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Best experiences you should try in India

India tour with private driver

The crisis of Covid-19 has paralyzed the travel industry from 2020 up to now. Despite of this terrible sanitary crisis India still hopes that soon the travelers will be back and explore its rich cultural heritage.

Whenever you have the chance to travel to India, don’t miss to experience the following activities, hotels and sightseeing.


In case you are going to explore Rajasthan, you will probably arrive to Delhi to start you trip. Of course, you can stay in the capital upon your arrival to explore its main highlights, in that case the hotel Meridien should be a nice option of accommodation for you.

Another option is to take the night train to Jaisalmer the same evening.

During your private tour in Rajasthan maybe you would like to make an excursion in the desert. Thus, you will need to go to Jaisalmer from where you can make a day tour to the desert (unless you want to stay in the desert and make an overnight under the stars).

However we would recommend you to spend the day in the desert, explore the local life and take the traditional dinner with the villagers and come back to Jaisalmer for the overnight.

One of the best places to stay in the Golden City is certainly the hotel Suryagarh. A luxury retreat that you will appreciate a lot! Excellent services, authentic rooms.

The main reason to make a stop in Bikaner is the Rat Temple, situated not far from Bikaner. It’s an extraordinary experience to observe how the locals honor these animals.

However it’s not the main reason to get to Bikaner. One of its main attractions are the maharaja palaces, especially the Laxmi Niwas Palace. You want to feel yourself as a Maharaja? Then don’t forget to include Bikaner in your tour and spend the overnight in this luxury palace.

For those who prefer a bit more romantic spot in Rajasthan, Udaipur is the right place with its lakes and gardens. Don’t miss it.

And certainly Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan will be one of the main highlights of your trip in India. The Pink city has an amazing architectural heritage you should explore. Don’t miss to enjoy the local Cooking class, one of the best activities you can make here.

At the end, we just recommend you to get in touch with Drivers-India, they will provide you an excellent private driver for your entire trip. Remember that to have an excellent private driver is the main warranty to make a successful trip to India.

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