Complete Study Plan for NEET Droppers

You have taken a great step! We know that you have dropped a year for NEET preparation. This reveals how determined you are about cracking NEET. A whole year of tireless effort, a one full year dedicated to preparing for your entrance exam. You have devoted a year from your life to earn what you have been longing for. So never expect anything less than a great score and it’s time for setting up a study plan for NEET exam. 

Here is the study plan for NEET examination that will help you crack the test this time. 

Analyze where you went wrong last time

You might have tried your luck at least once before deciding to drop a year. So the first thing to do while preparing for NEET as a dropper is to understand where you made a mistake the previous time. It might be the study mode you opted for, it can be the time scheduling or resources you referred to. 

So the first thing to do this time is to realize where you made the mistake and fix them soon. Accept the mistake you made last time and pledge that you won’t repeat them this time. 

A New Learning Perspective

Maybe the mode of learning you practiced was not right for you. So what’s next? Just switch the mode, it doesn’t work for you. It will be better to find a mentor who can help you the right way. Since you are a dropper, having a perfect point of guidance will help you way better. 

Do not hesitate in asking for help; it is for your own good. Having a mentor or guide by your side will help you gain a new perspective. Moreover, if your previous study plan included fewer mock tests, take more tests this time. Medical entrance coaching classes can help you find the missing piece.

Stay Focused 

There will be numerous things around you to grab your attention. Never fall for them. You might be at home and there are increased chances for having access to things that will simply cause distractions. Television, mobile phone, and computer games are just a few among them. 

So prepare yourself to be focused and repeatedly remind yourself about the effort you are putting in just to make your dream happen. If you are determined enough to crack the test this time, you will do it! 

Believe in Yourself

One of the main things you must have is belief. You should have the self-confidence that you are going to win this time. Believe in yourself and cheer up for yourself. Every day before getting into preparations, it’s better if you take a couple of minutes to encourage yourself. 

Motivate yourself and see the difference. Self-motivating mantras like ‘I am capable’ and ‘I am a winner’ will sound odd in the beginning. But they will get you in the right frame of mind to study with enthusiasm and motivation.

Set a New Time Table

Being a dropper means you have got a longer coaching period. Most of the droppers would prefer choosing a professional training institute to get the right and prompt guidance. However, self-practice is equally important. This is where you need a timetable. Prepare a timetable, a different one from the one you have prepared the last time. Now that you have realized where you have made mistakes last time, preparation of a better timetable would be much easier. Allocate time according to your learning mode. Be very sure to find time to take practice tests and subject-wise revisions. And follow this study plan for NEET throughout the year.

Say Yes to Repeated Mock Tests

Mock tests play a vital role in NEET preparations. You have already devoted more time to prepare for the NEET exam and so you must find enough time to conduct mock tests.  Mock tests will give you exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels. Assess your studies by giving mock tests and analyzing the results. Know the mistakes you have committed and never try to repeat them.

Through continuous mock tests, questions become more familiar to you. They also help you to reduce the time taken to complete each question. While you are halfway down for your NEET exam, consider solving at least two mock papers every week. 

You are working really hard to clear the NEET exam this time. Along with concentration and determination, consider including these things in your study plan for NEET examination. We are quite sure that you are going to achieve your dream this time. Best wishes!

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