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Challenges faced by UPSC aspirants during preparation and exam

UPSC examination is one of the toughest competitive examinations. It involves a vast syllabus and is difficult to clear without proper planning and preparation. UPSC aspirants spend years preparing for this exam. They face numerous challenges during the preparation process. Many of them attempt the exam multiple times which can be all the more challenging.

If you are planning to appear for the civil services examination then it is suggested to have a fair idea about the challenges posed during the preparation. Here is a look at some of the common challenges faced by the UPSC aspirants as they prepare for the tough competitive examination:

Getting Started

Getting started with the humongous syllabus and numerous subjects can be highly challenging for a UPSC aspirant. While the vast number of topics and subjects remain a challenge throughout the preparation months/years, they seem especially daunting during the initial stages as one starts with the preparation. A major challenge faced by the students is where and how to get started. This is particularly a challenge for those planning to prepare for the examination on their own. Enrolling at a top IAS coaching centre in Faridabad can help subside this issue to a large extent. The faculty members at such institutes follow a systematic approach and guide you on how to start preparing the right way.

Time Management

When there is so much to cover, it is imperative to manage one’s time efficiently. Many aspirants begin IAS preparation alongside their graduation thereby making it quite challenging to manage the time. One requires juggling between the college lectures, examinations, events and IAS preparation. All this is not easy to manage unless you have a strict schedule and stick to it. Only those who are disciplined and have the knack of managing their time properly can handle all these things simultaneously. Even those who are dedicatedly preparing for their UPSC examination require managing their time efficiently in order to give proper time to each subject and learn every topic thoroughly. It is suggested to list down the things you need to manage in a day, week as well as month. You should define both short term and long term goals clearly. You can then make a schedule on the basis of the things you require managing and the goals you have set.

Coaching or Self Study

Another challenge that aspirants face is whether to prepare for the examination on their own or to enroll at the best IAS institute in Faridabad. They are often indecisive about what to do in this regard and waste a lot of time comparing the two options and deciding which one to go for. While many students start with the preparation on their own, the smarter ones seek professional guidance to prepare for the tough UPSC examination. You mustn’t overlook the importance of enrolling at a reputed IAS institute for the preparation of this exam. The best ones in the industry have a team of knowledgeable and experienced faculty members who have excellent teaching skills. Their aim is to prepare the students thoroughly for the exam. They conduct interactive classroom sessions to keep the students’ interest alive and help clear all their doubts and apprehensions.

Financial Aid

As important as it is to enroll at the best PCS coaching centre in Faridabad, it can prove to be equally expensive. Coaching for IAS can be quite a costly affair especially for aspirants who require relocating for the same. They require arranging money for their boarding and lodging in addition to the coaching class fee. Not everyone can bear the cost and thus many of them choose to prepare for the examination on their own. Arranging finances for UPSC coaching can be quite challenging for most aspirants. Studying and preparing for the tough examination on one’s own can be even more challenging.

Knowledge Testing

Many students learn various lessons included in the syllabus and revise them several times but they find it challenging to test their knowledge thoroughly due to the lack of topic specific test papers. Knowledge testing is a crucial part of IAS preparation. Merely learning and revising will not help if you do not test your knowledge side by side. This helps assess your knowledge and gives you a fair idea about the topics you are good at and the ones that require more attention. So, you can focus on your weak points and brush up on them to prepare better for the exam. Top IAS coaching institutes in Faridabad test the knowledge of their students after completion of each topic. They clear their doubts to help them work on their weaknesses and prepare thoroughly for the exam.

Staying Motivated

Staying motivated through the preparation process can be one of the biggest challenges for an IAS aspirant. It is quite common to get demotivated every now and then especially when you try to grasp topics that are comparatively harder to understand and learn. This is particularly true for students who choose to prepare on their own without any professional guidance.

Societal Pressure

There are a lot of expectations from IAS aspirants. When your parents spend so much on its preparation and you devote precious years from your life to prepare for this exam there is bound to be a lot of pressure not only from the family but also from the society. There is a constant fear of being judged in case one is not able to clear the exam. It is often difficult to clear the exam in the first attempt. As the students decide to attempt it the second time or more the societal pressure increases and can be extremely challenging to deal with.

In a nutshell, the road to becoming an IAS officer can be quite difficult and full of challenges. The syllabus is vast and the questions asked in the exam are often twisted. Managing the time efficiently, staying motivated and studying consistently to achieve the goal can be quite challenging. Arranging finances and staying away from the family to seek coaching can be challenging for many aspirants. Besides, there is a lot of pressure from the family as well as society which can increase the stress further. Seeking guidance from a top IAS coaching centre in Faridabad can help deal with most of these challenges to a large extent.

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