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Barcelona tour guides should definetly show these places

Barcelona is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe. Everything fits here: inexhaustible goodies for lovers of history and architecture, at the same time it is a great place for those who want to have fun by the sea and spend the night in clubs. Barcelona tour guides tend to show around incredible places.

As always, I try to bring only the friendliest ways to travel out of your pocket, so I will first list the necessary pearls to visit in the Catalan capital.

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Essential places to see in Barcelona

The glorious Sagrada Familia

There is probably the no more famous church in the world that is so visited by tourists yet to be built. We’ll get to the final, as predicted, only in 2030, but it’s already really unrealistic to at least take a walk around and admire the amazing work of Antonio Gaudi – it’s an incredible architectural masterpiece! Admission to the church is paid, but well worth seeing. 

Tip: It is useful to buy a ticket online because by planning the time of day, you will successfully avoid large queues. Don’t be afraid to go without printing a ticket, security tickets will gladly scan it out of your tablet/phone.

The main artery, La Rambla street

It is Barcelona’s main artery, which is full of tourists around the clock. This street is always full of original Barcelona disguises, so don’t be afraid and save your wallet.

The oldest district in Barcelona – Gracia District

The oldest and most unique part of the city. It’s easy enough to get lost in it, so don’t let the twists and turns of the narrow streets turn around. Although sometimes it’s probably even more fun to get lost while traveling?

Espanya Square

One of the main squares of the city, where traffic boils around the clock. Here you will find not only the impressive 1992. Column of the Olympic Games, but also one of the city’s highlights – Font Màgica. It’s a big fountain that flashes colors and lights every night while the music plays. Definitely worth a visit one evening and see an impressive show with the Queen’s grand work “Barcelona”.

Olympic campus with its beautiful views

Reached from Plaza de España, the Olympic Town is located high on a hill with beautiful views of Barcelona. Part of the sports campus has been left authentic, as it was during the Games themselves. An interesting and landscape-rich part of the city is an ideal place for walks and within easy walking distance of the city center.

Sants district in the city center

Further from the city center, rich cafes, visited by practically only locals. There is no menu here in either English or Spanish, as everything is strictly Catalan. However, you should not rush and visit, as food prices almost double, and staying among the locals is always a unique and invaluable experience.

The famous Barcelona Cathedral

While most people think of the Sagrada Familia first when thinking of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Cathedral is no less impressive. The magnificent Gothic sanctuary is an important competitor to the famous Nortre Dame de Paris. Yes, I’m a little provocative for Paris fans, but you’ll be really surprised to visit.

Beautiful Passeig De Gracia

One of the most beautiful and luxurious streets in all of Barcelona. The walk introduces her to the most important examples of A. Gaudi’s architecture – Casa Batllo and La Pedrera. There are also plenty of luxury hotels and shops here, so look carefully – you may inadvertently meet any Hollywood celebrities.

Living human chains Castells

When traveling during the summer-fall period, not visiting Castells would be a sin. So-called living human chains are usually formed in large open spaces like city squares or wide streets. Throughout the summer, there are special festivities where different castellier teams appear and compete to build a more beautiful and durable pyramid of people. It is a generation of Catalan art passed down from generation to generation, becoming a castellier and a great honor today.

Museums that are free on Sundays

Fans of art and history must remember that Sunday is the best day to visit many museums, as most of them are free.

TOP discounts with the European Youth Card in Barcelona

Paid attractions:

  • Picasso Museum. In this museum, you can see ALL the works of this artist. From ceramic jars to the most famous paintings. The exhibition leads chronologically through the life of the artist, so Pablo leaves the museum knowing probably better than his cousins. 
  • Parc Guel. The famous park designed by A. Gaudi is one of the most unique parks in the world, not only because of its interestingly designed walking trails and original vegetation but also because it is located in one of the highest parts of the city. The main part of the park offers wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea. It would also be most convenient to buy a ticket online.
  • Monserat Monastery. Just a half-hour train ride from Barcelona is an absolute must-do when visiting Barcelona. Those who wake up never forget the impression of the beauty of this monastery.
  • Tarragona. In Tarragona, just an hour away by train from Barcelona, ​​you can take a true walk through history. The remnants of a Roman amphitheater, authentic streets, and a city full of incredible romance leave no one indifferent.
  • Juan Miro Museum. One of the most impressive places for fans of modern art.

Don’t forget to pack your bags accordingly!

In conclusion

Barcelona is an incredible place which will for sure provide a great experience. You may consider finding a Barcelona tour guide for the best experience possible. We recommend for probably the best tour guides you can find.

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