Choosing Guide About Laptops for Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent or commonly realtor nowadays is the one who’s working in the field, showing places to buyers instead of simply doing a lot of paperwork. Thus, they need a reliable device to work with in various places. And one of the devices that realtor must have is the laptop. It must have a vast performance capability; it must be capable to work almost everywhere and must be capable of doing so without any need for recharging for a whole day.

A laptop is an indispensable assistant for a realtor, because most of the work becomes much more difficult to complete without it. Thus, they need a device that’ll help communicating, doing a ton of paperwork, selling properties, presenting those properties, make and show virtual tours to their customers and so on. So, need a really powerful device to do so without any issues. While looking at the best laptops that’ll suit realtors on https://innobytech.com/ you must read our article to better understand all specs that you’ll need to pay attention to.

What Specs Should the Best Laptops for Real Estate Agent Match?

Specs Should the Best Laptops for Real Estate Agent

Beforehand you must think about which operating system is more suitable for you. Nowadays there are 3 mainstream systems — MacOS, Windows and Chrome OS. And all those mentioned above have their own pros and cons:

  • Laptops that are based on that OS is granting you performance stability combined with almost no viruses because of enclosed core. But those devices have a very high price compared to others, and a most of available software is paid.
  • That one is the most flexible and user-friendly of all systems in terms of its usage. It has a stable update, though sometimes Microsoft will drop your laptop down, and a vast variety of available freeware software. But Windows is vulnerable to viruses, so you’ll need to install some good anti-virus software on it.
  • Chrome OS is great on multi-purpose devices like transforming laptops that are using touchscreen though it was created on an Android basis. They’ll allow you to access to a vast variety of different paid and freeware software, also providing stable useability and sufficient virus resistance.

If you look through some reviews, like in this article, you’ll see a lot of specs that you may even don’t know about, so you need to learn some more. We’ll be speaking about durable and reliable device to take it everywhere with you. So, we listed some of the laptop specs that a real estate agent may need:

  • Overall design. Every realtor must maintain good style, so the best laptop is surely a part of it. At least less heavy and bulky than a full-scale laptop.
  • Size and display size. It must be something portable and durable. Also, you’ll need to think about display that should be suitable for typing, reading and showing presentations.
  • Performance and reliability. Laptop must have enough power to deal with all the tasks. And remember about protection — you need no viruses, no malware, no crappy software, so use anti-virus software.
  • Battery lifetime. Device must be ready to deal with a long-time working cycle.
  • Storage capacity. It depends on your needs, but more is not always better. HDD that’s great as a storage, SSD that’s great for storing software that might be needed right on demand.

So, summing up all that was said above, you have 3 choices, not always suggesting a specific laptop model.

First laptop of choice is any that’s based on ChromeOS They’re not too powerful but really thin and stylish, almost always transforming into tablet and also capable of dealing with almost any tasks. Also, you won’t have a large storage, but you’ll have a long-living battery.

Other pick is Apple MacBook that’s unsurprisingly based on MacOS — stylish, well-optimized and really acknowledged (mostly by Apple fans) laptop that’s a though very expensive thing that’ll hit your wallet hard at the beginning. But you’ll have one of the greatest things after some time, when all that’s needed was already bought.

And the last, but not the least kind of laptops are the ones that are based on Windows. Reliable, customizable and with the huge number of options for hardware. Also, those have a huge number of visual design varieties depending on manufacturer, series and price.

How to Turn Your Work Laptop into a Personal

Have you ever wanted to use your work laptop for more than just surfing the internet and sending emails? If so, this guide is perfect! In it we will discuss how convert any PC into a personal computer. We’ll provide reviews of various programs that make converting easy as pie (or should I say painless). Whether using lunch break time or after class while watching movies during class – there’s something here just right fit what you want out a life.

Realtors Buyer’s Guide: Laptops for Real Estate Agents

Realtors Buyer’s Guide: Laptops for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents and realtors must have laptops that meet certain requirements every day, since each day is different, they need a flexible tool that adjusts to every requirement. You should consider some factors while choosing the finest laptops for real estate agents.


Obviously, before you would want to buy anything for your job or profession, you must first assess the brands available. In an advanced technological society where almost everything is now digital, there are many firms producing similar goods that we’ve all come to rely on.

This is a laptop category. Every brand offers a laptop that is appropriate for this occupation. Before paying the bills, be sure to select the company or companies you feel most at ease with. It might be as minor as a spin or as major as several, but make sure whatever brand or brands you choose are/are acceptable with you.


The finest laptop for real estate should also be noted. Obviously, the ideal laptop for Real Estate can’t be too big or heavy to inconvenience you if necessary. If you want something large, magnificent, it should be light and easy to carry so that your work is easier.


Different manufacturers produce a variety of equipment for various purposes. With most devices, there are certainly the most fundamental features, but when it comes to specifications like RAM, storage, and others, you must choose which feature best fits your needs. So before opting for anything simply because it’s fashionable, consider whether it’ll truly accomplish the task!

Price tag

It’s important to know how much you can spend on a laptop before you shop for one. This is not an issue since there are plenty of low-cost laptops to select from. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to pay a few extra dollars. If you don’t mind losing a few money, go ahead and purchase whatever model meets your needs. But keep in mind that the greatest laptop for realtors does not have to be pricey.


You wouldn’t have the ideal laptop for real estate if you had to replace it after a year. Goes with the brand you trust, and if the model you choose can last a few years before needing to be fixed or replaced, it’s good enough for you.


Because the RAM and storage on each laptop are different, you should shop around before purchasing any.


Today’s laptops have become more glamorous! Today, we have rotatable displays, touch screens, detachable keypads, and more. It will be crucial for you to determine which one best suits your needs. You don’t just want the laptop that performs the best; you also want one that fits your image as a real estate agent.

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