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How to Convert OST to PST without Outlook

Dewarticles | Summary: “In this article, we will learn the method to open and convert OST to PST without Outlook. Users who face problems to convert and access large OST files, this article will help you to solve these problems. You can also learn how to restore your mailbox items such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and notes from inaccessible OST files, and you can also recover lost or deleted mailbox items without using Outlook.”

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous email clients and it is widely used by everyone for communication purposes. Most of the users configure their accounts with the MS Exchange server, which works in synchronisation and saves data in the Offline Storage Table (.ost) file format. Your OST file saves data in your hard drive in offline mode. When you configure your account with IMAP, your data is synchronised and downloaded to the local system in the OST file format.

However, many users complain that there are many situations where users cannot access the files. If users want to fix this, they need to change the OST file into another format. So in the upcoming sections, we will discuss two methods to convert OST to PST without Outlook.

But before moving to the methods, we will discuss the reasons behind this-

Why Users Should Convert OST into PST

There are many reasons why users should users convert their OST data into PST. Some of those reasons are given below-

  1. Sometimes, users face that due to Exchange server. The data becomes very challenging to access mailbox data. To open the data, the user needs to convert their emails from OST to PST file format.
  2. By exporting OST to PST, users can also recover corrupted or accidentally deleted data.
  3. If users want to shift from one place to, they can convert OST to PST, it will also help them with data migration, as PST files are simple to migrate from one place to another place.
  4. Users see that the Exchange profile is inactive and the OST file has become an orphan. In this situation, users have only one option left which is the conversion of the OST file to PST to access complete data.
  5. There are many users who complain that MS Exchange server crashes unexpectedly for many reasons such as-
  • Malicious Software
  • Virus Attacks
  • Power Failure

This type of problem is very difficult to handle when data becomes inaccessible and the screen repeatedly displays error messages, but we solve this through the conversion of OST to PST.

Methods to Convert OST to PST

In this section, we will discuss the methods of conversion of OST to PST-

Method 1: Convert OST to PST Using the Manual Method

Method 2: Use a third-party tool to convert OST to PST.

We will discuss method 1 first-

#Convert OST to PST Using Manual Method

 If you want to convert OST to PST files manually, so your system must be configured with Outlook and connected to the MS Exchange server. To convert follow the given instruction-

1:  Open Outlook and then click on “File” which is top left of the screen

 2: When you click file, you will see many options Click on “Open & Export”, then select “Import/Export”

 3: A new dialogue box opens, select “Export to a file” under Choose an action to an OPML file and click on the “Next” button

 4: The next page will ask you to choose the file type to import. Select “Outlook data file (.pst)” and hit the button to “Next”.

 5: After that, choose the folders to export data from and click on “Next”

 6: Then, browse the location where you want to save files and choose “Allow duplicates to be created” under options and tap of “Finish”.

 7: At the end, a new message will pop-up and ask for an optional password. You can skip this part and move ahead without entering it.

Now, you can check your OST files, which are saved in PST file format at the selected location.

Limitation of Manual Method

As you read above the manual method to convert OST to PST without Outlook is available, but this manual method has some limitations which users face

  • Users must set up their Outlook accounts in the system.
  • The system must be connected to the MS Exchange Server
  • There is a risk of data loss and corruption
  • A non-tech person must need technical export support to follow the procedure

#Convert OST to PST using a third-party tool

In this section, we will use an automated tool to convert OST to PST without Outlook and with help of this tool you resolve the limitation of the manual method.

OST to PST Converter is one of the best software recommended by users to convert OST to PST without Outlook. This software makes users’ tasks easy and saves their time. You can convert large, orphan, and inaccessible OST files into PST. It also allows you to recover, backup and extract all items of offline OST files. It can save your OST file in multiple formats like PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, and HTML and many more things it can do.

Now follow the given steps to convert your file.

Steps to Convert OST Files to PST

Step 1. Download OST to PST Converter and install it in your system

Step 2. You have to just Add Files

Step 3. Then preview the OST recovered files into the software

Step 4. Select PST in select Export Type

Step 5. After that, browse the location where you want to save exported PST file

Step 6. Click on the “Export” button to convert the OST file to PST.

Now you can see your converted data at the browsed location.


Here, we have discussed two methods to convert an OST file to PST without Outlook. The first method was manual in which you don’t need to install any additional app. You can convert the OST file manually, but it has some limitations that is why we have also discussed an alternative method through which you can easily convert your OST file in any format. This alternative method also resolves the limitations of the manual method. Now it is up to you that which method you choose according to your need.

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