How to Choose Pajamas?

A person will sleep at most 30% of the time in his life, which is determined by the nature of the life cycle. Children, patients, and the elderly sleep as much as 10 to 12 hours a day. People spend a lot of time in sleep throughout their lives. A stable state of sleep plays a very important role in your physical and mental health. How do you maintain a stable quality of sleep? For me, a comfortable pajama can undoubtedly play a positive role in the quality of sleep. So, what factors do I need to consider when choosing wholesale pajamas? Here are some of my own opinion.

  1. First, the material of the pajamas. There are two kinds of pajamas on the market now, one is cotton and the other is modal pajamas. This type of pajamas has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, good warmth retention and antistatic effects, breathable and sweat-wicking, skin-friendly and soft. The pure cotton pajamas are woven from cotton, which is non-polluting, does not irritate the skin, and is safe to wear. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, shrink and deform, and it is easy to get old. Modal’s pajamas feel very smooth and delicate, light and cool, and have strong moisture absorption, comfortable and close-fitting, breathable and perspiration, the fabric has good elasticity, strong stability, and can maintain gloss and softness, and the more you wash it Soft, but expensive. Personally, I prefer pure cotton pajamas. It has a more obvious price advantage, and it is a pajamas with a higher price ratio.
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  2. Colors. Studies have shown that in general, red means happiness and enthusiasm, it makes people feel warm and full, and stimulates love. Yellow means happiness, brightness, makes people happy and full of joy. Green means peace and makes people feel stable, quiet, and gentle in their hearts. Blue gives people a sense of quiet, coolness and comfort, and makes people cheerful. Elegant and fresh colors often give people a more comfortable feeling, while bright colors always make people feel shocked. Therefore, when choosing the color of pajamas, we can focus on lightness, such as pink, pink green and beige. Elegant and fresh pajamas will have the effect of calming the eyes and calming the mind, and can relieve you of the tension and fatigue caused by the work day, and make your body completely relax. The brightly colored pajamas can affect people’s mood of relaxation, affect rest, and sometimes easily cause visual fatigue, irritability or excessive nerve excitement. But this may vary from person to person, and I prefer lighter colors.
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  3. Sizes. The size of pajamas can be determined according to their personal circumstances. Some people prefer looser ones, which are easy to wear and take off, while some people prefer tighter ones because they feel more close-fitting. In fact, pajamas can be lenient, but not too lenient. Loose pajamas will always give people a sense of comfort, so that people who work all day will not be in urgency all the time, and there will be a better relaxation effect.
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  4. Styles. Pajamas styles include round neck, cardigan and night gown. Turtleneck round neck is more casual, cardigan is more mature, and nightgown can be used all year round. Some wholesale pajamas from She Star can be worn on the skin or outside. You can choose different styles of pajamas according to personal preferences.

If you like competitive and comfortable nightwear, I think SheStar wholesale pajamas website are a good choice. You can click here to view. The above are some of my own little tips for choosing wholesale pajamas. You are also welcome to post your personal opinions under the comments.

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