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Business Value of Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2021

Introduction: Enterprise Mobile App Development

Big organizations face the challenge of maintaining and optimizing all of their internal as well as external means, keeping control of operational costs. In this blog, we are going to talk about, benefits of mobile app development for enterprises. We will help to share a technological solution for a custom mobile app development that you are looking for.

A modern software system that is designed to assist the requirements of the company. The app is developed as per the company’s strategy and makes special uses convenient on mobile devices. Enterprise mobile app development method directed to build user-friendly software that manages various kinds of complicated data and complies with the most advanced safety standards. 

Types: Mobile Enterprise App

There are three kinds of enterprise mobile apps. 

Employee-level: For particularly in-house purposes, employee-level apps are there. These apps are manageable because of the basic features needed. For instance, it can be used as a communication tool to maintain communication between a project manager and designers. It will make the process quick, and smooth. 

Department-level: These apps can increase the richness of specific departments. For instance, An excellent HR management app can help in improving efficiency and also solves employees’ issues faster.

Company-level: These apps offer all departments to work together as they fasten the entire company in a single network. Employees can download docs, or even communicate with the CEO, etc.

How much does it charge to develop an Enterprise Mobile App?

So, you are all set to develop the mobile app yet you still need to determine the costs of the app & development team. If your business needs an app, you don’t have to create an in-house IT department. There are lots of high-level enterprise mobile application development companies in the market. Outsourcing is the best option for this. If you ask us if prices determine the quality, we will always say yes to this. You should consider each & every point before taking the right decision for your business mobile app development. So let’s talk about the cost now. 

The usual market cost for the basic custom app is under $200,000, the actual price can be higher depending on the scope of work of your plan. A custom app with multiple features can cost about $350,000 to $500,000. The price typically depends on the business requirements and also the type of company you are hiring to build your Enterprise Mobile App. If you do the research thoroughly regarding the requirements of your mobile app before hiring a mobile app development company, you can save a lot of funds and limit yourself from ending up paying for overpriced features that your mobile app is not even required for. 

Factors influencing the price of Enterprise Mobile App Development 

The factors influencing the price of Enterprise Mobile App Development:

  1.  Location, Size, and skills of the development team. 
  2. The type of app: cross-platform or a native app.
  3.  Functionalities required in the mobile app. 
  4. Maintenance of the mobile app.

Enterprise Mobile App Safety: Methods of Securing Mobile App

We cannot emphasize the value of the safety of a mobile app enough. Sharing some of the points regarding enterprise mobile safety for mobile apps.

  • Overlook Security measures in advance 

You need to create a safety checklist before the planning step of mobile app development. Overlook each step required for possible safety threats during mobile app development. 

  • Examine the framework

Research for the most advanced software and programs, because software can be an unsafe thing for hacking attacks. 

  • Stick to encrypted techniques 

It is a crucial move to build a gateway for an introductory safety review. This will make it way more difficult to split into the system of your business and take business data.

  • Safe user authentication

This is an important security factor of enterprise mobile app development. Two-factor authentication is a must these days if you need to strengthen more technologies.

Team Requirement: Enterprise Mobile App Development

For Enterprise Mobile App Development minimum of four specialists namely, developer, Quality Assurance engineer, project manager, and a UI/UX designer. If you think employing fewer people will save costs, then that is not the case. In fact, it can reduce development efficiency and can create difficulties at times.

Companies that are taking benefits of Enterprise Mobile App solutions

Enterprise Mobile application development has now influenced a large number of companies in the market. Sharing a quick review of some amazing enterprise mobile app examples that changed their particular industries. 


Starbucks, a multinational chain coffeehouse, started myStarbucks app that enables customers to find coffee shops, know about services or products, and also suggests drinks. The app comes with a customer loyalty program also, that enables customers to pay in-store using their mobile phones. It was a great launch back in 2012. 


Volkswagen is a famous motor vehicle manufacturing brand that started the SmileDrive app for all car brands. SmileDrive app has features to share the travel details, such as time, weather, distance, and even pictures. It is very helpful for the driver and also influences customers that the brand considers. 


McD’s has been an active partner of custom mobile apps for many years, however, McD not only uses this app. They made a leading status when they collaborated with Insta for the campaign – Share Your Biggest Instagram Moments, where customers were called to share their favorite food and used it in their ads. These days customer-generated content is very powerful and they proved that once again. 


Nivea, a personal care brand launched a great idea of kids wearing bracelets that will run with the app to track the kids. This project actually assisted parents to identify where their kids are in public. Also, it helped in increasing sales for the brand Nivea.


Ikea started a Home Planning AR app. Millions of users are using it for a good reason so far. This Augmented Reality app enables customers to virtually place furniture into the view of the buyer’s room. This Home Planning AR app became popular with advanced updates and satisfied users.


Choosing the right kind of mobile app can transform the business dramatically. Since the usage of mobile devices is getting trendy these days, it makes sense to give more attention to mobile app development. You can’t drop an opportunity to control the app performance in your company, so we recommend you associate with skilled software developers to optimize the processes at an advanced level.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): 

  • In which way can an enterprise mobile app help my business organization? 

Enterprise mobile apps help to optimize the processes, reduce paperwork and improve communication with the clients, also helps in adding to brand image, and eventually increases profits.

  • How to look for the security of the enterprise mobile app?

One should outline all safety standards before starting the development process, follow the most advanced safety standards, add secure user authentication, and avoid legacy software as much as possible.

  • How would be the expenses for developing an enterprise mobile app?

As per the estimated pricing of enterprise mobile application development would be around $200,000-$500,000. 

  • What are the trends in 2021 for developing an enterprise mobile application?

With the rise of AI and Machine Learning, The Internet of Things, 5G is assumed to increase the scope for enterprise mobile app development. Companies are presuming mobile apps to be further customized, more comfortable to use, reliable, and strengthen the entire potential of mobile phones.

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