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How much is itel A56 in Nigeria

How much is itel A56 in Nigeria

The itel A56 from Itel is a great phone when compared with other entry-level smartphones. It is recommended for those who are just beginning their journey and lastly, it’s so inexpensive

Is the iTel A56 a 4G phone?

Itel A56 LTE 5.99” IPS Screen, Android 9 Pie, 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM, 4G, 4000mAh, 8MP + 5MP Camera, Fingerprint & Face ID -Black. Immerse yourself in the amazing features of the A56’s brand new 6-inch Full-screen IPS display.

Specifications off iTel A56 Phone 

1. Building, Design and Display

The designs of the majority of itel phones never change. Before we talk about the design the build is the same as that of Itel A56 is really good disguised to appear like an mid-range phone. Its style is similar to the A55 however, with the 3.5mm standard earphone connector appears on top. The microUSB port is located on the bottom, along with a mouthpiece. The volume and power buttons are located in the upper right. On the back, you will find two cameras on the rear with an LED flashlight, fingerprint sensors, and the speaker grill.

The A56 has a 6-inch display with the resolution of the screen is 996 x 480 pixels. The resolution was reduced. Itel should have used at the very minimum 720p. It’s an old-fashioned resolution and, even though they are smartphones for entry-level use that’s why the minimum we’d like to get is 720p. However, when we shot videos with the A56 We noticed that the resolution goes up to 1080p despite the fact that the video quality is clear at 1080p but at the very least.

The bezels on the upper and lower edges are large They could have cut further on the bezels to make a bigger screen space. But, the 6-inch display smartphone is excellent, and it provides excellent viewing and more work space.

2. Storage Performance, Battery and Storage

In short it’s clear that the performance and capabilities of this handset are ideal for what it is. In terms of storage the A56 has an internal storage capacity of 16GB, and can be expanded with microSD cards that can be expanded up 32GB. The storage can be used for storing small items, mostly applications. The A56 is equipped with the File Go app that allows users to save their media and documents to the cloud, and not in the phone’s storage.

The performance is excellent due to the 1GB RAM and driven by a quad-core processor. It slows down when running high-end applications or multitasking. Itel Mobile should look at improving the speed. This will increase the RAM, and change in the processor and chipset.

3. Android 9.0 GO Edition

This OS is more suited to phones like this. With a RAM of 1GB, it needs to be able to efficiently improve the performance of the phone. It comes pre-installed with GO applications like YouTube GO, Gmail GO as well as Files GO that take up less space on your phone. We highly recommend installing lighter app versions of the apps , such as Facebook Lite.

4. Camera Performance

The A56 has one front-facing camera, with five MP sensor. It also has a dual rear camera that comes equipped with 8MP and VGA sensors. As a smartphone for entry-level phones the pictures you get from these cameras aren’t exactly the greatest. We noticed that some of the images look a bit saturated and make them appear more appealing. With good lighting, mainly in daylight, the photos are good quality. This is true for both the rear and front camera.

5. Security

The A56 features a fingerprint sensor as well as FaceID security feature. These two features help enhance the security of the phone. It is in addition to those features such as PIN, Password, and Pattern we’ve come to be aware of.

itel A56 camera

The phone features two rear cameras with an 8MP and VGA lens. The selfie camera is 5 megapixels. Both cameras have LED flashes. Although the images taken with this camera aren’t great, however, with the right lighting you can get great photos. The selfie camera was a great option it also had other options like HDR and portrait mode along with AI beautification mode.

Hardware and performance

Itel A56 runs Android 9 Go edition along with ARM Mali T820 MP1 GPU. The performance of the phone is superb when you don’t have to store large games or apps. Additionally, multitasking can cause lagging, so you should be careful about what you do on the phone.

Software and security

With 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of of ROM makes this phone very suitable. To make sure the phone runs smoothly, the company has added GO applications like YouTube GO, File GO along with Gmail GO because they take up less space. If you’re looking to install additional apps, you should consider installing a lighter version of the application.

To ensure that your documents and any other personal belongings are safe to protect your personal belongings, you can do this by installing an electronic fingerprint scanner as well as a FaceID lock. It is also possible to use PIN, Password, and Pattern to increase security.

Fun things you can do with the A56

Nowadays, there are many ways to be entertained via your mobile. You can download films or music with your smartphone. But, it is important to include a second storage device in the form or an SD card in order to ensure that you don’t over-use your internal storage. You can also download streaming apps when you subscribe to.

Making itel A56 run smoothly

If you are experiencing slowness with your Itel A56, it might be caused by multiple applications or excessive usage. To stop this happening the phone comes with Power Master, App Freeze Accelerate, Power Master, and Phone Manager. These apps work to ensure that your phone runs in a proper manner.

The key features of the Itel A56 are

  • 6-inch full-screen display that has 18:9 aspect ratio
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB of ROM
  • Android 9 Go Edition
  • 2G/3G network
  • Unisoc SC7731E
  • 5MP front camera, 8MP back camera
  • Non-removable 4000 mAh battery

What kind of services can you expect once you purchase A56?

After you purchase the A56 the chances are that you’ll require post-sale assistance. Even if the phone does run through some problems It’s essential to know where you can solve the issues. In any case, you’re at the right spot. While A56 praises its outstanding performance, if you find that your phone has issues, it is recommended to locate an Carlcare service center close to you. From screen damage caused by accident to obtaining original spare parts, to receiving incredible after-sales service, Carlcare will take care of you.

Does Itel A56 charge fast?

If you also make the phone your primary use, like watching videos or playing games, the phone will run for over eight hours. This is impressive. However, it isn’t equipped with rapid charging technology.

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