Here’s Why You Should Consider Professional Drones Services

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has gone far beyond taking unique pictures and videos and has now entered into commercial applications. From asset inspections to monitoring progress, drones offer various functions and help bring efficiencies, save costs, and reduce risk to your operations.

With so many uses of drones, including safety and compliance, businesses continue to strengthen their services as more drone services companies emerge in the market.

This may lead to a debate about establishing an internal drone program or seeking a drone service provider (DSP).

Consider some of the below-given reasons to outsource drone services if you’re unsure which option is best for your company.

Reasons To Outsource Drone Services

  • Save On Capital Investments

Beginning a drone program comes with a significant up-front investment (drones, sensors, additional accessories for field missions such as batteries, propellers, etc.). Then you’ll have to spend on software, licensing, and certification costs as well as insurance costs. And before you’ve gotten a drone off the ground, you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars.

You can avoid all these capital investment costs by going directly to a professional drone service company. These companies have already invested these large sums in their software & hardware costs and have the know-how to use them properly.

  • Access To Professional-Grade Equipment

Large professional UAS service providers won’t just have the highest-end equipment (UAV platforms, cameras, batteries, etc.) but will have the latest technology demanded as needed.

Clients have access to the most up-to-date technology without having to worry about their expensive drone unexpectedly becoming obsolete.

  • You Work With Professionals

Professional drone operators fly regularly, have extensive expertise in various conditions, and are familiar with their equipment. A competent operator also has a complete understanding of the rules and follows the appropriate policies and protocols.

This results in a better final product, less risk, and an economical way to use this incredible technology.

  • Availability Of Drone Service When You Need It

Imagine your company may have several large projects simultaneously, and you don’t have enough resources to fulfill them on time. Outsourcing drone services at a time like this can significantly help your company as you can have your projects completed on time, and you’re only paying for what you need.

  • Avoidance Of Any Legal Issues

Drones for industrial and commercial applications are still in their early stages, and as a result, the rules and legislation surrounding it are constantly changing. In addition to keeping up with the guidelines, you would also need to adhere to local and state laws concerning drones, as well as the FAA’s regulations.

Dedicated and professional drone service providers often have people to deal with legal compliance, which helps overcome the most significant challenges to most commercial UAS operations.

  • Crop yields increase 

With the help of drones, farmers can easily collect crop data, allowing them to keep track of irrigation problems, disease outbreaks, and soil conditions. All of these factors must be at optimal levels for crops to thrive so that farmers can maximize crop yields.

Using data-driven variable rate prescription, farmers and agronomists can increase crop yield through precision agriculture. With remote sensing, farmers can quickly find out what is causing unhealthy crops, identify the problem and only treat the crops where needed. It improves crop quality, increases yield, and saves money over time.

  • Drones are the safest way to spray crops

Smart drones also come with autonomous flight modes. It will allow farmers to plan flight paths only around areas that require treatment and leave the healthy parts of the field free from unnecessary chemicals. Not only is this a safer way to treat crops, but farmers will also save money by not wasting treatment on plants that don’t need it.

Farmers always face pests and diseases issues. To get rid of these issues, manual chemical application is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In comparison, drones are more effective and safer for treating infected plants. The drones have autonomous flight modes that allow farmers to fly over only the damaged crops, leaving the healthy ones alone. Using this method will make crop treatments safer and more economical as farmers won’t invest in treating plants that do not need it.

To Conclude

Between the time and capital investments that go into starting an in-house drone program, it’s pretty clear that working with a drone service provider brings value to your business. Moreover, it lets you save thousands of much-needed capital.

Is your business in need of a drone service provider? Then you might want to consider taking a look into FSG drone services.

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