time I visit an airport, there’s always one or two people standing in front of one and everyone else is waiting at regular Air canada flight check-in counters. The system isn’t great for several reasons: 1) The lineups are always longer and 2) It doesn’t tell you if your baggage will fit into overhead bins on smaller planes.

Use the mobile check-in app

The first thing you need to do is download and use Air Canada mobile check-in app on your smartphone. The app allows you to scan your own boarding pass, so once you’ve checked in for your flight on your phone, print it out or get an electronic copy at home—you won’t need it until you get to security. This not only saves time when checking in but makes things easier for everyone who has checked in ahead of time. If all passengers are already set with their passes, then there will be no holdups at check-in and security. That means shorter lines and faster travel times overall!

Have your boarding pass ready

You should always have your boarding pass ready when you get to Air Canada check-in time. Whether it’s online or in an airport kiosk, make sure you know where your boarding pass is at all times and don’t wait until you get to security to start looking for it. You can use apps like Boarding Pass that show your itinerary on your phone so you can access it from anywhere, not just at check-in desks. If something happens and you lose track of where it is, get a new one! Checking in online means fewer problems for everyone: no lines and less fuss once you arrive at your Air canada destination airport.

Understand airline rules (change fees, carry on restrictions etc.)

Airline rules are strict but not always easy to understand. If you want your airline check in experience to be as smooth as possible, read up on all of Air Canada official site. You may also want to investigate whether or not Air Canada vacation packages a rewards program; depending on how much you travel, it may make sense for you to enroll and earn status that way. The more familiar you are with everything your airline requires, the more efficient your check in experience will be. Consider studying these documents before heading out: Airline change fees (if applicable), Carry-on Restrictions, Frequent Flyer Rules and any time limits associated with same day travel changes.

Have your ID and credit card ready

Air Canada destinations map does not have airport check-in kiosks. You’ll have to check in online and print your boarding pass at home. And as much as we wish it was 2016, Air Canada still won’t let you board without proper ID: Your ID must be current and valid through February 5, 2017 (the day you arrive). It must also bear your name exactly as it appears on your credit card or passport, and show a recognizable photo of you (i.e., no selfies). For flights departing from Montreal or Toronto only, alternate forms of identification are permitted, such as Canadian provincial health care cards.

If you don’t have an electronic ticket, print it out

Air Canada flight map does not accept paper tickets or any other Airline El Al Customer Service form of ticketing for travel. If you don’t have an electronic ticket, there are kiosks throughout AirCanada check-in stations that can print out your boarding pass for you. Simply enter your information and scan or take a picture of your passport, and violà: you’re on your way. It is important to keep in mind that if you are printing out a boarding pass at an airport kiosk, it may be one that is slower than others; consider going directly to security if time is tight!

If you have kids or are traveling with someone, make sure they also know how to get through the process quickly.

Familiarize yourself with Air Canada Customer Service before you head to the airport. That way, if there are any changes, you’ll know what they are in advance. For example, their Air Canada website states that strollers larger than 62 inches (157 cm) and all pets must be checked at our airport counters. It also warns you not to forget items on your Do Not Pack List or else they won’t allow them through security (and don’t even think about checking that oversized bag). The website for Air Canada cheap flights also tells you how much extra it will cost for oversized luggage; for example, a bike over 50 pounds costs $100 per flight leg.

Washrooms – Need we say more? Section 10) Happy travels!

When it comes to air travel, nothing is more important than getting through security as quickly as possible. And for that, you need an Air Canada flights number Priority Pass. This is an access card that allows you to bypass long lines at check-in and security. Once you have your pass, all you need to do is touch it on one of these small boxes and head straight for your gate! A word of caution: It’s important that you don’t lose your pass, or else you’ll be stuck waiting in line like everyone else. Be sure not leave it somewhere; if someone finds it they could steal your spot in line!

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