Comparing Brown Leather Jacket Styles in 2000

Timeless Piece of Clothing

The brown leather jacket is timeless pieces of clothing. Whether you are going on a date with a gorgeous girl or going on to a bar for a few drinks with your fellows, leather jackets are there for you. A simple outfit of a white t-shirt and blue jeans is completed by adding a leather jacket. 

Leather jackets are the only item of clothing that never went out of fashion. It remained in fashion for a decade, and it is not going anywhere soon. Leather jackets also have a day dedicated to them. We do not know any other fashion that has a day dedicated to it. 14th of June is a national leather jacket day. From bikers to cowboys, everyone has their style of leather jackets. The brown leather jacket gives a look of swagger and elegance to the wearer.

Manufacturing & Materials of Brown leather Jacket

Leather jackets are made up of tanned hides of animals. They are mostly black or brown, but many other colors are available now.  The jacket provides warmth, style, and protection to the wearer. The United States, Mexico, Canada, India, and Pakistan are the producers of leather jackets. The hides are collected through the meat industry. PVC is used as an alternative to animal hides. This is great for vegans who do not want to wear animal hides. Authentic leather jackets are made from animal hides. 

History of Brown Leather Jacket

In the 1900s, military personnel started wearing leather jackets for protection. The first leather jacket was manufactured in 1925. During World War 2, these jackets were called ‘bomber jackets.’  The inner lining was made of sheepskin to provide warmth. 

Leather Jackets & Hollywood

Leather jackets gained popularity among civilians after Hollywood took notice of them. The incorporation of leather jackets into movies gave them the identity they deserved. Many famous actors wore leather jackets and gained popularity among the masses. Leather jackets became the symbol of bad boys. 

Leather Jackets & Motorcycle Clubs

Many motorcycle club members wear leather jackets. In their case, a leather jacket is worn for the protection it provides when riding a bike. The whole biker boy persona is built upon the outfit of a leather jacket and biker boots. Leather jackets built for bike riding are made of firmer stuff than Hollywood leather jackets. They protect if the wearer gets into an accident. These are also longer in the front. The pockets are waterproof.

The 70s Era

In the 1970s, leather jackets were sold almost everywhere. Every mall had one or more than one store that sold leather jackets. The jackets were shorter in size and were worn with high-waisted pants. Wilsons were famous for their collection of brown leather jackets. Even little shops at the corner of the house sold leather jackets. The store manager would be decked in a full leather ensemble. The sideburns and brown leather jacket went hand-in-hand. Some of the leather jackets had a popper front. 

The 80s Era

The 1980s brought the leather jacket from the 70s with a vengeance. Even girls started wearing leather jackets. The puffy hair and the black leather jackets were seen in school hallways with an animal print shirt underneath. Michael Jackson can be credited with the popularity of leather jackets in the 1980s. Many of his videos boosted him in a leather jacket. Fictional vampires and werewolves wore leather jackets on screen. The release of Top Gun also had a hand in the leather jacket sale. Tom Cruise made leather jackets look effortlessly fashionable. In the 80s, patches were sewn on the jackets, and jacket customization gained popularity. A classic leather bomber jacket in brown or black color was a typical 80s ensemble.

The 2000s Era

In the early 2000s, girl and boy bands had a severe influence on teenagers and adults. People religiously followed the looks of their favorite boy band. Backstreet Boys were the epitome of fashion, and all of the youngsters followed their fashion style without any question. The classic length of a leather jacket in the 2000s was the length of a button-down shirt. The style was very similar to a suit jacket. It did not look good, but that was the fashion at that time. Many celebs wore brown leather jackets as they never went out of fashion. 


In conclusion, the years did not matter. Leather jackets remained popular throughout the century. Whether it was a Hollywood movie or a seedy motorcycle club, everyone played a part in the leather jacket evolution. From the above discussion, it is quite astonishing to see that leather jackets always remained in fashion.

The style changed every ten years or so. Leather jackets remained in the fashion industry. This means that you should invest in a good quality leather jacket. A brown leather jacket should be part of your wardrobe.


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