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There are two categories of people who love sports jerseys in this world: those who want to join the team as a player and those who want to watch their favorite sport in the stadium as a spectator. Every person on the planet is bound to like some type of game, whether indoors or outside. People who participate in matches wear a specific sports jersey on behalf of their team, and spectators who support their team prefer to wear that jersey to encourage and cheer them on.

Have you ever considered designing your professional football uniform? There are so many football uniform builders who can help you make your unique style custom youth football jerseys. These builders provide a variety of base designs and patterns to get you started, and then you may personalize each aspect to create the exact look you want. Which results in making your soccer team appear great, game after game.

Step by Step Guide to Design Professional Football Uniforms

Football uniforms differ from many other sports uniforms. Logos, names, and numbers in various sizes are required for the front, back, and sleeves/shoulders of football jerseys. Furthermore, choosing a robust material that can resist player contact is critical.

Aside from the performance of your sports team, the overall appearance of the group is essential. A sports team’s spirit will not be lifted by ordinary and necessary sports clothing. That is why, when it comes to selecting sports apparel for your club, most sports team managements go for unique designs. It will be challenging to produce a distinctive and captivating design all of a sudden. But you don’t have to worry about it. Here some jersey design tips are given by football jersey makers that you can employ in your sports team uniform.

Choice of fabric Material

Choosing the suitable material for a football uniform is essential. Because soccer is a game that requires a lot of movement by the player. Therefore, it is critical to select high-performance material for jerseys that offers flexibility, breathability, and moisture-wicking technologies. For freezing weather, consider fleece lining, hoodies, and tight cuffs. Moreover, stitching quality and seam work are also crucial considerations.   

Customize and personalize football uniform

After choosing the uniform’s fabric, create a customized uniform with the player’s name and number on the back of the shirt or jersey. This can make every member of the squad feel like a VIP. Maintain a consistent typeface for the name across the team to give each jersey a personalized touch while maintaining the team’s identity. Personalization can be printed or embroidered on fabrics. Embroidery should have a refined appearance, so apply it on zip-up winter jerseys and hoodies for maximum impact.

Hire a specialized graphic designer

The creative process of bespoke sports gear design demands the services of skilled designers to obtain the desired results. So, you have to work with an innovative team of football jersey makers who understand your personalized uniform design needs. The team of football uniform builders should be knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. When you’ve decided on a design team, schedule a meeting with them at their offices. Give them detailed instructions regarding your sports uniform concept.

Select Color of Uniform

Another step in building a personalized football team uniform is color selection. To make the jerseys catchy and appealing, most jerseys and sports equipment have brilliant and beautiful colors. When choosing the perfect color for your football team’s sports apparel, you can consider multi-colored and color block possibilities. Also, you can design your team uniform by picking up one or two bright colors and then combining it with other neutral colors such as black, white, and gray. Choosing the right color for your team uniform helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Keep it Simple

While designing your football team uniform, keep it simple because the secret to success is simplicity. Simple designs and colors attract a majority of the population. Therefore, it is better to choose colors and design pattern that is well-liked by everyone. In terms of color and style, some of the best professional sports jerseys are pretty plain and appealing.

Font Size

To design a football team uniform font size matters a lot. The size of a numeral, name, and logo is particular for a soccer uniform which must be considered while designing a professional football team uniform. For instance, the size of numerals, often known as TV numbers, must be four inches. The league logo should be 2.75″ wide and 1.5″ tall. The player’s number should be 12″ tall on the front of the jersey, while the rear should be no taller than 10″. The letters of the player’s name should be 2.5″ tall, and the team logo should occupy a surface area of 220 cm square.


After following the above steps of a custom football uniform, selecting the design of the uniform is another important milestone. When it comes to sports apparel designs, you have a plethora of alternatives at your disposal. There are solid, patterned, striped, vertical stripes, and many other style variations. You must choose the best design option for yourself. Some team leaders like plain designs, but others prefer imaginative designs. You must consult with other team members about the design and select the best garment design for your squad.

Placement of Team Logo

When designing sports gear for your sports team, you must include a logo. First and foremost, you must create a visually appealing logo. The positioning of the logo is the most significant aspect of sports garment customization. You must insert the logo in the proper location so that the jersey looks neat and clean.

In case of football uniform;

(a)  Football Jersey
  • The jersey’s numerals are placed on the top of the shoulders or upper arms.
  • The manufacturer’s logo might be placed below or over the TV numbers on the sleeves.
  • The manufacturer’s logo can also be placed on either side of the upper chest.
  • All jerseys must include a league logo in the center of the front yoke of the neck.
  • The aggregate surface area of the sponsor logos on the front may not exceed 750 cm square.
  • The team name should be put right above the player number in the center of the front.
  • The player’s number must be visible on the front of the jersey as well as on the back.
  • The player’s name may or may not be printed on the upper back of the jersey. It must be placed above the numerals and letters.
  • The back of the jersey can be customized with the team’s emblem or mascot. It should be near the top center of the jersey, right below the neckline.
(b)  Football Pants
  • The mascot of the team or the league logo might be put on the right side of the seam at the thigh.
  • The manufacturer’s logo can be put to the thigh region on the left side seam.

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