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Alternative Roofing Material With A&G Roofing & Restoration

EPDM Roofing

In our modern era, we have to reconsider everything including material for roofing’s. Due to high cost of living and higher rate of damage caused by hail, earthquakes and vandalism, many people are turning towards alternative materials like plastic. But can this substitute really replace traditional roofing materials like metal or wood?

Yes, it can! At AGH, we offer an innovative replacement product that is secure, durable and beautiful: EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene monomer) roofing.

This film will tell you more about how to install EPDM roofing from start to finish.

Copper Scaffolding

We roofers like to call ourselves “metal workers” – which is both a praise and a burden. It’s a blessing because it describes what we do best, building strong, solid roofs from metal panels. But it’s a curse because it makes us overlook of other excellent rooftop options.

Just as plastic has become one of the most popular materials for new rooftop designs, so too can some modern materials be used to create a unique profile that could benefit your budget. One such material is copper scafacrowling.

Copper scaffolding is not exactly cost effective when compared to traditional copper panel systems. However, this material may help reduce costs by offering a lower total cost of ownership.

This eco-friendly rooftop option may also qualify for tax credits associated with solar energy production. Click here to learn more about how green tech solves climate change.

Galvalume Roofing

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

Traditional metal roofing products can cost hundreds of dollars per resold piece. Not only are they very expensive, but they require special equipment and training to install. These factors make them high-risk projects as well.

Galvalume is a copper alloy used for commercial and residential roofing applications. It comes in sheet form and needs to be molded into tiles or fastened onto a substrate. GalvaLeüv takes approximately 6 days to install, although it costs $20 per square foot when installed.

It has several benefits over traditional materials: it is fire resistant, easy to maintain, and less expensive than steel. It maintains its integrity even under severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, and heat. Galvalume also requires little protection from environmental elements because it’s already been exposed to them for years.

Slate Roofing

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

More and more slate roofers are being called back every year to re-roof residential and commercial structures. This is because many modern features require slate roofs. Examples of these features include metal joist hangers, wood framing, and synthetic insulation.

When was the last time you heard about someone getting hurt from an old wooden ceiling? Yet people continue to install plastic sheathing over steel studs as if it were good money after bad.

Slate tile, like all tiles, has limited potential for water damage due to its design; however, it is far better than flat or felt panels. Tiles also have the ability to help absorb sound which makes them great for offices or hearing impaired people.

They also have the ability to help control extremes in temperature due to their low melting points. Very few companies offer slate product repair services so having some knowledge of this material is important.

Tile Roofing

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

There are many reasons why tile roofing is an excellent choice for homeowners. First, it’s very affordable; only $29 per square feet as opposed to hundreds of dollars more for traditional shingle roofing. Second, it provides substantial R-value, making it ideal for cooler summers and better energy savings. Third, it offers higher looks and there are many different styles, all of which add to its attractiveness.

Not only that, but you can find matching tiles for your home’s exterior wall color, providing a uniform look. Tiles come in many shapes, including circles, triangles, bricks, and most commonly, squares.

You also have options with regard to their sizes. They can be arranged in simple patterns or larger designs. Those who want a simpler design may choose regular size tiles while people with more money can purchase large sized ones.

Another unique feature about tiles is that they don’t leak like some other types of roofing do. However, they may need special care if you live in a region that has wet weather.

Finally, they are quite durable and heathy looking option that will last a long time.

Metal Roofing

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

Over the past decade, metal roofing has become more popular than ever as people question what it can do for their budget. While some might think that they have to change everything about your roof to metal (like removing all of the shingles), there are many benefits to switching to metal roofing.

Metal roofing is an attractive option for most homeowners because it looks similar to traditional materials like steel or slate. Also, you will likely not notice any kind of hole in the middle of the tiles when you install them, which makes cleaning easier.

But the main advantage is that this alternative material saves cost by being made cheaply vs expensive wood, copper, or silver products. You also get better protection from rain and sun with solid metal tiles.

You can purchase metal sheets that range from easy to hard to install depending on the size of your house. The hardest part about installing metal roofing is making sure that it is smooth around the edges.

If you choose to go down either route, please make sure that you add additional security such as locks and/or hinges. It takes only one person to open a locked door to find out if real money was spent.

Carpenter’s R-Joints

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

More and more frequently these days, you will see home renovators incorporating carpenter’s joints into their projects. The joint basically consists of two straight lines going in opposite directions with one or several cross members placed below them.

The main advantage this design has over standard roofing materials is that it requires no special supplies to install. It also can provide as much support as people need within its simplicity.

There are some disadvantages to consider though. First, the joint may look questionable to consumers who are not familiar with engineered wood products. Second, the joint must be installed by professionals to ensure it holds up under pressure from commercial roofs which have heavy snow loads.

Fastener Details

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

Slated roofing materials are growing in popularity for their durability and performance. Certain types of slate roofs have been around for decades, but new varieties are emerging all the time.

Here is an overview of some fasteners that you may want to include on your project.

Hooker Prowler E1090D Galvanized metal pin with polymer coating installed at maximum depth in the rafters. Total thickness per pitch is 1½ inches (3.81 cm). Polymer coating reduces rust when pitched along the brim of the tarp.

For years, homeowners have had to choose between nails or screws made from steel or brass material. Nowadays, there’s an option of galvanized steel nail anchors which provides long-lasting anchorage without copper lining inside like most steel and brass nuts. They also come in different lengths so they can be used together as loads change.

Also see our guide to choosing roofing screws.

Roofing staples such as sheet iron screw caps or galvanized metal washers provide multiple layers of security to keep dirt and moisture out of your roof.

Sheet iron wire mesh has lower carbon content than stainless steel and is relatively inexpensive. It works well as a staple wire because it holds its shape and won’t break or loosen during installation. The only downside is it’s slightly less resistant to corrosion.

Galvanized metal stock shapes were originally developed

Gutter Guard

Alternative Roofing Material with A&G Roofing & Restoration

The gutters are an area that can get dirty very easily. All kinds of things go into your backyard from rain, snow, insects, dust, etc… Then there are all types of collectors (not to mention ways we have of getting rid of them) that pick up waste material from the roof and throughout the year.

Things like water drops, pollen, bugs, grease and other debris enter the gutter and then eventually end up inside through the filter process. And if they remain stuck in the gutter, they will do so until finally breaking down or being removed.

The best way to keep these items moving along their respective journeys is by having a solid gutter guard in place. This keeps out large particles such as sticks and leaves while allowing water and moisture to flow smoothly over the edges.

There are different types of guards with varying levels of effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some of them shall we?

These first two options are hard plastic caps that fit over the edge of the rafters. These are great for catching falling objects and protecting your floor when there’s a leak in the pipe.

However, the cover still allows water to puddle around the base which can lead to issues with mold and fungus. Also, it does not trap much air which improves airflow across the surface above.

A more secure option is the spring loaded snap lock gutter shield. Again, this prevents leaks

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