Biometric Solutions: Modernizing Examinations Security

Conducting examinations is a big responsibility for any organization or institution. And to conduct secure exams, It is necessary to have proper security solutions. In the era of modernism, it became easy to breach the examination. Every single exam should be secure as it decides the future of candidates. New technology replaced the old version of conducting exams. As we live in the 21st century where science and technology are developing rapidly and helping the world to grow faster. As lakhs of people give different competitive examinations, It’s not possible to organize exams without modern security solutions.

In the period of covid-19, It became impossible to conduct offline examinations as it’s not the right time to organize but it also pushed online examinations forward. Covid has changed the traditional way of examination. To conduct online examinations, it needs more security as well as assurity. Online examinations are totally a new experience for all and conducting online exams is a big responsibility too.

There are many new ways of securing exams online or offline. Biometrics is a good and efficient way to secure examinations. Biometric is totally a digital solution that is fast and secure.

Biometrics Solutions:

This is totally a digital system that is secure and impartial. It also provides accurate information about the candidates. There are many types of biometrics that help to secure exams from malpractice such as Face recognition, Finger geometry recognition, Eye- Iris recognition. This can be used in offline and online exams but it totally depends on the organization. Most of the corporate sectors use biometric systems to maintain all the records of employees. Biometric face recognition uses special statistical and effective patterns that make this solution one of the safest and most actual ones.

Face recognition

Face recognition is a very efficient kind of Biometric. It scans the face and analyzes the details. This is a cheap technology that can be used at examination centers easily and can be used in Internet based examination too as it is the major way to prevent Malicious activities. In home-based online examinations, It’s easy to breach the code of conduct given by the examination authority that’s why most of the time home based online exams require biometrics. So the face recognition system helps to protect from mischievous activities.

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition is a highly used biometric system. These Fingerprint biometrics are very precise and non-interfering. It’s the most advanced and developed technology in the biometrics system. Exam centers mostly use fingerprint biometrics in online exams. Individual candidates can’t use this facility at home. By using fingerprint biometrics one can easily recognize things, data can be saved and protected from wrongdoing. Usually, fingerprint biometrics are used in corporate organizations to mark the attendance of the employees.

Iris Recognition

Iris Recognition is a well-organized and quick type of biometric recognition. It’s highly accurate and gives a quick response.  Iris Recognition is an exceptionally authentic and strong technique to precisely recognize individuals. There are many iris-based retina scan provider who provides iris biometric solutions which are well suited with contact lenses and even specs that blind people can also use, as long as they have an iris. This makes it an immensely adaptable technology as the motion of the iris identifies the action of the individual, lowering the risk of mould access through high-quality stable images. Iris recognition helps to save time during examinations as it detects the iris in the blink of an eye. For saving time and getting accurate results, organizations can enhance their security system by installing iris recognition.

Why Choose Biometrics in Examinations

Biometric solutions strengthen the security in times of examinations, As delaying exams is not an option but modifying new security can be a good way. Every biometric solution has its advantages and disadvantages but few of them are purely secure. Generally, in offline examinations, organizations use fingerprint biometrics to detect the right candidate in the center and mark attendance. On the other hand, organizations commonly use face recognition biometric home-based internet examinations as it can be easily done by the camera of the laptop or mobile phone.

It needs modernization to conduct examinations in this modern time. Implementations should be done as it comes to security. As Technology is changing time by time and to cope up with the technology it is the basic need to adapt the updated security for security of exams whether online or offline. Corporate firms also implement this for security purposes as it is the need of today. Exam conducting organizations and Corporate industries can use the services of Biometric scan solutions providers. As they have experience in organizing secure examinations, Also they provide live CCTV security solutions to strengthen the security of the exams. Nearly all the examination organizations take the help of biometric solution providers as they provide all the updated and secured security staff to ensure the partiality of any organization.

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