How to Create a Super App Like Gojek? Step By Step Process

Choosing the development platform

The key step is to choose the platform for developing your super app like Gojek. Native apps are built for specific single platforms like iOS or Microsoft Windows or Android. They have their own programming languages and development tools. While they might lack versatility, they can’t flawlessly function on the specific platform that they were created for, capitalizing on all the features.

A cross-platform app or a hybrid app is built as a single app on HTML5 and it is optimized for multiple platforms. It functions similar to how native apps are, but it might lack a few features.

A progressive web app is a website that is created and optimized for usage on mobile devices. They look  similar to native and hybrid applications but are capable of running on browsers. It performs just like any other normal website would. They have limitations in terms of user interface design. However, they also have the advantage the users need not download the app.

Considering the spread of mobile devices, It is strongly recommended that you go for iOS and Android. The final decision, however, will depend on the budget.

Super app features to integrate into an app like Gojek

After the platform, the next focus should be on the features. It is the features that make a super app like Gojek a versatile and preferred one by all users.

Effective signup process

The onboarding process should be easy and simple for users, drivers, and businesses. People should be able to log in either with an email address or phone number or using legacy credentials like Google and Facebook. The registration should create a profile for them that we keep a record of all the little bits of information including but not limited to the history of the services that they have available, the payment methods, the record of the payouts, and their personal information.

Tracking the location

The GPS can be considered the epicenter of the on-demand revolution, and for every service that the super application provides, the GPS is of vital importance. For example, a cab driver should be able to reach the location of the user and their destination guided by the GPS and mapping system. If a person wants a household service, their location should be pinpointed on the map, so it becomes easier for the service provider to reach the location without any hassle.

Easier payments

Digital payments are also considered one of the most important elements of augmentation for the on-demand ecosystem. People should be able to make their payments using credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, and wallets. The payment system also comes in handy for handling micro finance requests. For this purpose, the app should be integrated with the payment gateway that can support all the systems said above.

User Experience

While the user does not care about The elements of technology that go under the hood, it is important to ensure that the latest technology is being used in the interest of speed, efficiency, and security. The front end and the backend should work in tandem with each other to create a holistic experience for the user/driver/business.

Push Notifications

Communication is the garnish for the app when it comes to engagement. Communication can be established through multiple channels like push notifications, SMS, and email for which The right tools should be used with the app.

User Interface

The app should be garnished with an intuitive and engaging user interface. The process of booking should be a breeze for the user. The entire booking process should be completed in less than three steps. The placement of buttons, the colors, the font, and the way in which users interact with the app (pressing on a button or swiping) play an important role in influencing the usability of the app.


Usability should be measured using analytical tools that give a proper picture in numbers in terms of how many people use the app, the top exit pages, the services that are most used, and a lot of other vital stats that will help in affecting the product or marketing it better.

Testing the app like Gojek

Once all these features are in place, the app is ready to be tested and deployed. It is strongly recommended that you test your app with a small set of audiences.  Consider their feedback and ensure that the product goes to the market with all its guns blazing. It must look better than what was churned out at the first step.

Instead of going through all these development processes, entrepreneurs can opt to white-label apps. Since white-label applications like the Gojek clone app are pre-coded and developed with all the necessary features.  Entrepreneurs can launch the app in a short duration of time.

Final Step: Marketing

All these efforts will not be able to give the fruits they deserve if not marketed properly. Marketing completes the product launch cycle of your business. You can engage in traditional digital marketing methods like search advertising, social media, and content marketing. In addition, you can also adhere to  marketing elements like email, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing.

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