Earbuds for small ears on the market in 2022

You can get incredibly motivated when you’re running with music. Moreover, you can get through a tough time with a good song. You can listen to audiobooks or podcasts while running. However, each ear is unique. The ear or foot size, waist size, or head size can be smaller in some people. If your ears are not the same shape as the common ear, you might not fit well in earbuds designed for them. A common cause of painful earbuds or ones that keep falling out is incorrect sizing. Finding earbuds to fit your small ears can be challenging; however, you may be able to find something that fits if you examine the best running earbuds for small ears.

3 best running earbuds for small ears recommendations

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is our top recommendation for small ears. Their long battery life, the fact that they can be controlled by your phone or watch, and their Ambient Aware technology ensure that you are aware of your surroundings even while wearing them make them ideal for active people.

Listed below are the best earbuds for small ears.

Galaxy buds+ from Samsung

These stylish earbuds are available in five colors. If you decide to purchase them. They come with a hard case as well. Moreover, it can charge your earbuds at the same time as protecting them when not in use. You can play your earbuds for an hour after just 3 minutes of charging. Ambient Aware 2 is a great feature and gives great sound quality. This keeps you from missing important announcements and prevents you from getting unprepared for road hazards.

If you run on a treadmill, or any other place you know you will be safe, you can turn this off. As a result, you can run in a “bubble” of noise-canceling. If you’re not using your phone, you can also control the earbuds on the Galaxy smartwatch while running.

The only problem with these earbuds is that they aren’t waterproof. An IPX rating of 2 is the absolute bare minimum you should look for in wireless earbuds. They are waterproof enough for running in the rain and washing in the shower. However, sweaty ears will not hold up.

Features and capabilities

As with the Apple AirPods, when you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus, pairing the buds is an easy process.

Although some users experienced no disconnections, others regularly experienced them. The reliability of connection seems to vary from user to user.

Samsung has sent software updates to fix most of the issues with connectivity. However, if you are using the buds near another Bluetooth device, you may experience dropped connections.  There have been no significant Bluetooth dropouts since the last update.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are far superior to its previous true wireless earphone, the Gear IconX. Music sounds great due to the headphones’ good bass and separation.

They sound great, so it’s not a surprise.


  • 2nd Edition of Ambient Aware
  • With a single charge, you can play music for up to 11 hours
  • Smartwatch, cellphone, or Alexa can control it
  • Providing a secure fit


  • If you’re caught out in the rain or sweat, an IPX rating of 2 may not provide enough protection

Vista for Jaybird

They weigh 0.7 ounces, making them exceptionally light. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing them because they’re so comfortable. Yet you will be able to listen to a full spectrum of sound.

Jaybird’s app allows for complete EQ customization and you can listen to stereo sound without any lag. The Find My Buds feature on the app can be extremely useful if you’ve lost your buds. Furthermore, IPX7 certification ensures its durability. This means you can wear these even if it is raining, snowing, or icy. So you can go out anywhere in any weather.

Sweat-resistant, drop-resistant, shock-resistant, and crush-resistant. Regardless of the type of adventure you enjoy, these can be your loyal companions. No matter how large or small your ears are, you can find an earbud that fits perfectly. This set comes with three different sizes of interchangeable earbuds.

Create a frequency profile for each song or podcast so you can optimize the frequencies to match your preferences. Additionally, you can boost the bass, warm up the mids, or simply remove the high frequencies altogether. The latter might cause a headache if you listen for a long time.

Aspects of feature and performance

The audio quality on this s was slightly surprising. The soundstage is fairly wide and full despite the small size of the 6mm drivers. The full sound comes from having a full range of low, mid, and high frequencies. As the song progresses, one can see individual notes fade out.

The earphones beautifully interpret “Hunter” by Bjork. Rather than compact fitness earphones, they sound more like over-ear cans. Their sound is consistent across pop, rock, and techno tracks. When you open the app, you’ll see a selection of EQ options. As well as this, users of Jaybird can suggest podcasts and playlists.

Due to their lack of volume, these earbuds aren’t ideal for completely blocking out the outside world. The Vista earbuds maintain excellent audio quality even when the volume is high. Its firm fit offers excellent isolation while listening to music.

Instead of connecting each earbud to the other, Jaybird connects directly to each earbud. Bluetooth audio compression often has to suffice for true wireless running earbuds. For maximizing battery life or hearing approaching cars. Neither earbud is indispensable.

The earbuds are certainly seamless to use because the moment we take them out of the case, they instantly connect with our smartphones.

I was always able to use my Vista earbuds for the entire day on one charge after a battery life of 16 hours. Even with a larger battery, carrying the Vista was a dream. You may be able to get away with a larger battery. However, the larger battery won’t fit in a compact case.


  • A rating of IPX 7
  • Dynamics and balance in the sound
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth is fast
  • There is a custom equalizer in the Jaybird app


  • As soon as you pull the earbud out of your ear, the music automatically stops

Jabra Elite 75T

With its Jabra Sound+ app, Jabra’s earbuds offer the best customization and control of what you hear.

You can adjust the EQ how you like using the app. You can even boost the bass or treble, smooth the sound out, or listen to speech using the different settings.

In the app, you can also turn off or on the Hear Through function. The source of your inspiration can vary depending on your location at the time and what’s happening around you. You can either enjoy a quieter environment or listen to surrounding background noise if needed.

Using Find My Jabra will also help you find your earbuds if you lose them. Google, Siri, and Alexa are also compatible with these running earbuds for small ears. Both ends of the call will experience good sound quality. The IP57 rating indicates that they are water and dust-resistant.

A single charge lasts 7 hours with the headphones. Charge the earbuds from flat, and they will be capable of recharging for another three full charges. When you are short on time, you will also appreciate the fast charging feature.

Specifications and performance

However, despite the improved design, too much bass negatively impacts the sound quality. Although the Elite 75t produces a staggering amount of bass, it can also be exhausting. The Samsung Galaxy Buds+, which features lots of quality bass, is a great example of how big bass isn’t always a bad thing. Unfortunately, the Elite 75t’s bass is not very good. The mids are muddy and details are lost. The default EQ curve gave us headaches after a long period of prolonged listening, and we would say it is unlistenable.

Consequently, Jabra’s app lets us lower the bass by tweaking the EQ. In general, headphones that have bass and midbass frequencies are reduced by 50% sound neutral. If you’re using an unsupported computer, you won’t be able to modify the EQ for the Elite 75t. To make the 75t as neutral as possible for the user, Jabra would have tuned it neutrally, and then let the user adjust the bass to meet their liking.

Despite the lack of an active noise canceling system, the Jabra Elite 75t provides excellent passive noise isolation. A good seal keeps most external sounds out. Alternatively, active noise cancellation will block sound at lower and higher frequencies, including drone sounds.

Our friends and family were able to understand us perfectly on the Elite 75t, which Jabra has always excelled at. Due to the primary control unit being the right earbud, the only earbud that can operate in single earbud mode is the right earbud.


  • Using the Hear Through feature
  • A secure and ergonomic fit
  • You won’t experience any audio dropouts
  • Approximately 7.5 hours of gameplay


  • It is not possible to charge the pods wirelessly.

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