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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Remote React Native Developers?

Determining the exact cost of hiring remote React Native developers is not a straightforward job. But to estimate, we can say that the average charge of React Native developers can be between $10,000 to $150,000 per year.

And if you hire dedicated React js developers on an hourly basis, they will charge somewhere between $5 to $90. Although, the charges of React Native developers are not stable and are prone to be affected by varying scenarios.

There are some variables that likely affect how remote React Native developers charge. And not all of them are obvious. So, to help you estimate the more transparent cost of your React Native web development services, we are describing various factors that may affect the charges.

Size of the App

Your application’s size and scale is a prime factor that helps determine the cost of the React Native developer you hire. There are three different types of apps, according to the size:

Small-size apps:

React Native is more preferred for large-scale applications. But it also can be used for small apps like calendars, books, or clocks. These utility apps need a single developer to do the work. So, you don’t have to spend much on hiring the whole team.

Medium-size apps:

Medium-sized apps usually have customised interfaces and payment features. These applications require writing more lines of code and handling multiple events concurrently, which require more experienced developers. Thus, the cost of developers will be high.

Large-size apps:

Large-sized apps have multiple and complex functionalities that suit the requirements of enterprise-level businesses. And building these apps requires several seasoned developers. A team of developers may add an increased charge in development costs.

Complexity of Features

Your mobile app can have various features. And based on the complexity of these features, your app will have low, medium, or high complexity. App’s complexity heavily contributes to the developer’s cost. Some factors that affect the complexity of an app are:

Deployment Model:

You can choose customised architecture, which may increase the complexity. Or use lesser-complex BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) to have a pre-made backend.

Admin Panel:

The app’s complexity will vary depending on how many and how complicated the features you want. The more features, the more complex your app will be.

Third-Party Integrations

To make an app more user-centric and seamless, many developers integrate third-party services, which also adds to the complexity factor of an app.

In-App Purchase:

In-App purchase functionality requires an integrated payment method. And these services can be complex to include. 

Device Built-In Features

If you want your users to interact with the device’s built-in features like Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, that will also increase the complexity.

Required Skills

Developers can be categorised as Junior-level, Mid-level, and Senior-level, as per their skills. The developer’s charge will depend on how extensive their skillset is. And the skills they possess will determine how well they fit for the project you want to build.

Here is the list of skills a different level of developers has:


  • JavaScript Libraries and VIrtual DOM
  • Basic Understanding of React Native Components, Libraries, and APIs
  • Navigation Implementation Ability
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Redux
  • Debug and Testing Skills


  • Optimization skills for performance
  • Developing mobile-specific features
  • Third-Party API Integration
  • Data Storing and Caching

Senior Level:

  • Native App Development
  • Native libraries and frameworks integration
  • CI/CD pipeline setup
  • Carrying out research
  • Creating a workflow
  • Knowledge of latest technologies

Engagement Model

The engagement model you choose will also affect how your React Native developer will charge for their services. There are basically three engagement models that you should look for.


Most common for freelancers, this engagement model is ideal when your project requirements are medium to high complex, i.e., eCommerce web development. You will need to keep in touch with the developers.


Project-based models can be ideal when your requirements are not much complex and can be fulfilled within a matter of a few hours. 

Dedicated Engagement model:

This model is perfect when your app requirements have medium to high complexity, but you want to pay for the final result, instead of hourly based.

Experience of Developer

The years of experience would be the first thing you want to check when you hire a React js developer. This can tell a lot about their skills and expertise in React Native framework.

While a developer should not be judged based on their experience only, it can be a basic parameter for hiring a developer according to your project requirements.

Geographical Location

The location also affects how your developer will charge. If you choose to hire React js developers from developed countries, which usually have higher standards and cost of living, their charges will be influenced by this.

On the other hand, developers from countries with a low cost of living will charge less. But keep in mind that you may have to compromise with the quality with low charges. If you want to balance the lower development cost and quality, you should choose developers from countries like India or Malaysia.

Hiring Options

There are two main hiring options you can choose for your React Native project – Freelancers and dedicated teams from IT companies. Both these options have their own set of pros and cons as:

Dedicated teams:


  • Flexibility in terms of team size and development speed
  • Varied experience in working with different projects
  • Does not require Much administrative assistance
  • Collaborative and clear communication among developers


  • Can be more expensive than freelance developers
  • Cultural differences of teams can be a problem

Freelance developers:


  • An excellent option for smaller projects
  • More cost-effective than established agencies


  • Language can make communication problem
  • Unpredictable in team settings
  • Difficult to get quick balance with project requirements
  • Shuffling between multiple projects can lead to inefficiency


Determining the cost would be your first job when you choose to hire a React js developer. And why not, after all, the significant expense of your React native development project depends on this factor alone. Estimating the charges of developers can be quite a difficult task, as it may involve many variables. But the factors we have given here can help you a little with this.

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