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Commonly Ask HTML Interview Questions and Answers

The process of creating a website includes HTML Interview Questions. Learning it is simple, and there are lots of online tutorials. However, the experience of the interview can be very different.

You are likely to be asked one or more of these frequently requested HTML interview questions and answers when you go for interviews.

What does HTML mean?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, was created in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. It is a markup language used to develop and arrange website templates or web pages that show content on the World Wide Web. It comprises many HTML elements that tell the browser how to display the content. HTML can use to make the text more dynamic and interactive. You can save an HTML page by prefixing it with.html or.html.

What do HTML tags and attributes mean?

HTML tags are the essential building block that defines how the content will be formatted and presented, even if attributes are used to specify an element’s properties. For instance, in the case of <p align=”center”>Interview questions <p>, the paragraph will be positioned in the middle of the screen using the ‘align’ attribute.

Explain semantic HTML.

A coding method is semantic HTML. The use of HTML markup reinforces the semantics or meaning of the content. For example: In semantic HTML, bold and italic statements are not marked with the <b> or <b> tags, respectively. These are changed for the tags strong> and em>.

What qualities does HTML have?

The following are some of HTML’s features:

  • It is a markup language that gives designers of web pages the freedom to include text.
  • It is simple to use and pick up.
  • Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and others all support HTML.
  • It enables interactively adding images, video, and audio to web pages for programmers.
  • Using HTML, links may add to websites to help readers find content that interests them.
  • It is unconcerned with the case. You can use either lowercase or uppercase for tags.

Why is cell padding different from cell spacing?

Cell spacing is the space or gap between two neighbouring cells. The gap between a cell’s text or other content and its edge or border is referred to as cell padding, on the other hand. to recognise the distinction.

The class property allows the class name of an HTML element to be specified. Class values can share between several components in HTML. Additionally, it is frequently used to connect the CSS styles to the HTML elements.

What are some examples of shared lists used in page design?

A variety of shared lists are used to build a page. You can select any one or a combination of the following list types:

Elements in an ordered list are presented using a numbered format. To indicate it, use the <ol> tag.

Unorganized list: The items are listed in a bulleted list format. The symbol for it is the <ul> tag.

Definition list: The definition list offers components in definition form, much like a dictionary. Use the <dl>, <dt>, and <dd> tags to define a description list.

How can I create a nested HTML webpage?

The HTML iframe tag is used to show a nested webpage. In other words, it represents a webpage within a webpage. The HTML “iframe” tag designates an inline frame. For illustrative example:

<!DOCTYPE html>    
<h2>HTML Iframes example</h2>    
<p>To specify the iframe's size, use the attributes for height and width:</p>    
<iframe src="" height="300" width="400"></iframe>    

Do hyperlinks only work with text?

No, you can use hyperlinks on both text and graphics. The HTML anchor tag designates a hyperlink that links a page to another. The “href” element of the HTML anchor tag is its most important part.

<a href = "..........."> Link Text </a>  

What exactly does “style sheet” mean?

A style sheet is used to generate a dependable, transportable, and attractive style template. Numerous different web pages can enhance with these templates. It specifies a markup-language document’s structure and appearance.

Describe the hierarchy of the HTML layout.

Every web page has distinct components to display the content that is appropriate for it as well as a specific user interface (UI). However, there are a few elements that are universally recognised and standard for web page structure, such as:

  • The page’s introduction is contained in the “header” tag.
  • The last section of the page is the footer.
  • The navigation menu for the HTML page may find at <nav>.
  • It is an <article:> that contains a compilation of facts.
  • The basic structure of a page is described by the word “section” in the article block.
  • <aside>: Content of the sidebar on this page.

What do the HTML tags for <head> and <body> mean?

The HTML body tag is the last of the <html> tag’s children. It serves as the main content container for the HTML document. The <body> tag encompasses everything, including the heading, paragraphs, and unique div containers.

The head tag in HTML holds the metadata or information about the document. It includes some of the most important tags, such as <title>.

<!DOCTYPE html>
		Significance of 'head' and 'body'
		tag in HTML : Logicmojo

<!DOCTYPE html>


		Significance of 'head' and 'body'
		tag in HTML : Logicmojo

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How can I add audio or video to my website?

The <audio> and <video> tags in HTML5 allow us to add audio and video content directly to websites.

What makes a <figure> tag different from an <image> tag?

The <figure> element specifies the self-contained information, such as diagrams, images, code excerpts, etc. The <figure> tag is used to semantically organise the contents of an image, such as the picture, image caption, etc., whereas the <img> element is used to embed the image in an HTML5 page.

Does drag & drop work with HTML5, and if so, how?

Yes, HTML5 allows us to drag and drop an element. This may accomplish by using the drag and drop-related events with the component we wish to drag and drop.

What is the concept for web storage in HTML5?

We can avoid requesting static data from the server each time we need it by storing some of it in the browser’s local storage. Different browsers have size limitations. Quick patterns and quick user experiences are made possible by this. Data is stored locally in HTML5 using one of two types of web storage:

Local storage can use to save information that will remain accessible even if the user reopens the browser. Each web app keeps it across a variety of browsers.
Sessions’ storage is only used for one session at a time. When the user closes the browser, this is erased.

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