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Design and Develop Logos in 7 Steps

Logo designing is the art of creating visual symbols and marks for companies that represent their business, products, or core values. You may have seen different logos around you consisting of symbols, brand marks, taglines, etc. The successful Nike brand that we know is the result of a good logo design. The tick mark and the color represent Nike. We without a doubt can recognize it just by seeing the mark. Other brands like Prada, KFC, and Ferrari, etc. use different types of logo designs but all influence the customer’s buying behavior. This is what the strong zone of a logo design company is. What is the best part of a logo? You remember it and can easily relate to it. All the above examples are surprisingly known by everyone around the world even if they have not used or bought them.

Logos act as a building block towards the success of your business so designing a unique logo becomes necessary. The easier the audience can relate or remember it the better it is. A logo is usually made of a logotype that consists of letters and a brand mark that represents your business or any one of these. You can choose from different types of logos depending on your business and logo requirements. You can select from emblem logos, abstract logos, logotypes mascots, combination logos, pictorial marks, or letter marks.

If you want to design a logo it is always advisable to hire a logo design company for a professional look. Logo designers evaluate your business, analyze the logo requirements and then start the designing process.

7 Steps To Design A Logo:


The first step before establishing the basis of any logo design is to evaluate the client’s brand. This step requires you to know about the company, its services, and its products. An in-depth analysis of the company’s overall performance is seen to come up with new mind-blowing logo ideas. The designer should know where the company stands and what its logo requirements are.


Before you do anything else make sure to search about the industry, its services, and the top companies. The designer not only does research about the industry but the reasons why it is not doing well. Why is the research process necessary? It is so because, without evaluation and knowledge about the industry and the success reasons, they won’t be able to provide a competitive logo design.


It becomes important to know where you will be using your logo according to which logos are made. There are different types of logos for different purposes. You can use logos on your website, social media sites, company, etc. to reach a vast audience in less time. The designer discusses and lists down the places where the brand will be marketed to your target audience with the logo.


Designing a logo is not as simple as it seems a team of designers work together to come up with a unique logo idea. A lot of brainstorming is necessary and the ideas are essential as well. The sketches provide an easy comparison between logos. After the sketching, the designers create digital drafts to have a realistic idea about the logo’s appearance.


Once digital drafts are made the designers make color and font changes to enhance the look of the overall logo. You can even share your ideas and the designers will work around them. Colors play an important role in influencing your audience. You can use neutral to dark colors according to your industry. For example, a traveling agency would use light neutral colors to add relaxation and peaceful vibes with beaches, food, and cruise symbols. On the other hand, the restaurant businesses will use vibrant color combinations with food symbols to make the logo stand out from the rest.

Similarly, the use of fonts adds the much-needed dramatic touch by using modern writing styles and designs.

Logo Revision

After a logo is carefully out, the designer sends it to his clients for discussion and thoughts on the logo design. If the client approves it the logo goes to the final stage of copyright transfer but if there are changes require the designer ponders on the ideas and again sketch and design the logo or make color changes according to the client’s demand. Usually, two to three revisions are good enough before the finalization.


Now if the logo design is okay, the designer transfers the copyright and sends the necessary files to the clients in all standard formats. The logo design services enable your business to use it anywhere you like.

Logo Designing is a growing industry that requires an upgrade of logo design tools and software.

A logo designing firm usually provides many other branding and designing services like web designing. You can also get a 2d and 3d animated logo design made in no time by the designers that attract your audience more towards its brand or logo.

What Are 2D And 3D Logos?

A 2d logo is a two-dimension icon for your brand that not represents your business identity but creates a market value. Whereas, a 3d logo is usually for eCommerce businesses and televisions. A 3d logo is a modern form of presenting your brand to your customers for better engagement.  It is a three-dimensional brand icon that is out there to stand out from the rest of the brands and is easily noticeable by the customers. The animation here is bold and sharp that helps businesses to catch the attention of their audience, unlike the traditional logo designing types.

In conclusion, many companies design their logos without the help of a logo designing firm. You can design and develop basic logos with the help of different tools and software. It enables you to make custom designs of your choice for free. The biggest drawback is it doesn’t create professional logos that are usually around your company’s core values and goals. A good logo is one that represents your business. It will have less or no impact on the customers buying behavior if it is not good.

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