Four Features to Look for in Epic EMR Demo

It’s a million-dollar question. The key to determining whether an EMR software lives up to its costly price tag is by looking into its features. The cost determines whether or not a software is worth purchasing. For this, it is imperative to get detailed insights into the feature section of vendors to prevent any unpleasant event for future reference. The best way to evaluate any vendor’s features is by setting up a demo, and we’ll elaborate on this concept by focusing on Epic EMR.

You might be wondering why we are focusing exclusively on the demo. This is something you can understand only by scheduling the demonstration. But for now, we’ll tell you what to look for in the demo video. Most vendors offer pre-recorded demos, but Epic Care allows for customizable ones. This Software Finder article is intended to help you understand how to relate the features of a vendor with its pricing plans by using the Epic EMR demo. So, you can apply this process to any EMR solution freely.

Why Should You Schedule Demonstration?

The explanation to this why; lies in the benefits you can avail of by doing this activity. Seeing a demo tutorial means seeing what you will get if you invest in a particular EMR solution. Maybe by observing the software’s features, you can perceive that it’s the right choice for you, but it can prove contagious for you in real-time.

Some are too complex to operate, which hinders the road to success. There are many complications with EHR platforms unveiled through the demo. Like, you will know if the software you are choosing provides easy-to-learn functionalities. If you see for yourself what you are stepping into before investing, it will take away all your warriors.

You can see it as a chance to ensure your selected software and, in this case, Epic EMR meets your expectations. Also, there are zero excuses not to do such. Furthermore, it won’t cost you anything as mostly EMR software like Epic offers a free demonstration. So, it would help if you go for it, as seeing a 5–10-minute video won’t take much of your valuable time, but will work wonders for you in the long run.

Features To Look for in the Demo of Epic EMR Software

The demo of Epic EMR includes extensive clinical content for medical professionals. It is impossible to expect to think about every one of them here. Like we mentioned before, you can customize the demo to evaluate the functionalities you need in your clinic. But here, we will discuss only the fundamental ones that work in the best interest of all physicians.

Revenue Cycle

Revenue cycle management is the crucial tool of this vendor that you can’t overlook. Epic Care offers a full-packed revenue cycle for handling the financial workload. It lessens the burden of clinical staff by speeding up bills and claims management. This module is integrated with the EHR solution to speed up the processing part with accuracy.

The way to success for clinical practices lies in how they manage their revenue. And Epic EMR software is the absolute way to improve clinical profitability as it protects your payments. It features an entirely transparent revenue cycle. It will help you grow at a consistent pace by increasing patients’ financial experience and will support your financial decisions.

Patient Portal

It is the high-rated Epic Care EMR software feature and is also available in the demo. This patient-focused solution knows how crucial patient satisfaction is for you and goes beyond its limits to help you engage your patients. It provides an innovative patient portal named MyChart for patients, which allows them to stay in the loop.

Using it, your patients can schedule appointments, visit their part records, current treatment plans, attend e-visits and complete the questionnaires. This also aids in closing the care gap by giving patients access to personalized education materials. They can also communicate with you readily, resulting in an improved patient experience.

Population Health

This is an integral part of Epic EMR and thus is included in the demo. Population health is an outstanding feature all healthcare professionals adore. Having this tool at your fingertips means you can deliver first-rate care delivery. Epic care coordinates care across the health ecosystem. It enables you to access databases relevant to your patient’s health nationwide.

This effective AI-driven solution will enable you to drive potential clinical outcomes by conducting a thorough analysis. Using it, you can identify health patterns and trends by claim-based analytics. This will help you create awareness plans which you can share with your potential patients to resolve all the care gaps.


The most in-demand tool by physicians nowadays is the telehealth solution. This is the finest tool that helps practitioners stay updated about their patient’s conditions to avoid any potential harm. Epic EMR software includes this valuable tool in its demo to let users know what it holds for them. It offers patient monitoring, ongoing patient care, and peer-to-peer consultations.

You can not only connect with your patients online but can also prescribe them medications and tests. In addition, for a better patient outcome, it allows viewing clinical summaries and the past records of your patients during the virtual interactions. This functionality by Epic EMR software will enable you to expand your client base beyond location barriers.

For more details, schedule a demo with Epic EMR by contacting the vendor.

How Much Does Epic EMR Cost?

The vendor does not provide pricing details. To know what is the Epic EMR cost, you have to contact the vendor. It’s not that difficult; just send in a request for pricing packages, and the experts will reach back to you in no time. For all we know from the user reviews of Epic EMR, it charges $1200 to small practices and around $50000 to large enterprises.

Your Call

The cost of Epic EMR software is nothing compared to the benefits it offers for you. It is indeed a solid platform for all. We mentioned the basic services you can find in this demonstration video but whether you want to see the standard demo or a customized one it’s your call. Don’t miss out on this enticing opportunity, and set up a demo now to see what’s lies ahead.

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