Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications, Price, Space

You can pretty much have everything you’ve ever wanted in an iPhone with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is all you could ask for with its amazing refresh rate, camera functionality, and genuinely spectacular battery life. One of, if not the finest smartphone cameras ever is found on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

You should be aware of a lot more intriguing characteristics before purchasing the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Let’s begin straight away! But first, if you’re curious about the other models. Such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 small, click here.

Pros Cons
 3x optical zoom telephoto  The big size makes it unattractive for some people
 Enhanced camera system
 Speedy performance
 Super-long battery life

The iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t precisely look like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, despite what some people may claim. The displays and sizes of the two amazing phones differ greatly from one another. First off, according to Apple, the notch on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 20% smaller than it was on the previous model. You will definitely appreciate a larger screen view as a result of that important change.

The predecessor’s smooth sides are made of stainless steel, but a key distinction is the camera array. In comparison to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the Pro Max 13 phone has a slightly larger camera array. It also weighs more, 8.46 ounces, making it heavier. However, its weight makes room for a bigger battery within.

There are four colour options for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: gold, silver, graphite, and sierra blue. Apple has a brand-new hue called Sierra Blue, and the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max look really great in it.


The ProMotion display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is arguably the biggest improvement in this latest batch of iPhones. The highest refresh rate is 120Hz, which is the same as the automatic refresh scaling on the iPhone 13 Pro. Depending on the app you use, the refresh rate may change. The refresh rate increases when using more demanding applications like visual games. Hence and it decreases when performing simple tasks like reading an ebook. The battery life is improved as a result.

Additionally, with an average brightness of roughly 837 nits, it provides greater brightness. Higher contrast and deeper blacks are displayed thanks to the enhanced brightness. Consequently, you will be able to notice the exquisite details even in dimly lit situations.

Amera: There is a good reason for the larger camera array on the back of the phone. With an aperture of f/1.5, the new cameras include the widest primary lens ever placed on an iPhone. Compared to its predecessor, this allows for around 49% more light to be caught. Even wide and ultra-wide lenses have a significantly wider field of view.

Additionally, it has a brand-new function called Photographic Styles that allows you to control the warmth and tone of your image. To acquire the ideal warmth and styles for your images, choose from four presets and even tweak them.

The Cinematic Mode gives you the impression of being a seasoned director. The newest feature, called Cinematic Mode, enables you to manually or automatically change the focus even after you’ve started recording a video. As the camera pans around, you can concentrate on several subjects at once in this fashion. ProRes Video is a further new function that the Pro Max 13 phone offers.

Performance: All iPhone 13 models employ the obscenely quick A15 Bionic chip, which was just released. According to Apple, it is the fastest smartphone ever.

Battery Life: Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the battery life has increased dramatically, lasting around 2.5 hours longer.


There are four storage options available for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. The 128GB version costs $1099, the 256GB version costs $1199, the 512GB version costs $1399, and the 1TB version costs $1599.

Does it seem challenging to decide? Examine the advantages and disadvantages to decide if the iPhone 13 Pro Max is right for you.


The iPhone 13 Pro’s appearance is remarkably similar to that of the iPhone 12 Pro. The 13 Pro is about the same size as the previous model and is only 0.25mm thicker, maintaining the same squared-off edge look. At 203g (vs. 187g), it is slightly heavier, but the difference in practical use is not immediately noticeable.

As before, the screen is a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR Display that uses surgical-grade stainless steel and a Ceramic Shield that is made to be robust. Together, these two features should enable the iPhone 13 Pro to endure the occasional bump or scrape, but we still advise purchasing a case for the device. Even while the iPhone 12 Pro is nearly the same size as its predecessor, if you already own one, you’ll need to get a new case because the lens modules on the back now take up much more room than they did in the past.

The three lenses are grouped together on the upper left side of the phone’s back, along with a flash unit and what appears to be a sizable black hole. This is the “LiDAR Scanner,” which measures the depth and is intended to speed up autofocusing in specific circumstances, such as low light.

The iPhone 13 Pro, like its predecessor, features angular edges, which is a change from previous iPhone models like the iPhone 11 Pro. There are four colors to pick from, and they are a little bit more subdued than the choices for the iPhone 13 (standard). Sierra Blue, which we’ve been utilizing for this review, is a new choice for the 13 Pro series.

The native camera app, which you can access from the lock screen by doing a “long press” on the camera symbol, will be extremely familiar to you if you’ve ever used an iPhone. No matter what page of the menu or app screen you’re on, having the camera in your iPhone’s “dock” can let you reach it fast.


The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, in our opinion, offers the best performance of any iPhone. If you want an iPhone with longer battery life, want the unbeatable performance of the A15, or want a phone that can swiftly produce the best photos taken by a phone camera, you should choose the Pro Max 13. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has even raised the bar for the upcoming iPhone.

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