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Folding Chair Hire Under A Blue Sky

Event Management is quite a hectic job and it becomes even more difficult when it is your own event. But at the end everyone was satisfied with the arrangements. I think a satisfying word is not right for this event. Let me correct, everyone was mesmerized by the arrangements.

This story has every thing from folding chair hire to rework on all the arrangements from start. In order to understand each and everything, you need to have bare with me.  

folding chair hire

Last month my friend got married. I was the one who managed his whole event. This was a preplanned event. Venues and furniture had been ordered 6 month prior to the venue. One week prior I called the venue to make sure everything is well equipment. he assured me everything is as ordered. 

Leakage in the venue

One day I just went to see the arrangement in the venue. The venue was covered with the water. It was due to water leakage in the bathroom. Also there was a disgusting smell which was unbearable. What’s more, lighting was also not working properly in the venue. At the same time, I felt both cheated and worried. 

After doing a few calls and rational thinking I called the event hire company and requested solutions. They said it is impossible to use that venue but we can use its ground and make it an outdoor event. I was in no condition to start everything from the beginning so after checking the weather I told them to continue with the outdoor event. 

After working non-stop for three days, event arrangements were finally ready and with the flowers and seating arrangements with folding chairs the whole view was looking heavenly. I was more than happy with the arrangements. 

I also played a prank with my friend as when we were leaving for the venue I told him everything except the new arrangements. And when he saw new arrangements there was no limit to his happiness. At the end everyone was happy.  

One thing I learned from this incident that everyone faces problems. You can resolve any problem with full dedication and determination.

So at the end everyone was happy and this event has become the most successful event of my life. I heard one of the guests say that the view of folding chairs under the blue sky were out of this world.

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