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Here’s everything you need to know about EB1 visas

The term “EB” visas, commonly referred to as employment-based green cards, permanent residency, or simply “permanent residency,” refers to several subcategories, each distinct and separate from the others. In order to choose the best one for your needs, you must be able to tell them apart. So let’s get to the EB1 visas directly. 

The “employment-based” (EB) visa family includes a category of visas called EB1. The “1” indicates a first preference, which is not surprising. EB1 visas are therefore, green cards for foreign nationals that have moved from foreign corporations to branches in the United States or are seeking permanent residency based on exceptionally high levels of skill in a particular industry, whether they are outside or inside the United States.

There is no requirement to file a labour certification under the EB1 category or to demonstrate that there are no American workers available to fill the employment.

What might make someone eligible for an EB1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability visa includes the following examples:

  • Published academic works
  • discovery-based research in science
  • Professional galleries that exhibit art
  • being essential to a successful organisation
  • Exceptional athletic achievement
  • Awards not received at a university throughout the course of study
  • participation in honourable organisations
  • peer-reviewed publications
  • Citations of the Beneficiary’s Published Works referring to the Beneficiary
  • letters of recommendation from industry professionals

It can be very challenging to try and immigrate to the United States or secure permanent residency. Consult an EB1 visa attorney Dallas TX, to go over the best course of action.

Conditions for EB1 Visas for Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Other than excellent academics and researchers, an applicant for an EB1 visa for aliens of extraordinary ability is not required to have an employer sponsor them as long as they can demonstrate that they will continue to work in their field of competence.

Managers and executives who need EB1 visas

It may be possible to apply for permanent residency or a green card if you intend to work for a foreign firm or business that you worked for at least one of the past three years. They must have worked for the foreign company for at least one year in the three years prior to entering the USA if they already have L-1 nonimmigrant status and are employed by a U.S. entity.

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