How to ask a girl out on a date?

The stress level of a date can very well be compared to a real exam. Of course, in such a case, a lot depends on the mood of the girl and on her attitude towards the young man.  In this article, we will try to figure out how to ask a girl out on a date so that she cannot refuse.

Choose a place and time on a date

The meeting and the subsequent invitation to a date can happen anywhere: in lectures, in a cafe, on the street, in a park, and even on the Internet. Fortunately, there are no more places left where it would be “indecent” to get acquainted. Therefore, if you see a girl who you like, then there is no point in looking for excuses to postpone your acquaintance.

The main thing with so many opportunities is not to break the wood and not make yourself look stupid.

Self-confidence and erudition, of course, will be a huge support for a guy who is going to persuade a girl to go for a walk with him for the first time. However, even a well-trained person in a non-standard stressful situation can get lost – this is absolutely normal.

That is why I recommend preparing for the meeting in advance, having studied the experience of others. It is believed that taking the first step and asking on a date is a man’s business, but now the framework is gradually being erased. We will talk about this in the article.

Invitation by phone on a date

If you met a girl in a public place, and you exchanged phone numbers, but you don’t want to get rejected right away, you can cheat a little.

  • Don’t ask her out right away, just call the next day. Try to speak calmly and confidently. You will not only remind her of yourself, but you will also avoid a frightening situation: an invitation to a first date on the phone from a psychological point of view is much easier. This option is especially suitable when, during a real meeting, you or the girl were in a hurry somewhere, and you did not have time for a serious conversation.
  • There is no need to immediately take the bull by the horns and start a telephone conversation with an invitation, everything should be natural. For example, ask a girl how her day went, what she plans to do in the coming days, what her hobbies are, or where she likes to spend her free time.
  • Stay confident: your chances are high enough, because if a girl gave you her phone number, it means that she is interested in you, and she is unlikely to refuse to meet with you again.
  • If you decide to invite a girl with whom you already know, for example, a colleague or classmate, then the phone and short messages can become your best assistants. She will definitely not be surprised by your call or SMS, and you can avoid strong excitement and show your best side.

Social network invitation

What our parents could not imagine happened. Now you can find a girl without leaving your computer or smartphone. We meet on social networks and invite each other on a date there. If you found your chosen one on the page of one of the social networks, there are rules that will be useful to you.

  • Make a good impression of yourself on your page: publish positive information, do not use obscene language and do not use indecent pictures, even if they seem funny to you.
  • Carefully study the interests of the girl, try to find something in common between you. Participate in the conversations she starts with her friends on social networks. React to the information she shares.  With such a sympathetic gentleman, she will not refuse to meet in real life.
  • Remember that it is better to check the message several times before sending it to avoid stupid typos or mistakes. At the very beginning of their acquaintance, girls pay great attention to the literacy of their beau, so you should not risk it again.

Personal invitation on a date

If you decide to call her out on a date in real life, looking straight into the eyes, then you should especially meticulously evaluate your appearance. I assure you, the girl will not agree to spend time with a slob, from whom comes a not very pleasant smell.

Of course, not everyone is lucky to be born with a superhero look and figure. But it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it is enough to be well and neatly dressed, combed and pleasantly smelling of perfume, so that she does not run away after the first minute of the conversation. You can read more about how to please a girl in our material on this topic.

When talking with her, you need to try to be confident in yourself: do not tremble like an aspen leaf, but also do not be pretending to be cheerful. From the outside, this is usually very noticeable and does not make the most pleasant impression.

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