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Best Interior Decoration Accessories

Best Interior Decoration Accessories

A Room without interior decoration accessories wouldn’t look great. It might look like a beautiful face without makeup. To illustrate we came up with a list of decorative items where you can use it for your home and office interiors.

Interior Designers in chennai use customized decoration for home interiors. Indeed every collection is unique and luxurious.

Lets see the list of Interior Decoration Accessories, available in the marketplace

Indoor Plants:

These natural elements will elevate the emotions and behaviour of the home owners. Indoor plants are very safe and give you motivation and increase your positivity. 

As per IQAIR, the air pollution rate is around PM 2.5 (Air Quality Index). There are chances that it might increase upto PM 15. 

Here are the few Indoor Plants list, which can serve you in multi purpose activity

Dracaena Draco (Dragon Tree) :

ISRO and NASA scientists have already stated that the dragon tree can act as an air modifier. Indeed it reduces air pollution inside your home.

String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)

It is considered as a hanging plant which can grow upto 2 to 3 feet long. They just need a minimum amount of sunlight and water.

Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)

They grow very fast, we must take extra care of this plant. The air purification level of this plant is literally high. Homeowners can grow this plant in case they have elderly people in their home. Ficus leaves are really big and they can give you an outstanding look for your living room.

Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree) :

Usually plants need soil, but in the case of pachira aquatica you don’t need soil. With a limited space homeowners can decorate their home. At the same time, you don’t need much water to grow the plant. They are good air modifiers where they give first preference in removing carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde. 

Strelitzia Reginae :

If you are looking for a fabulous plant to grow inside your home interiors then bird of paradise is a great option for you. The flower projects a stunning look and it gives you an amazing look. The plant needs sunlight and it can clean your air upto 90%. From my personal view I would suggest this plant for home interiors.


Clocks have been decorating the home for more than 200 years, evolution is happening in the current era homeowners  are searching antique and traditional wall clocks for their home.

This is their first priority, the second wall clock design they were looking for is ultra modern and advanced technologies. 

Here are the types of clocks available in the marketplace to decorate your home interiors.

Analog Clocks:

Analog clocks are the most famous type, which shows its purpose in a short and sweet manner. There will not be any advanced strategies rather it has three indicators. Analog clocks were the first masterpiece to give accurate time and it eliminated sundials. 

Digital Clocks:

Millennial people have a great love for these digital clocks. These types of clocks were introduced in the early 1990’s and are still outreaching other clock types. Digital Clocks come with various designs some of them are LCD, LED or sometimes in VFD Screens as well. 

Electronic wood clocks:

Wooden digital clocks are common now, but the best part is these clocks come with artificial intelligence programs. Companies are trying too hard to make this clock as an IOT Device. So the homeowners can use wooden clocks for various purposes. 

Tactile Clocks :

Apart from the above clock types, tactile clocks are considered as a perfect interior decorator accessory. Tactile clocks are multifunctional, which can provide you room temperature, alarm, stopwatch as well as dates. So tactile clocks solve two purposes: you can have it for interior decoration accessories as well use it for your multifunctional purposes. 

Auditory and Multi Display Clocks:

Usually auditory clocks have some advanced features. Some may consider that auditory clocks are not meant as interior decoration accessories, but young generations use this type for multi purpose. Multi Display clocks solve two purposes: they can show the results in analogue or digital as well. MDC Clocks are great for home interiors as well as in corporate interiors. 


We all know that the home decorations and architects industry has been alive for the past 1000 years. Those days people had only few options; they used normal wood lamps and after 500 years they started to use candle lamps. But there wasn’t any technological invention till 19th century 

After the invention of the electric lamp, the innovation process is continuously happening by discovering new types of electric lamps. Interior designers and architects consider them as perfect interior decoration accessories. 

The types of Lighting 

  • General 
  • Ambient
  • Mood
  • Task and Accent

General Lighting

Chandelier is really an architectural marvel, which was invented in the early 18th century. The main purpose of chandeliers is to reflect lights and make the room brighter than normal single lights. Usually homeowners use chandeliers for general lighting. There are no psychological benefits except general lighting. 

There are many types of chandelier lights, some of them are

  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • Modern Chandeliers
  • Contemporary Chandeliers
  • Drum Chandeliers
  • Sputnik Chandeliers & 
  • Waterfall Chandeliers.

Spotlight Lamps:

Ambient lighting is softer than general lighting but it is considered as a partner of general lighting. The differentiation of general and ambient lighting is simple. General lighting gives lighting all over the room on the other hand ambient lighting travels in a specific direction.

Till the 90’s people used ambient lighting in the entertainment industry, in recent years the technology has innovated small spotlights lamps. Which is used in false ceilings and sometimes used in walls to highlight pictures and wall decorative items.

Mood Based Lighting: 

There are 100’s of products available in the market to leverage mood based lighting. The ultimate strategy is Dimmable lights with designs. Usually homeowners and interior decorators use dim lights in bedroom rooms for convenient and happy sleep.

Because there is no need for general lighting in bedrooms. Dim lights are a little bit costlier than normal lights. Some of the mood light strategies are 

  • Sunny Yellow Color Strategy and 
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder Lighting.

Features of Mood Based Lighting:

  • No Overhead Lighting
  • One Dim light Source
  • Light with Lamp Shades
  • Sometimes homeowners use Low Wattage Light Bulbs.

Task and Accent Lighting: 

Task Based lighting is becoming popular in recent years. It is a new entry in the interior decoration accessories list. Its Ultimate goal is to give lights for task oriented places. Say for example 

  • Study Room
  • Dining Table
  • Chimney Lights
  • Corporate office lights etc.,

Task lights must perform better than ambient lights. Here is the big difference between task and accent lighting. 

  • Accent lighting at least needs 3 to 4 times better lighting than normal ambient lighting.

Majorly Accent lights are used to highlight wall photographs, mostly used in fish tanks. Usually accent lights give you dramatic effects. 


Architects and Designers have been using sculptures for 1000’s of years. We might.  Usually homeowners prefer sculpture in their homes. Dreams are always way longer than reality.

This the costliest interior decoration accessories in our list. 

Likewise, it’s really hard for a person to sculpt the patterns with just dreamers’ thoughts. That’s the reason the cost of perfect sculpt rock is always costliest 

Here are the types of Sculpture Techniques, 

  • Relief Sculptures
  • Full Round Sculpture
  • Carved Sculpture
  • Modeling Sculptures
  • Cast 
  • Kinetic
  • Earthwork
  • Installation sculptures. 

We will go deeper into the types separately. 

Relief Sculptures: 

This is a unique and long lasting sculpture technique in the world, even in mahabalipuram we can see relief sculptures. This technique gives you 3 Dimension output, because the sculpture is attached to its surface. 

High Relief Sculptures: Usually these sculpted images are embossed from inside, so only the images will be viewed, this one is considered as the toughest concept ever.

Low Relief Sculptures: Apart from the high relief, the low relief surface will not be flat. Rather the surface will also be sculpted to make sure that everything is visible with shadows etc., 

Sunken Relief Sculptures: Sunken sculptures are totally different from the above sculptures. Every strategy is normal except the embossed sculpted images. Which will not emboss more than the surface of the background. 

Carved Sculptures:

Across the world carved sculptures are used as basic designs. Comparably carved designs are harder than other sculpted concepts. Some of the materials used in carved sculptures are Wood and stone.

Architects and Interior Designers recommend carved sculptures because it can easily explain the story and meaning of the sculpted art. 

Cast Sculptures: 

Millennials are giving top priority for cast sculpted structures as their interior decoration accessories. From the pricing point of view the cost is very less when we compare it with other sculptures. 

Though cast sculptures innovated 1000 years back but it cannot be seen as a unique sculpture because of mold and millions own the product. 

Comparably cast based is easy to create. Some of the raw materials used for cast sculptures are molten metal, wax, rubber, clay and plaster. 


Interior Decoration accessories are very important in home decorations. It’s like makeup for a beautiful face. Without the decorative items, the home looks like a normal one. 

It doesn’t matter even if you completed your interiors without these decorative items. Just contact an architect or an interior designer to make it possible. 

A professional interior designer cannot say no to your dream, because fulfilling a homeowner’s dream is the first and foremost job of a designer or architect.

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