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All you need to know about a Water Purifier

All you need to know about a Water Purifier


What is a Water Purifier?

A Water Purifier is a device that is used to remove impurities present in the water and provides safe drinking water. A right water purifier not only removes the excess amount of salt, other particles and dirt from the water but also hold on to its vitamins & minerals. Water contains bacteria which causes deadly diseases and purifiers offer bacteria free water which is safe for our skin.

Need of a Water Purifier

Today, we don’t have access to safe and uncontaminated drinking water. So the need of water purifiers have increased tremendously in the past years. They provide us with chlorine & iron free water which improves the taste and odor of the water.

Working of a Water Purifier

In Water Purifiers, water passes through a deposit filter. The deposit filter removes all particulate and solid impurities and then passes through a fine filter particularly to remove iron, chlorine and other minerals. There are many different types of water purifiers on the market today that function based on several technologies.


  1. RO Water Purifier

RO water purifiers require electricity and speedy water. In RO water purifiers a semipermeable membrane is used to purify water. Firstly the water passes through this membrane by which salt, lead, chlorine, fluorides and all other dissolved solids get stuck in the RO membrane. Resulting in improved taste and odor or the water. These are especially capable to purify hard water contains dissolved solids. Such purifiers are cost effective and quite easy to maintain.

  1. UV (Ultraviolet) Water Purifier

UV or Ultraviolet Water purifiers have a UV lamp tube through which water passes for purification. The technology used in these purifiers is environmental friendly as there is no use of chemicals. UV water purifiers are capable to kill bacteria, viruses that cause water borne diseases but cannot purify hard water. These are not as efficient as RO purifiers to purify hard water. Such purifiers are easy to maintain, cost effective and use low amount of energy.

  1. UF (Ultraviolet) Water Purifier

UF or Ultraviolet Water purifiers use hollow fibers of a membrane which helps in removing particles present in the water. All these particles gets trapped in the membrane, pure water is separated easily. The technology used in RO is very similar to the one used in this one, the only major difference is that RO purifiers can block very small particles also. Like UV purifiers, these are also not capable of working with hard water. The main advantage with these types of purifiers is that these work without electricity.

  1. Activated Carbon Water Purifier

Activated carbon removes heavy metals and pesticides that cause most of the water borne diseases. It helps in removing chemicals that are a cause of bad smell and taste of the water. These purifiers use absorption property to make water uncontaminated. These purifiers are very useful in removing all chemicals and metal particles but do not remove salt.

What to look for before buying a Water Purifier

  1. Water Storage Capacity

Today, we have many types of water purifiers that come with different designs and storage capacity. Amount of storage capacity is totally dependent on the requirement.

  1. Electricity

Some water purifiers work with electricity but there are some which work without electricity so you should choose accordingly.

3. After sale services

These days most of the companion offer good after sale services and it is must to choose the best brand as it gives quality service.

4. Water quality

The water quality at your home plays an important role in deciding the type of purifier. Some specialize in removing salt, dirt whereas others are capable of removing dissolved solids from the water.

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