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Chic Ideas to Carry a Crossbody Bag

Crossbody-style bags are perfect for summer since they’re the most lightweight and the least bulky of all possible bags. A shoulder bag can be fine, but it adds weight to your arm that may tire you more quickly than a crossbody.

Also, this style is one of the few that works with casual clothes (shorts, T-shirts) without looking too simple. A crossbody bag is excellent for travel since it puts all your essential belongings within arm’s reach and keeps them safe from pickpockets.

Of course, finding the right one can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to carrying this type of purse. So we’ve created a guide with the chic ideas to take a crossbody bag for women. So you can quickly get one of your choices from a women’s boutique.

There are many options, so pick wisely and let us help you make the right choice!

6 Chic Ideas to Carry a Crossbody Bag

1. A Grace Crossbody Bag

Wearing an outfit with many colors and patterns is very summer-like, but it can also make you look overdressed.

If you wish to tone down your look without losing your cheerful spirit, we suggest opting for a striped crossbody bag like the one. It’s small enough that it won’t take over your look and will only complement the outfit you’ve chosen.

The bag’s small size will ensure that your entire outfit won’t be too colorful.

Pair it with…

  • It will go well with a colorful top and a pair of printed shorts.
  • If you’re wearing a T-shirt, choose one that’s slightly longer than usual so it’ll be able to cover the top of your shorts.
  • Since this is a casual look, you can wear your crossbody bag over one shoulder. However, if you want to dress things up a bit, you can wear the bag in the crook of your arm over a long sleeve top.

2. A Western Black Crossbody Bag

A black crossbody bag is perfect for adding color to an all-black ensemble. Black tends to create a slimming effect on your body, so if you want something that’s not too “in your face,” go for black!

The purse will balance the outfit and work with whatever top type you choose.

Pair it with…

  • Flowy top with skinny jeans and shirt.
  • If you choose a longer top, remember to use the crossbody bag as a “finishing touch” and wear it over your shoulder. If the shirt is shorter, you can carry it in front of you, creating an inverted triangle shape.

3. A Leather Crossbody Bag

A leather crossbody bag will work with any casual and semi-casual outfit. This accessory can dress down an outfit without ruining your look completely.

Pair it with…

  • It’s effortless to wear since you’ll be able to find a top or a bottom that matches its color perfectly.
  • You can also use the purse to add a pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit.
  • For example, you can wear it with white shorts and a western top for women. Add some green earrings for extra fun!

4. A Printed Crossbody Bag

A printed purse is perfect for adding color without throwing all your outfits together. You can match it with an all-white outfit or combine it with several different colors and patterns.

Pair it with…

  • White jeans and a matching top, navel revealing shorts and a summery blouse over them, maxi dresses, mini skirts, etc.
  • A printed crossbody bag will add a fun and simple touch to whatever you’re wearing it with.
  • Remember that this accessory may look too casual if you combine it with formal clothes.

5. A Retro Crossbody Bag

Retro has been a trend for the past few years. If you don’t want to wear patterns or prints, a retro crossbody bag from trendy women’s clothing will do the trick.

Retro bags are also a perfect option to add an edge to your look.

Pair it with…

  • Style a tailored dress with black jeans and a white shirt.
  • However, this accessory will work best with simple outfits that let the bag shine on its own. For example, you can wear a shirt and pair it with chinos and high-heeled boots for girls.
  • You can also wear your retro bag with a dress instead of pants, especially if the dress has some leather details.

6. A Colorful Crossbody Bag

If you wish to make a colorful statement without looking too flashy, color-blocking is the way. Choose one bright color and combine it with white or black.

Color blocking will ensure that your outfit won’t appear too overwhelming. It’s always better to choose one bold color; if you opt for two, they might compete against each other.

Pair it with…

  • The best styling options are a tee-shirt or a long blouse, slim-fit jeans, a colorful maxi dress, etc.
  • You can also pair a colorful crossbody bag with a simple outfit that focuses on the accessory. For example, you can wear it with a trendy top and shorts or pants.

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There are so many types of crossbody bags at women’s boutiques, and also, there are many ways to wear a crossbody bag, so you’ll never have to worry about being bored with it.

You can always change the way you carry it and combine different colors to create new looks without spending too much money.

The accessory itself is easy to style, but that doesn’t mean that choosing one is also an easy task. Just remember the key to success is moderation and attention to detail.

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