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How Muslim read the Quran

How Muslim read Quran:

The Holy Scriptures of Islam are written in Old Arabic – a language that only a few speak. In addition, the Koran does not tell stories like the Bible, but collects revelations. Many believers do not understand what they hear in the mosque, but this does not detract from the spiritual experience.

“As is customary, one learns the translation of the standard verses that are recited in prayer. And over time, the words are just memorized and you can easily make connections yourself. But nowadays the Koran has been translated very well into many languages, and that is mostly used by Muslims. ”

This young woman is not an isolated case: many Muslims read the Koran but do not understand it in the original and therefore have to resort to translations. The reason: the Koran is originally written in Arabic, a very complex language as the Islamic theologian Here’re Kam knows:

“Where you have hundreds of terms for a phenomenon. Then these terms are not only assigned to one phenomenon, but they themselves have many different levels and dimensions within themselves. In other words, the Arabic language is extremely complex. It is therefore not at all surprising that a native-speaker Arab, even if he has studied, does not understand the Koran straight away. ”

“You have to put yourself in the shoes of that time”

That means: Even for people who have learned the Arabic language from an early age, the Koran is difficult to understand, as the Islamic scholar Karajan Amirpour from the University of Cologne confirms.

“Even if he’s a native Arabic speaker, that’s a form of Arabic that you don’t know. In that sense, they don’t understand. Persians, Indonesians, Turks don’t understand anything anyway. ”

Because: The Koran is an old text, revealed in the 7th century. At that time a different language was used, says the Muslim theologian Hamade Mohagheghi. What makes reading difficult:

“That means, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the world of that time, why are there so specific images in the Koran that have no meaning at all for us today. How muslim read Quran But it must have had a meaning for the people back then. And therefore one has to somehow get closer to these worldviews of the time in order to be able to understand a little what the Koran then wants to convey with it. It doesn’t work without it, and without the Arabic language no one can say that I have complete access to the Koran and understand what is in it. If you seriously want to deal with the content of the Koran, you need – and not the modern Arabic, but the Koran Arabic – that is, the old Arabic language in order to be able to really understand it. ”

The Koran does not tell any stringent stories

How Muslim read Quran The Koran uses a complicated language in the original, and the structure is not easy to understand, because it is not told in a coherent way. His reading is therefore not comparable to reading the Bible.

“Because this narrative style, which is then so in the Koran, is different than in the Bible, in that these stories are not told in one place and one after the other in the form of a closed story. This means that if you want to find something about Abraham in the Koran, you cannot open a section, Abraham, and then read the whole story from beginning to end, but you have to use the concordance to extract the passages about Abraham from the Koran, to put them together and then practically build up a story that is told scattered throughout the Koran.

There is also a reason for this, because the stories in the Koran are not something completely new, something completely different, but of course the Koran refers to the previous books, to the Torah and the Gospels, and assumes that then the stories were known to the people. And then you just take parts out of the stories in order to get a message across. Therefore it is not the intention of the Koran to tell stories, but that is what it presupposes. ” you can get online couching from online Quran tutor for tarweed.

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