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How Smartphone Addiction is Affecting Human Lives

With the proliferation of advanced technology, it can be noted that almost every individual, from an adult to a child, possesses a personal smartphone or some other digital device. 

It may hold some significance for adults, but it is a source of mere entertainment for children and teenagers. Even after its invention, its usage was never as much as it is now. 

This is major because of the convenience, information, and endless entertainment it provides. Now and then, digital device designers and software developers come up with new ideas and add incredible smartphone addiction features to boost their company’s products sales.

Technological Devices

The advantages associated with these technological devices are numerous, but that does not mean we must neglect their negative impacts.

Anything in excess never has favourable outcomes. Similar is the case with the usage of smartphones. Controlled consumption of technology is beneficial, while excess use can affect our lives adversely. 

That being said, studies conducted by various technological lawmakers from Law Essays Help asserted that overuse of digital media could jeopardize individuals’ mental and physical health in a way that cannot be retained so easily.

How the Physical Health of the Users Is Being Affected 

The adverse effects of using smartphones and tabs excessively do not show instantly. However, after a couple of years, we realize that our physical health has deteriorated in ways we could never imagine earlier. 

After several extensive studies conducted on Health Issues by Medical Law Essay Help UK, the researchers realized how the continual usage of smartphones for prolonged hours has been destroying the user’s health bit by bit.

Smartphone Addiction

Many experts have declared smartphone addiction, as we depend upon cellphones for almost everything from food deliveries to entertainment. 

So much so that many individuals find it challenging to spend time without their digital devices. They quickly get bored because they cannot come to think of other activities to entertain themselves. 

So everywhere they go, carrying it along seems like a need, although before cellphones existed, humans were still living a progressive life.

What pupils do not realize is the physical consequences linked with this habit. Cellphone addiction leads to people adopting a sedentary lifestyle. 

They would spend prolonged hours in front of their screens engaged in various activities like socializing, watching videos, taking online courses, reading, or simply playing video games. 


Perhaps the wide range of entertainment and information available at the tap of our fingers has led to us following a routine that contributes to poor health.

An ailment is known as ”text neck” is widespread, especially among youngsters these days. It is a strain injury cause hunching over for extended hours. 


Smartphone technology is like an escape from reality, with users hook to the screens and unable to keep track of their time leaning over in that position.

Moreover, there is a drastic increase in the number of individuals dealing with vision problems such as myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, in which they cannot focus on objects placed at a distance.

Another unforeseen physical problem of our uncontrolled device use is carpal tunnel syndrome. Individuals struggling from CTS often feel an uneasy pressure on a nerve in the wrist. It may sometimes cause numbness, a tingling effect, or pain in the entire hand. 

We check our phones countless times during the day, but we do not realize smartphone addiction contributes to a significant issue that is difficult to treat.

Digital Devices and Destructed Mental Health 

Mental illness is becoming a significant issue with time, in the young generation specifically. With the busy schedules and chaotic lives, there are increased chances of individuals developing depression or posttraumatic stress disorder at a young age. 

However, people do not realize the connection between technology and mental health and how it affects us.

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Cause and Effects of Social Media 

Research and studies on factors affecting mental health proved that social media is one major cause of depression among the young. 

Undeniably it is true as individuals automatically compare their lives with others. As they see glimpses of only the happy moments of everyone. But apart from that, the use of smartphones alone is contributing to ill mental health significantly. 

Spending Much Times on Social Media 

Not everyone spends time on social media; they may be reading through informative articles or watching the news on their gadgets but still suffer from depression. This is mere because technology disconnects humans. By spending hours scrolling through web pages, individuals hardly ever give time to their family and friends. 

Human Interaction

Human interaction is vital as communication helps relieve stress and brighten up the mood. In addition, it promotes a sense of safety, security, and belonging when they connect with others.

Secondly, significant impact smartphones have had on users is that they have developed phantom vibration syndrome.

As the name suggests, PVS is the psychological effect that keeps individuals wondering whether their phones are buzzing or not. 

This leads to them subconsciously thinking about their gadgets all the time, ultimately unable to focus on other essential things.

This jeopardizes their progression in life as their entire focus revolves around the technology they own.

Cybersex addiction

Your real-life relationships, as well as your emotional health, can negatively affect compulsive Internet pornography, sexting, and nude swapping. 

Although online pornography is a form of sexual addiction, cybersex addictions and sexting are more easily accessible and anonymous than ever before. 

It’s easy to lose track of time wondering about things that aren’t achievable in real life. As a result, if you use dating apps that enable casual sex, it can be difficult to form long-term personal relationships or even destroy current ones.

How to Overcome This Addiction? 

You have many options to manage your smartphone and internet usage. You can take many of these steps yourself, but addiction is challenging to overcome, especially when temptation is at your fingertips. It is easy to fall back into old habits of usage.

Every problem has a solution, and so does this one; it is all a game of the mind. Self-control plays an essential role in adopting and quitting habits. 

When smokers can quit smoking, users can control their digital device usage. With new ideas, designers have developed apps that can help individuals track and manage their screen time. 

Group support

Online support groups Internet Tech Addiction Anonymous, On-Line Gamers Anonymous offer online support and face-to-face meetings to those suffering from excessive technology use.

To fully benefit from any addiction support group, you will need to meet real people. While online support groups help find resources of assistance, it is easy to use them to surf the internet and spend more time on your phone.

If you are struggling with cybersex addiction, smartphone addiction, Sex Addicts Anonymous is an excellent place to start.

Smartphone Usage

The device will notify the user when they cross the time limit of their smartphone usage. This has perhaps helped countless people.

For children, adults can restrict their mobile gaming times and encourage them to indulge more in physical activities that they will benefit from in the long run.

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