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Are water filters still effective if they not replaced for a long time?

The cost of an edr1rxd1 water filter is not low, and some people will try to find ways to save money on filter replacement costs. There are various ways to save money on filters, the simplest of which is to clean the water filter. So after the purifier has reached the end of its useful life, is cleaning still effective? Let’s listen to what the pros have to say, or you’ll be drinking dirty water if you’re not careful!

The role of a water purifier is to filter tap water, so what does it use to do so? The key to this is the PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane and RO membrane cartridges, which filter rust, sediment, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses from the tap water through their own properties, making it cleaner.

After the cartridge’s use period has expired, is there still an effect of cleaning?

We are faced with a variety of purifier maintenance and money-saving methods, cleaning  them has become the first choice among many methods. Because after the tap water flow filter cartridge, some dirty substances will be attached to it, the cartridge from the outside to the inside, slowly become dirty, then for the cartridge cleaning, it can still be effective water purification?

The answer is of course not. Water purifiers from PP cotton to activated carbon, from ultrafiltration membrane to reverse osmosis membrane, are their own use period, PP cotton. This material can not be cleaned, surface cleaning, inside can not be cleaned in place.

Just like the mask, nowadays the mask material and PP cotton. Can the mask in the cleaning, can still be effective in blocking the virus? Of course not. This is why PP cotton cartridges are not made of materials that can be used repeatedly, even if they are cleaned, they cannot be used again.

Activated carbon is a filter material that has its own degree of saturation, adsorbs gases and cannot be cleaned. Ultra-moulded membranes and reverse osmosis membranes are two materials with high precision. Filtering many invisible pollutants and looking much cleaner, but again, cleaning is not enough to maintain the effect. So those who think that if you clean it, you can continue to use it, will only be self-deception!

What is the best way to maintain the cartridge of a water purifier?

Although edr1rxd1 water filter cannot be used repeatedly, as long as they are well maintained they can still guarantee the effect of water purification. But don’t think that maintenance like, can delay the change of core, this as undesirable! Here to share some cartridge maintenance way.

To clean the water purifier regularly.

We should clean the water purifier’s interior once a week. So as to reduce the interior will remain some pollutants, to ensure better water purification. Nowadays, many water purifiers have the function of intelligent cleaning, just need to press, it will automatically clean, save time and effort, convenient and good.

The improvement of the healthy quality of life has promoted the development of water purifiers. Today many communities in the renovation, supporting the installation of water purifiers to ensure the quality of drinking water at home. To improve the quality of life at home, water purifiers can quickly improve the quality of tap water,

To facilitate family drinking water needs, no more boiling water, no time to wait for boiling water. A few seconds later, the water purifier can provide boiling water, and also t different temperatures of tap water!

In short, the correct use of the water purifier cartridge, maintenance proper. In order to play the effect of the water purifier, to ensure to drink clean tap water. If bent on saving money to delay the cartridge replacement, may make the tap water become worse!

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