Do’s and Don’ts for the modern South Indian Bride

South weddings are all about rustic, larger-than-life aesthetics and gold. A South Indian bride is decked in jewels head to toe, flowers, and traditional Kanjeevaram saree. A mélange of the contemporary and whimsical ensemble, South Indian Brides look divine in the traditional attire. If you are looking to get the nuances right for your South Indian wedding, here’s how you can do it right.

There’s a fine line for every bride to look like a goddess or look like a complete wreck. That’s why you need to get in every small detail of your wedding before finalizing anything. You should incorporate your outfit according to the wedding theme but it shouldn’t overwhelm you. Here’s how you can get the best looks created.

Do’s for modern South Indian Bride

1. Customize your saree based on your blouse

First, select your saree and then accordingly design your blouse for you. Of course, you can look into Pinterest for your wedding inspirations, but do not try and overdo your attire. Choose your wedding saree early so that you can customize your blouse according to the ideas you have. Of course, it is your wedding so go out and have the best days of your life.

2. Pick contrasting colors that compliment you

The best looks for any South Indian bride arises from the contrast of colors the wedding look offers. You can wear a blouse contrasting the color of your saree. But make sure they compliment you and bring out the glow in your face. You can also add embellished designs that make everyone’s eyes glued at you. If your friend asks for your advice for her next wedding, don’t be shy!

3. Keep it traditional and classic

A lot of time, brides try out trends and it doesn’t come out as trendy as the trends you see. So it is better to keep the wedding outfit traditional and classic. Because one can never go wrong with tradition. There’s a fine line between looking gorgeous or overdoing it. Of course, you can experiment with other elements of your attire, dropping subtle hints here and there. In all, try and keep your experiments as minimal as possible.

4. Get a hair and makeup professional

Hair and makeup is the important aspect of a typical South Indian look. Your look can go for a toss if your hair and makeup don’t match up to your outfit. You can also get a trial done beforehand so that you look put together on your D-day. Many times brides hire professionals based on the pictures and it’s a good idea to ask for a trial before finalizing things for your D-Day.

5. Add antique details to your wedding

Jewelry places a very important role in South Indian Weddings. The right amount of jewelry adds bling to any wedding and can make or break your look. However, try and add an antique touch to your wedding attire. It can be even the smallest of things such as the family’s heirloom or jewelry or even your mother’s saree. Adding an antique token not only adds sentimental value but also adds a touch to your wedding celebration.

Don’ts for modern South Indian Bride

1. Don’t go for cheaper material

It’s your wedding day – the cheaper material of the fabric is the last thing on your want. The queen of all silks – Kanjeevaram Saree, is what you need for your wedding. So go on splurge after all it’s your wedding. Don’t go around buying cheaper fabric, with fake claims. Always buy your saree from a verified source so that the seller doesn’t dupe you for a cheaper fabric that won’t even last after your wedding.

2. Don’t focus on one side

If you want to click pictures with your back facing or even if you want your front to stand out, don’t just focus only on the front and the back. Instead, focus on the whole look as a total rather than focusing on only one side. A lot of times brides focus only on the front side of their attire and neglect their back. Make sure you pay equal attention to both parts of your attire for a complete look.

3. Don’t go overboard

Like mentioned earlier, keep your jewelry and the whole attire to minimal. Going overboard with your jewelry and your attire can only make you look out of the place rather than put together. After all, you should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, because it’s your special day.

4. Don’t follow magazine trends blindly

What looks good on the magazine cover might not be good in person. You have to keep in mind, magazine photoshoots are altered with Photoshop to give the cinematic experience. What looks good on the model might not go well with your attire and the setup.

5. Don’t get pegged down by traditions

Often brides are confused about the traditions one needs to follow. With so much information passed on by our relatives and guests, you often miss out on the important traditions. Moreover, if you feel uncomfortable performing a certain ritual then make sure you talk with your family, after all, weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom and about satisfying your relatives’ wishes.

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