cake smashing photography

Cake Smashing Photography

Usually, the only place where it is acceptable to break a cake is in the episode “The Three Stooges of Bollywood”. After all, cakes are meant to be eaten, not smashed. But that’s exactly what cake smashing photography is for.

Baby in Blue and White Polka Dot Shorts Sitting on White and Blue Polka Dot Inflatable

The growing trend for children’s birthday cakes, especially for first birthday parties, is to have a smash cake for the guest of honor. Larger cakes are still purchased or made for adults, but smash cakes are small, single-piece cakes for the little ones to use as they please.

First Birthday Cake Smashing Photography

Many birthday cakes are accompanied by smash cakes, so much so that some bakeries offer smash cakes for free or include smash cakes in their packages. When it comes time to eat the cake, everyone gets a kick out of watching the first birthday boy or girl attack their cake without looking back. This is not the time to encourage manners, faces, fingers, fists, anything. Hopefully, something will end up in their mouths.

Important Things For Cake Smashing

Before you start this celebration, there are a few cake-smashing considerations to keep in mind. One of the most important is the mess. There are several ways to get around this. Know what you’re doing and don’t expect to be able to control the mess with a tablecloth. A plastic or other surface with a non-stick coating will make cleanup much easier. See more..

Outdoor Birthday Celebration

Even if you’re not hosting an outdoor party, keeping this special event outside, weather permitting, can save lives and interior decorations. And make sure your timing is right. Unless you want to pause in the middle of the action for cleanup, you may want to use shredding as the grand finale.

Another thing to consider is the color of the frosting involved. You’ve worked very hard to organize the party around a certain theme and obviously want the cake smash to match it. A brightly colored cake looks great, but certain dyes can stain your skin and have an effect on your clothes. You may want to go with a nice bright white cake.

Plan For Cake Choosing

Since smash cakes are a new craze, many bakeries already have a variety of cake ideas, but you don’t necessarily have to buy an individual cake. A plain slice of cake or a cupcake will do. As long as your little one can eat it sweet, sticky and messy.

This is one of those moments you want to capture, so make sure your camera is ready to go. A photo shoot would be perfect for a baby album, and a video of this mess would be perfect to showcase at your little one’s wedding someday.

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