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The way human paintings change and as a result, the places where we make paintings change. Social Club is a solution for changing the places where we paint. Every day people visit unusual paintings. There is something they all have in a strange place that is, their paintings are PERSONAL by the inspiration of the people we are compared to and empowered in the environment. As you change the landscape of the art you wonder, what do you want to achieve?

We are looking for an environment that makes painting clever and easy to adapt to but challenges each art space needs to be purposeful and provide a helpful space now that not only cares about paintings but also transforms, designed to promote beauty and be able to join you on a global scale where unparalleled opportunities are available and where people can make a difference. The Social Club Workplace is an ideal place for Independent Workers, Remote Workers, Travelers, Starting Companies and Emerging Entrepreneurs. This area offers continuous weather, which allows you to focus on the paintings without interruption. Social Club provides you with everything you need in the area of   professional graphics right now; it does not require the usual rise in prices or any kind of software credits.


Our members will benefit by closing down your local area, allowing you to create contacts within the drawing area and anywhere near different agencies, therefore, you are maximizing the great impact of growing your business faster. We have a huge range of subscriptions to address everyone’s problems. In order to make us one in every type of Co-running environment, we have created a cool environment with excellent working space with external resources. Our organization complies with international standards of any kind. We keep in mind the needs of our clients, shaping the immediate area that most intertwined becomes a very important factor in our country. So are you a business trainee who wants to grow your contacts in a co-operative environment or who wants to contribute to the immediate area? Alternatively, are you a self-employed person who desires complete secrecy to dig up your intelligence in a non-violent environment? On the other hand, if you are new to the big city and you have no conclusions about people, agencies and the workplace. Then Join Us! Let our team come up with a journey in your area that you collectively manage.

Top Five Places for Work in Lahore

KINGS | Gulberg II

COLABS is one of the best places to work, located in Gulberg II, Lahore. Here you will find a comfortable and non-violent ecosystem to create your own drawings. They include expensive working areas for their setup. COLABS is a must-see destination for Lahore. They include all the features the workplace needs to have for their setup, from high-speed WIFI to a warm cup of coffee.

They pay PKR 1500 according to the date from the visitor. However, Miles is a first-class destination for organizing your large hall assembly that includes the right setting.


Hive is a place that should work well as it is miles away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in section 6, DHA. In addition, it offers top-notch offerings that include high-speed WIFI, unlimited warm drinks, and much more.

Therefore, in case you live near section 6 of DHA, Hive is one of the best ways to choose drawings and build a network.

Absolute Social | DHA, SECTION 2

Absolute Social is located in Phase 2, DHA, which creates an environment for art. It is a great place for freelancers or small agencies to start their journey. Absolute Social offers you all the attractive offerings like WIFI for high speed, solid protection and unlimited drinks within your budget.

Whether you are a self-employed person, an entrepreneur or a small business owner, keep in mind the shared steps for trouble-free running to improve productivity. In addition, they organize activities on different days like Eid and Ramzan to assist the bad people with their customers.

Social Club includes large halls, spacious workrooms, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, event areas, and adjustable seats for your comfort. It is a place where small or medium business owners may need to start.

BONUS: They give you an unconventional date to test the blessings and offerings they will give you.

Start | Exemplary City

Kickstart is a magnificent workshop that offers you many donations. You can listen, listen, and get your drawings done quickly in the environment. In addition, Kickstart is green in terms of cost, which means it offers you a wide range of donations at a budget.

They include large halls, meeting rooms, dedicated workplaces, digital workplaces and workplaces that offer. Therefore, you can start your journey there and maybe the right place for your interaction.

Venture Drive | City of Johar

Venture Drive has a lot to offer within the budget. Includes personal desks, dedicated workplaces and warm desks for SMEs and freelancers. Additionally, the Drive challenge provides all the needs of the workspace.

Venture Drive provides a comfortable environment associated with drawings required by many SMEs. They are simple, smart, and relevant to today’s needs at the same time.

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