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How to Build a Cash-Back App with No Code

Coding and programming ability was once requirements for developing mobile apps. Learning to code is extremely difficult and time-consuming for a bubble developer. The first time you utilize code to make native mobile apps, the outcome will undoubtedly be subpar. Thankfully, modern technology makes it possible for anyone to take an app idea and turn it into reality—without writing a single line of code.

We’ll lead you through creating a cash-back website with a bubble app developer step-by-step in this article. This article will show how to begin developing the support workflows for your product, whether you want to construct an affiliate link platform or you’re just interested in using some of the essential capabilities. So let’s start.

What to Expect When Building an App

It only wants to rapidly create some expectations before moving on so you are aware of what to expect. It is easy to create a mobile app without coding. The developing process of an app using an app builder will be fairly similar if you have expertise using website builders like a bubble.

Your app will be created entirely from scratch utilizing a web-based app creator. These platforms typically allow you to start from a template or other pre-existing point. The process is much less intimidating when compared to starting with a blank screen.

Also, you can hire a bubble developer to design and develop your app from scratch. These platforms typically allow you to start from a template or other pre-existing point. Compared to starting with a blank screen and this makes it far less daunting.

The app can be tailored by adding your color scheme, branding materials, and original content. To add other forms of functionality to your app, you can use plug-and-play marketplaces or a drag-and-drop interface. Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you wanted to add videos to the app. You may look for a Vimeo or YouTube plugin. The platform may then download those videos from your YouTube account.

Not many app developers provide the same features and functions, and it is significant to note. Unquestionably, some are superior to others. Accordingly, depending on the no-code platform you’re utilizing, you can come into some constraints or limits.

Hire bubble developer

With its visual programming tool, bubble app developer aspires to make programming obsolete by letting you construct web and mobile applications without writing any code. You can easily add page elements like text, videos, maps, icons, photos, buttons, and more by dragging and dropping them into the tool’s simple page builder. According to the requirements of the app you are building, anything can be adjusted, including the font colors, icon styles, and element visibility.

You can specify each action that is taken with workflow-based programming. You can design your logic (for instance, if a user hits button X when logged in, perform Y; otherwise, do A), define your data structures, and enable user content uploads.

The bubble can connect to Mixpanel in addition to MailChimp to measure app activity, including who your users are and what they do. This is a great option for anyone who wants to launch a website or app seamlessly. You don’t have to pay anything until your audience starts to grow; the tool is completely free to build.

To create a cash-back app without writing any code, you must:

  • Construct a dashboard page where a user may browse deals and check how much cash-back each one offers.
  • Creating a profile page that will serve two purposes: first, allowing merchant users to register their brands and input affiliate tracking links, and second, for ordinary platform users to view prior transactions and points earned.
  • Creating a referral page with instructions that direct consumers to the merchant’s website.

How to Get Started

You must register your free Bubble account before you can proceed. Afterward, you can watch as they develop the final product together.

You have the option of starting your project by creating the appropriate database fields or by wireframing your product design. In this instance, it will begin by modifying the platform’s user interface utilizing Bubble’s visual design tool.

You must build the following pages if you are making an app that resembles Ebates or Rakuten:

A Dashboard Page: 

The user can filter by category and perform a name-based search on this page, which provides the cash-back offers from the brands on the site.

A Profile Page: 

Regular users can view recent transactions and their points here; merchant account holders can change brand information and add a tracking link.

A Referral Page:

A straightforward page explains the procedure to the user before forwarding them to the merchant’s website via the tracking link.

The capability to transmit data between pages is a major component of Bubble. With this, you may design a single, generic version of a page and dynamically show the necessary information from your database as needed.

Setting up your Database

After you have wireframed these pages, you may concentrate on developing the data fields that your application will need. The parameters will be used to link the workflows that support your product. It is simple to generate several data kinds with distinctive fields using Bubble’s pre-built database.

How does no-code Development Operate?

With a declarative interface used by no-code app builders, you can drag and drop pre-coded items exactly where you want them, and the code will adjust accordingly. No coding is missing; rather, you are simply directing the parts that have already been constructed behind the scenes. It’s fairly easy if you have a plan for how you want to present the data and a set of cloud-based spreadsheets containing your data, such as Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable. In no time, you’ll be deploying apps.

Using a no-code app Builder has Advantages

One of the many attractive aspects of using no-code app development is the low entrance barrier. Other benefits of developing apps without knowing how to code include:

Faster Invention

Giving every team member the flexibility to take charge and create the apps they need to complete the work would enable you to hit growth targets, enter new markets, or complete the enormous project much more rapidly.

Decreased Cost

The cost of traditional application programming includes custom builds and the time it takes for experienced developers to create them. According to some estimations, no-code app builders can cut costs by up to 74%.

Stronger Cooperation

No-code app development brings disparate teams together and sets the foundation for shared objectives and a common language, as opposed to technical and non-technical departments operating in silos.

Boosting Abilities

Every industry’s businesses are looking for strategies to remain flexible and develop swiftly. You can keep up by using no-code app builders. No-code app builders are not only simple to use but are also expanding in resources and power on a daily basis. This implies that no-code app builders will eventually be able to do even more than they can now.

Final Words

You can create any kind of product you want with the aid of Bubble. Never before has it been so simple to create amazing things without knowing how to code.

Open a free Bubble account to get started right away. Their thriving community forum is a terrific establishment to find practical guidance and tools if you need more assistance when constructing your product.

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