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How the Internet and Social Media is Influencing the Mindset of the Youth?

It’s not a surprise anymore that almost everyone is on social media these days. Be it the elderly or young, you will see everybody using different social media platforms. Moreover, it is not compulsory for an individual to be on just one platform. In fact, a person can be using three or more social media accounts at the same time, switching between them consistently while on the go. Considering how people, especially youth, are always using social media, one must wonder if the constant use of these platforms is influencing their mindset. 

For the current generation, Facebook was once used to be common and less materialistic. But then came Instagram which focuses on wellbeing and lifestyle. In the last few years, the latter has grown into popularity and is competing with Facebook. The content shared on such sites has somewhat developed this urge in youth to achieve some recognition. They follow certain influencers and want to be just like them. They even seek approval from their peers. 

Where Is the Youth Headed?

Constant use of social media has turned the youth into zombies who are always glued to their screens. They can’t pay much attention to anything. The youth have become so fascinated by the idea of fame, and power that they often create fake personas just to get some comments and likes on their posts and pictures. Some youngsters flaunt their assets while others head towards cyberbullying. This just makes one question; where is the youth headed? 

The Bright Side

Not all hope is lost! You see, while it is true that social media can influence young individuals but it might not have anything to do with the bad choices some people make. Every person in this world has done something that they are not proud of. And everyone makes mistakes. It is just human nature. But you can either learn from others’ mistakes or can go and have the experience yourself. The latter would value in the long run. Why? Well, let’s look at it this way. A doctor won’t be a doctor till he has operated by using his knowledge to test. So, while a theory is good to know but in the end, experiences matter! 

5 Ways How Social Media Is Influencing the Mindsets of the Youth

Let’s now ponder upon five ways how social media is affecting the mindset of the youth. 

#1. Improves Social Growth

If someone has been using social media the right way i.e., inspiring positivity and making new friends then this would help improve their social growth. Due to the desire of receiving more comments and likes on their pictures/posts, they will observe the pattern which leads to such things. This will make them understand the concept of “give and take”. They will also be aware of the different social trends. At the same time, such individuals will not find it hard to fit into their jobs. 

#2. Socially Aware

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of social media is that it helps people become more socially aware. This means that they will be in the know of every news that takes place anywhere across the globe. Plus, people become more vocal about their issues and others actively help them out. They use different social media platforms as a tool to raise awareness and to launch various campaigns for issues such as abuse control, or equality. 

#3. Reduces Loneliness

Imagine this, you moved to a new town and don’t know anyone. Plus, it is really hard for you to make new friends. What would you do? Social media can help you here! Of course, you will be having your friends on platforms like Facebook. You can interact with them and remain more connected until you get to know others around you. Social media will certainly reduce loneliness, allowing you to get in touch with your loved ones no matter where they are located. It will save you from falling into depression. 

#4. More Connected

Youth will find themselves more connected when they use social media. They can be friends with their professors on Facebook. This would allow them to have a conversation outside the classroom, giving the students a perfect opportunity to ask questions if they didn’t understand the lecture. They can even video call their friends and group study. 


How social media influences the mindsets of the youth depends on how the individual uses different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If he/she uses it the way it should be then it will affect them positively but if not, then the effects will not be as pleasant. Also, when using social media, the availability of a decent internet connection would matter a lot. This is because nobody likes their internet connection to disrupt while they are interacting with their friends. I, after checking Spectrum offers opted for their spectrum internet service as it was not only cheap but also reliable. You can do the same or search for an ISP that can meet your needs easily.

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