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All you need to Know about Dental Implants

A sudden accident has made you lose a tooth? Or has excessive sweet decayed your tooth? Missing teeth can hamper your confidence as you will shy away in flaying your pearls. But in the modern day world every problem has a solution. Have you heard about dental implants? Thornton dental implants are artificial teeth that will replace your natural tooth and bring back your smile and confidence. This blog has all the basic information about dental implants that you need to know before heading to a dentist to get it done.

High Success Rate 

It is highly possible that your dentist will suggest you to get dental implants over bridgework or dentures. The success rate of dental implants is over 98%. However, the success rate is dependent on your health condition and the ease at which your procedure was done. 

Replicates a Natural Teeth

Dental implants look exactly like natural teeth. There is a titanium post that is placed in place of the tooth root. The post supports and strengthens the tooth. After the surgical site has healed the metal part will no longer be visible. The upper part of the implant is also known as the prosthetic part of the implant and it is the visible part. 


Dental implants are very comfortable and thus preferred over dentures. Dentures have chances of slipping. Whereas a dental implant is permanently fixed to your jaw and does not slip or get misplaces. They are strong, which means you can chew without worrying about damaging the prosthetic part. 


After getting a dental implant you will forget that it is foreign object. They are small to fill the gap between your teeth. They will feel as natural as natural teeth.

No Chance of Losing

Dental implants are permanent. You will have to remove dentures after getting them. Dentures have chances of getting loose and there is a problem of slippage. But implants are hassle free.

Improvement in your Looks

A missing tooth can make people conscious about their smile and hamper their confidence. Getting a dental implant will add the aesthetic of your face. Not only will it make you look good but it will help you in chewing the food properly.

Does Not Decay

The lower part of the implant is metal and the upper part is made of artificial material. So you will not face any hassle of tooth decay. You can do your regular oral activities like brushing, eating, flossing, etc., but they will be exactly the same as they were on the first day. 

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