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Access to Mental Health Care For Alcoholism

Everyone should have access to quality mental health services. The cost of treatment should not be a hindrance for anyone who wants to get the mental health professional support they require. This is the rehab centers near me reason Medicaid benefits provide mental health and treatment for substance use disorders, but accessing that services can be difficult within the complicated realm of Medicaid.


Medicaid in America offers health insurance to millions of people who qualify due to a variety of reasons. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the requirements changed to Medicaid eligibility, and the result was that more Coloradans than ever were able to get healthcare and psychological care services through Health First Colorado, Colorado’s Medicaid program. However, determining whether you qualify and then enrolling to Medicaid is a lot simpler with an expert on your side.

As a community mental health facility the Center for Mental Health specializes in offering a variety of services for those who are eligible to be eligible for Medicaid benefits.

Partnership With Medicaid Navigators Partnering with Medicaid Navigators

To make it easier for people to access healthcare facilities, The Center has partnered with Tri-County Health Network (TCHNework) to have their enrollment navigators in the Centre’s Delta as well as Montrose offices to assist clients to sign up.

The enrollment navigators at TCHNetwork are educated professionals who assist the community through education and enrolling eligible people and their families into Medicaid. Medicaid navigators are available at the Centre’s Montrose (605 E. Miami Road) and Delta office alcohol rehab near me (107 W. 11th Street) and you can talk to the enrollment coordinator personally (Call 970.252.3200 to inquire about availability). They can help people to understand how to apply for Medicaid and also help with financial assistance in emergencies, SNAP benefits, prescription glasses and assistance with utility bills just to mention some.

“TCHNetwork was created to create an nexus to build collaboration between our communities and between local organisations. Our mission is to assist The Center for Mental Health and ensure that their clients requirements are met,” said Greg Fischer director of programming for TCHNetwork.

Sometimes, clients might require food or shelter, clothing or medical attention prior to moving into their behavioral health requirements. The Center is able to meet all of these needs with its case management group. “Access to affordable health care, both for mental and physical is essential to enable people to lead their lives to the fullest,” said Paul Reich the community relations coordinator for The Center, “Getting people connected to resources such as Medicaid to help pay for their health care is one of the goals of The Center, and we are blessed to have solid partnerships that help people enroll and, once they are enrolled, in treatment.”

Medical Aids for Alcohol Addicts

In the context of the whole person’s mind, TCHNetwork’s enrollment navigators as well as the team of case managers at The Center look to help build a network of resources that will support the person’s overall health. In rural areas cooperating to connect people with resources is essential. “We recognize that getting individuals enrolled in Medicaid is just one piece of a sometimes-complicated puzzle.” Said Reich, “Individuals sometimes need and are eligible for a host of other services to help them through challenging times. Although we may not be the source of these services but our TCHNetwork, our partner TCHNetwork is able to get people connected to the right resources. .”

Common Mental Health Issues in Men

Statistics show that men are more likely to suffer from certain mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Men are also more likely to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to cope with their mental health issues. This can lead to substance abuse and addiction, exacerbating these conditions.

Untreated mental health issues can often worsen and ultimately lead to health problems, relationship difficulties, and job or career-related challenges.

Potential Treatment Options

If men suffering from these disorders receive appropriate treatment for their mental health problems, they are more likely to experience a complete physical and mental recovery. There are several effective treatments for the various issues that affect male patients.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This type of therapy helps patients change their thinking patterns and behaviors to better cope with their mental health issues.

Exposure Therapy

This treatment is often used to help patients who suffer from PTSD by gradually exposing them to the things that trigger their anxiety.

Did you know there is a significant link with physical as well as the mental state of health? If one aspect is off balance, it will affect the other. This is why it’s essential to take care of both when working towards recovery from addiction. Stay tuned as our experts at Tranquil Shores go over the top 6 reasons you should consider making mental wellness an important aspect of your addiction treatment plan.

1. Help Prevent Relapse

The treatment of mental health issues that are underlying will help avoid an occurrence of. Most people resort to drugs as a method of self-medicating. If you are able to identify the root of the issue then you’ll be less likely to resort to alcohol or drugs to cope.

2. Help Improve Your Overall Quality of Life

A healthy mental state will enhance your overall quality of life. When you feel more relaxed emotionally, it usually leads to feeling healthier physically. This can boost the energy levels of your body, boost your sleep quality, and give you more satisfaction in your life.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels

A healthy diet and treatment for your mental and physical health will help to decrease anxiety as well as anxiety. If you feel that you’re taking well for yourself, this could assist in relieving some of the anxieties that accompany addiction recovery. Additionally knowing how to manage the stressors of your day can help you make wise choices when you’re in a circumstance that can influence your sobriety.


Connections like those that exist between The Center and TCHNetwork create an environment where people work together to look after the entire person. “Such collaboration is crucial in rural areas because the fact that no one single entity can handle the entire range of issues that affect one’s overall health and wellbeing,” continues Fischer, “The close partnership with The Center for Mental Health and TCHNetwork lets us cooperate and build healthy and vibrant communities in which every person has the chance and capacity to flourish.

The ability to see clients flourish is the outcome The Center and TCHNetwork hope to achieve with their long-term collaboration. “At The Center, we seek out opportunities to collaborate with other organizations in order to offer the highest quality of care to our clients. The collaboration with TCHNetwork is only one example and is just one of several.” Reich concludes, “All of us working to serve those we serve is our secret ingredient that contributes a lot in helping people achieve their fullest potential in the Western Slope .”

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