How Can Basketball Players Develop Their Touch Using the Basketball Shooting Machine

How to improve your touch with the basketball shooting machine? This is one of the frequently asked questions among basketball players. In basketball, every player dreams of being able to shoot, dribble, and rebound. But unfortunately, most players don’t have the natural ability or the hours upon hours of practice time required to develop those skills independently.

So instead, most players can benefit from working with a basketball shooting machine, which allows them to develop their touch by repeating the same motion repeatedly as they improve their accuracy and agility.

It’s difficult to answer this question, but this article will try to give some valuable advice. Here are some ways you can use your shooting machine to improve your basketball game.

What Is Basketball Touch?

Basketball touch is a player’s ability to control and direct the ball. This skill is integral to playing basketball, and many players work in this area in practice. The basketball touch is something you develop over time and can be developed by practicing with a shooting machine.

The shooting machine will help you improve your shot, but will primarily enhance your touch. It does this by throwing balls at different speeds and heights so that you can get used to catching balls at different angles. If you practice catching balls at different angles, you can better defend yourself on offense and keep up your shooting percentage.

The Importance of Basketball Touch

Basketball touch is an invaluable skill for any player. It may not seem like it at first, but once you play games and scrimmage, you will see how important this skill is. Not only does it help when shooting free throws or layups, but it also helps immensely when trying to take contact off a ball so that you can shoot again quickly.

This is an essential skill because the defense is always trying to disrupt your shot somehow, whether they are jumping or moving their hands in front of you.

How Basketball Machines Can Help You Improve Your Touch

So how do you improve your basketball touch? Well, one of the best ways is using a basketball shooting machine. This machine allows players to shoot hundreds of shots in a matter of minutes and improves their feel for where they are on the court and their ability to improvise while playing.

The shooting machine comes in two different versions: one has a lower net and a smaller hoop. The lower net makes it easier to make shots and is excellent for kids who want to work on their game without making themselves look bad by missing all the time. The higher net forces players to adjust their shot mechanics, resulting in more muscle memory developed through repetition.

These machines come with adjustable difficulty levels so that they can be used by any player at any level of skill. The machine allows players to shoot from various angles and distances, which trains them on how best to adjust their release points for different situations.

It also gives them more confidence when taking shots because they know every shot will go in if they do it correctly. Using the machine will make a big difference in your game and help you become a better player.

The shooting machine also helps players understand what shots they need to take depending on the situation. For example, if no one is guarding you and you are wide open for a layup, that might be your best shot.

Otherwise, you might want to shoot from further away, so it’s more difficult for the defender to reach out and block your shot. When using a rebounding net basketball, players must ensure they are working on both sides of the ball—offensively and defensively.

What Else Can You Do to Improve Your Shooting Touch?

If you’re not up for shelling out money for a basketball shooting machine, you can do plenty of things to improve your basketball touch.

Foremost, ensure that your hands are in the proper position on the ball, which is about two fingers’ width from the center of the ball. Next, keep your elbow high as it comes up from your waist, and try not to jerk or twist when releasing. Finally, shoot without watching the ball go into the hoop – this way, you won’t anticipate what’s going on and lose sight of where it’s going.

Throughout the time, shoot air shots in groups of ten with your shooting elbow and the center of the ball precisely above the line. You aim to have the ball cross the line at least seven times out of ten times.

The following step is crucial. During the release, ensure the two firing fingers travel in a vertical plane, yielding the most left-to-right accuracy. To test this, look at your index fingernail before the release and then at the pad of your index finger immediately after.

The finger should have moved vertically. Because the middle finger accomplishes the same function, just one finger has to be watched. Move at the last minute to see if it lands on the line.

Finally, feel the ball’s control and force coming from the inner half of the hand, as if the 4th and 5th fingers were absent. This prevents fingers 4 and 5 from pressing on the ball’s side.

This practice is effective because it improves the release and causes all the force during the firing action to travel straight up – perfect equilibrium. If you lean to the side, the ball does not land on the line.

Back and Over Tips:

In this drill, the athlete will use their outside hand to tip the basketball off the backboard. They will tip the basketball to the other side of the rim on the last tip. To continue the practice, the player must rapidly switch to the opposite side of the rim. They will continue tipping the basketball with their outside hand once on the other side. For example, the player will use their left hand to tip the basketball off the backboard for five tips. They will tip the ball over the rim to the other side of the backboard on the fifth tip. For five tips, the player must rapidly switch sides and continue tipping the basketball with their right hand.

2 Ball Alternating Tips:

You may now push your players with two ball alternate tips once they have shown improvement with one ball tip. During this practice, the participant will begin with two basketballs (one in each hand) and alternate between tipping with their left and right hand.


A basketball shooting machine can help you improve your shooting touch, whether practicing your free throws or working on your jump shot. It provides an incredibly realistic experience that will help you develop muscle memory and hone your skills, so they become second nature when the pressure is on in an actual game.

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