One of the things people often ask is if cryptocurrency is a good investment. The answer to this question is quite difficult because it may have been a good investment, or it may not have happened. Cryptocurrency can either make you dirty rich or you will lose your money. However, without a doubt, cryptocurrency is a big investment, especially if you want to get in direct contact with the demand for digital currency Carpet Cleaning Canary Wharf.


Bitcoin is the top dog that everyone knows about, but it’s not the only type of cryptocurrency out there. Bitcoin is a big name in the city. But Etherium has been an incredible year. Ether and Bitcoin share many similarities. They are both digital currencies that can be used for transactions. Like Bitcoin, you can also invest directly in Ether by buying coins. Ether is much affordable than Bitcoin. There are Lit coin, polcadot, chanelink, mooncoin and, as many as 10,000 coins with strange names.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment? In order to answer this question we have concluded some pros and cons off cryptocurrency for you.

Pros of Cryptocurrency:

That could be the next big thing

It is true that cryptocurrency can potentially change the world as we know it. Crypto is a global currency and can be used for transactions across the country without paying high fees – which could potentially revolutionize the banking and financial services industries. Right now, cryptocurrency is not widely accepted around the world. But as more merchants begin to accept it as a form of payment, it could potentially have a tremendous impact on society. By investing right now, you can get into the ground floor, so to speak. Bitcoin is also known as “digital gold” because a limited number of coins can be made there. Proponents of Bitcoin say that this scarcity increases its value, which could also increase its value.

It can help diversify your portfolio

If you are keen to get involved in the crypto space, investing in a small portion of your portfolio will not hurt.

Diversity in the new industry can encourage you to better understand crypto and how it works. After all, it’s always easy to research unfamiliar topics when you have skin in the game. And the better you understand the best crypto exchange software platform the better decisions you can make.

Just make sure you only lose the money you can lose because cryptocurrency is a very volatile investment. Also, choose your investments wisely. Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, so if you choose to invest, do your homework to make sure you are buying the right one for your situation.

Your cash is yours alone

Cryptocurrencies offer you a degree of freedom incomprehensible with different methods.  When you keep the cash and assets in the bank you become helpless almost because of these associations as you become bond to the bank policies. At any second, your admittance to the cash that is legitimately yours can be restricted or shut by the bank outside of legislative constructions. The bank can be burglarized or fail. With cryptocurrencies, your cash is yours just and stays yours until the end of time. You do not depend on any system for keeping your balance. After some time, it may become a huge asset of a decentralized economy.

Cons of Cryptocurrency:

Here are some of the cons for cryptocurrency.

It is very volatile

One of the biggest risks of investing in crypto is its extreme volatility. Bitcoin, for example, loses about 80% of its value at a time and is regularly volatile. If you’re the risk-averse type, investing in crypto can be incredibly stressful. If the cryptocurrency succeeds in the long run (which is far from guaranteed), then not all investors have the stomach to deal with short-term ups and downs.

It is very speculative

No one knows how cryptocurrency will function over time. Many business tycoons think investing in cryptocurrency is not a good choice. To some extent, betting with any investment is a factor to consider. Even if you are investing in relatively safe stocks of well-established companies, there is no guarantee that those stocks will perform well in the long run. However, cryptocurrencies are riskier than most stocks because they are a relatively new type of investment. We are in unfamiliar territories right now, so it is not certain whether cryptocurrencies will find a place in society or get in the way in a few years.

There are risks of having cryptocurrency

Aside from the risks of cryptocurrency as an investment, there is also the risk of owning and holding cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies do not trade on traditional stock market exchanges. Instead, they are bought and sold through crypto exchanges. Digital wallets are not immune to hackers, so your coins are more likely to be stolen. Also, if you forget your password on your wall and let, you have no way to access your investments.

Cryptocurrencies have an insecure rate of return

Trading in cryptocurrency is a form of gambling. Because it changes from person to person without any real rules, there is no pattern of increase and decrease in its value. You cannot calculate changes or returns like Growth Stock Mutual Funds. Not enough data or enough credibility to make a long-term investment plan based on cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is a good investment option according to some experts. There are better options for investing in some cryptocurrencies. Investing in plain and simple cry cryptocurrencies is not a good way to build wealth for your future. If you want a solid investment, don’t mess with adding some crypto coins to your digital wallet. Cryptocurrency is usually a risky investment because it is very speculative at the moment. Some experts also believe that we are in a crypto bubble and that digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether are overvalued. If this is the case, prices could plummet as the bubble bursts.

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