Booking cab becomes easier with innovative self-operating kiosks

Kiosks have drastically changed the way we used to shop. From designer purses to attractive caviers, the next-gen self-operating kiosks are changing the way shoppers access information and consumer goods and services.

But today kiosks are not just limited to shopping, it goes beyond it. Kiosks can affect the way people get from one place to another, providing a point of entry for people on the go. And that is why global taxi startups heavily invest into taxi-hailing app development to leverage this opportunity to increase their customer base, bookings, and overall revenue.

What are self-operating kiosks? How do they work? How can it help my business? If you are having such questions in your mind, then this blog is for you.

What is a self-operating kiosks?

A self operating kiosk is a standing machine with a touch screen to assist the people who need service. In the ride-hailing business, the company used to provide a taxi booking kiosk machine at hotels and airports where people constantly look for a taxi for commute purposes. Furthermore, passengers can use the kiosk machine for travelling, sightseeing or to attend some important meeting.

After understanding what a self-operating kiosk means, it’s the time to dive into the advantages of integrating self-operating kiosks in taxi businesses.

5 major benefits of using a self-operating kiosks

A self-service cab booking kiosk emerged as an innovative mode of transformation for ride-hailing businesses. It can connect customers, dispatchers and drivers. Along with this, you can establish ride leads, payment and potential routes via tablet kiosk or smartphone app.

Besides this, they can also determine a driver’s location, and reservations made from a customer’s mobile app. But the advantages of a self-operating kiosk are not just limited to this, there are some others too, which are as follows:

Multiple payment integration

Self operating kiosks not only make cab booking easier but also make it seamless to accept payments. Now you can offer multiple payment options such as credit cards, cash, debit card, mobile wallet to your customers by adding kiosks for taxi booking in your business.

Apart from this, taxi kiosks support third party apps to complete transactions. In this way, you can provide an easier payment experience to your customers.

Increased brand awareness with self-operating kiosks

Taxi booking kiosks not only streamline your daily operations but also promote your services among the potential customers. Advertising your services on kiosks can generate a good amount of users for your online taxi booking app as they are placed at heavily populated areas.

You can call a self-operating kiosk a round-the-clock billboard that constantly displays your advertisement. In this way, you can promote your business better in minimal time.

Budget friendly

Automated self-operating kiosks have successfully eliminated some of the biggest overheads for ride-hailing business. It helps them to increase booking without investing much in taxi-hailing app development, office space for call centers and teams, and many other costs.

With a self-operating kiosk, business owners are no longer required to deploy any resources, thus allowing taxi businesses to utilise these resources for some useful purpose.

Attractive rewards and promotions

Self-operating kiosks are a wonderful way to offer exciting offers, promotions, and rewards to attract and retain customers. Give a discount to passengers who are booking your ride for the first time via a kiosk.

Similarly, you can also offer festive promos or weekend offers to boost more bookings. Apart from this, you can offer some cashback to your customers, which they can use at the time of their next ride. In this way, you can increase the repeat customers for your business too.

Wider customer reach

Self-operating kiosks are extremely useful for emerging taxi dispatch startups that are looking to grow their customer base without investing in costly mobile apps, big sized call centres, etc.

Taxi dispatch startups can place these kiosks at airports, malls, markets, restaurants and bars where they expect many potential passengers who can be successfully converted into bookings.

Furthermore, self-operating kiosks help taxi businesses to tap into numerous potential passengers in public places, with an easy and convenient taxi booking option.


A self-operating kiosk is a cost-efficient method to increase the number of bookings, customer base, and overall revenue. This is the reason taxi businesses are looking forward to investing in self-operating kiosks.

Besides this, integrating a kiosk for taxi booking will be helpful in streamlining the operations and increasing the customer base. You can also use it for advertising and promotion of the brand among potential customers.

Along with this, a self-operating kiosk is the best way to increase your overall bookings, extend customer base and to reap excellent business revenues. Also, you can extend your reach among the customers to strengthen your position in the market. In future we will surely witness further advancements in taxi booking kiosks.


Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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