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Due to the restricted scope that an undergraduate degree gives nowadays in terms of salaries and job possibilities, many students choose to walk a less beaten path by enrolling in a professional courses. Instead of becoming a jack-of-all-trades, a professional course or certification offers possibilities to go deeper into a certain industry. These classes prepare students for a chosen specialised sector by combining the ideal amount of technical knowledge, skill-building activities, and industry orientation. Here is a thorough list of some of the most popular professional courses offered after graduating if you recently earned your bachelor’s degree and are seeking for professional programmes.

What are Professional Courses?

Providing students with industry-specific skills is what professional courses include. Students acquire practical skills from professional courses. The course prepares students for the workforce. In contrast, the objective of a degree programme is to give students a solid academic foundation and subject-matter knowledge. These courses focus on developing skills, advancing one’s job, and bettering oneself. In addition to giving the children an advantage over their peers, this encourages inventiveness. Students that enrol in professional courses get the necessary soft skills that are crucial in the field.

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Top 10 Professional Courses after Graduation

After graduation, you can look at a variety of degrees and short-term courses that are focused on getting you a job. However, choosing the best school to advance your career might be challenging. Following is a list of the top 10 courses to take after graduation:

  1. MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  2. MTech
  3. PGD in Hotel Management
  4. PGPM
  5. Certification in Finance and Accounting (CFA)
  6. Project Management
  7. Business Accounting and Taxation [BAT Course]

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

An MBA degree, one of the often chosen post-graduate programmes, has the ability to give you extensive industry exposure and a skill set in the area of your choice. Due to the extensive choice of MBA specialisations accessible in every field, from media management and interior design to agribusiness and entrepreneurship, it ranks at the top of our list of professional courses after graduation. Additionally, pursuing an MBA abroad gives you access to a wealth of networking possibilities and wide international exposure to help you advance in your area of interest.


An M.Tech degree is ideal for students who wish to learn more about the enormous opportunities that this technical field presents, given how quickly technology is advancing and how wires and cables are covering our planet. The only distinction between an MTech and a ME (Master of Engineering) degree, which is frequently referred to as an equivalent, is that the latter is more knowledge-oriented while the former is more skill-oriented. The MTech for Working Professionals programme is an excellent choice for students looking to study a variety of technical specialisations, including Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, among others.

PGD in Hotel Management

A Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, which is often offered as a 1-2 year curriculum, trains students for managerial positions in the hospitality sector. A career in hotel management offers a wide range of interesting prospects, including the possibility to travel the world while working at prestigious hotels, cruise ships, airlines, and other establishments. This is because the hospitality industry is currently experiencing a boom.


A Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) is the best option for those looking to complete a professional master’s degree more quickly because it is a one-year rigorous postgraduate programme. This course enables working professionals delve further into the discipline of management studies with its rigorous curriculum, which mainly concentrates on it. Another key point in our selection of professional courses is the inclusion of a variety of workshops and interactive learning because of the specialised knowledge it may give you about business and management.

Certification in Finance and Accounting (CFA)

Without mentioning courses in accounting and finance, this list of professional courses after graduation would be lacking. Students from various backgrounds who are seeking a quicker path to a profession in finance are drawn to prestigious certifications like Chartered Accountancy (CA) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Usually, you have to pass a number of tests at various skill levels and have a certain amount of experience in the field.

Project Management

A certification programme in project management, such as an MBA in project management, is another important professional path you can take after graduation. In order to provide effective management, which can then result in improved performance in a time-bound way, project management is essential. Companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and financial sectors are constantly looking for experienced project managers. The most well-known certification in this area is the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.

Business Accounting and Taxation

A BAT Course is a certified 6-month programme that teaches advanced ideas of Accounting, taxation, payroll regulations, and the essential disciplines of Economics. It combines the specific fields of Accounting and Taxation with the larger domain of Business. This multidisciplinary curriculum can provide you with the diverse knowledge to handle the various business operations, from account-keeping to managing finances and dealing taxes, in the vast range of professional courses available to you after graduation.

Which jobs will disappear by 2030?

By 2030, the employment of Travel Agents, Cashiers, and Bank Tellers are most likely to disappear.

A fantastic strategy to direct your career toward a specialised field is to enrol in professional courses. To succeed in any professional degree or certification, it also takes persistent effort and strong motivation. We hope that our blog post on professional courses you can take after graduating helped you learn more about the many master’s degree programmes you can enrol in. Leverage Edu’s AI-tool, which recommends the appropriate courses that fit your interests and inclinations, can be of assistance if you are looking for professional courses but are dubious of their acceptability or job possibilities. You can then go with confidence toward a prosperous future.

Which course is best for the future?

Students must always pick the course that fits them the best. However, the finest programmes with potential job opportunities for students are those in pharmacy and artificial intelligence.

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