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Here we will discuss and suggest the best children’s shoes for wide feet. It’s normal for youngsters to have wide feet. Like grown-ups, a few children have feet more extensive than the standard sizes. Children with these feet need shoes that are extra wide and comfortable to traverse their everyday exercises.

You should select the best available shoes for you it doesn’t matter what your need. For example, if you’re a restaurant worker, you should choose the best shoes for restaurant workers. Similarly, you should select the best children’s shoes too.

Inability to furnish your child with comfortable shoes might prompt the early advancement of feet issues. Consequently, you should complete due to perseverance when purchasing footwear for your child with wide feet. 

To start with, you should sort out the correct size before you hit the market. Tracking down the right size of shoes for your child with extra wide feet can be troublesome. Most shoes for youngsters are more modest and not consistent with their sizes. How would you select the right shoe for your child in such a situation? 

Here is a definite aide on how to purchase the best youngsters’ shoes for wide feet. The enlightening aide contains the absolute best shoes and what to pay special attention to when buying youngsters’ wide-feet shoes. 

Best Children’s Shoes for Wide Feet 

1. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker 

Saucony Kids Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker 

First, on the rundown of the best kids’ shoes for wide feet is the Saucony Kids Baby Jazz Hook and Loop Sneaker. If you now have the grown-up variant, you should realize that the shoes are agreeable and comfortable. 

The shoe includes an alluring softened cowhide network upper, even though it’s not breathable. The shoes are lightweight and truly strong. The elastic outsole guarantees your child will shake the shoes for quite a while before running them down. 

The shoes include the most recent EVA padded sole that is lightweight. The padded sole is ample. Hence, it wipes out the odds of issues and feet torments. 

The shoe is great for dynamic children who participate in exercises like climbing, running, and hopping. The boots come in a lot of shading choices, giving you a broad style choice. 

The Saucony Kids’ Baby shoe is likewise excellent for youngsters who barely put on their shoes. They are the right shoes if you are searching for footwear that would withstand harsh use from kids. 

The main downside, which is typical in most youngsters’ shoes, is the toe region. It ought to have sound support as it is the region manhandled by kids. Consequently, it’s just normal for it to wear off following a couple of months. 


  • The shoe is agreeable to put on and off. You wouldn’t have to have the battle before your child puts them on. 
  • The extra-enormous Velcro ties guarantee the shoe holds firm on your child. 
  • The shoes are chic with a lot of shading choices. 
  • The shoes can withstand harsh and harmful utilization. 
  • The soles have a decent hold to guarantee your child doesn’t slip and tumble off when playing. 


  • The toe region needs superior support. 
  • The shoe will sneak off the feet of your kid if you don’t affix firm 
  • Lightweight, not the ideal fit in case you are searching for a substantial shoe 

The Saucony Kids’ Baby shoe is a comfortable and challenging alternative for youngsters with wide feet. You can look at them in case you are not enthusiastic about substantial shoes. 

2. Step Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker children’s shoes

Following up is the Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker. The kids’ shoe includes a firm elastic sole. It accompanies network linings that have an enemy of microbial treatment to end foot smell. The shoe likewise has a lightweight EVA outsole that accompanies an elastic foothold for better capacity. 

You can wash and dry out the shoes as it is launderable materials. However, on the off chance that you utilize the first Stride Taylor shoes, you would see a drop in quality. The fabrics look excessively modest and start to wear off following a couple of extended times of continuous use. 

Besides the quality, the shoe’s length is OK. However, the width is limited and may not be agreeable for youngsters with full feet. The situation of the Velcro lash looks ridiculous, even though you may just notify this upon close examination. 

However, the shoe stands up very significant to mishandle and abuse kids. The toe compartment is sufficiently able to withstand harm from kids. 

With these lines, in case you are not enthused about the presence of the shoe inevitably, you can look at it. It’s elegant and truly strong. The main disadvantage is that it will show up way more seasoned than following a little while. 


  • Strong elastic sole for durable solace 
  • Made with launderable materials 
  • Provisions a lightweight EVA outsole in addition to elastic footing 
  • The padded sole has a cross-section covering to build solace. 
  • The cross-section linings have microbial treatment to end scent. 


  • The materials will start to strip off following a couple of weeks 
  • The shoe is restricted and may not be ideal for a youngster with a wide foot. 
  • You might need to purchase a size up for the ideal fit. 

Besides the drop in quality, the Stride Rite Kids’ Sneakers is the right shoe for youngsters hoping to investigate their current circumstances.

Q: How much would it be a good idea for me to spend on my children’s shoes? 

A: Prices of youngsters’ footwear differ as much as grown-up footwear. Be that as it may, grown-up’s feet don’t develop like kids’ feet do, so it may appear to be hard to spend a huge load of cash on shoes your kid will grow out of. 

And keeping in mind that a specific measure of cash might appear to be a great deal to spend on a kid’s shoe, consider how regularly they will utilize it and what they will do in the shoe. Children are dynamic, and it might bode well to put in a couple of additional dollars on an excellent, strong shoe than set aside cash and need to supplant the shoe all the more often. 

Main concern 

The Saucony Jazz Hook and Loop is an ideal decision for shoes with wide feet for young men and young ladies. It is a reasonable, agreeable wide-width shoe that will keep your kid going for quite a while, or if nothing else, until they outgrow them! 

Nonetheless, suppose you are searching for something somewhat fancier for uncommon events. In that case, the Florsheim Berwyn JR Oxford Shoe for young men or the Nina Bonnett Mary Jane for young ladies will keep your children agreeable and polished.


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