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A Guide on Different Types of Hyperbaric Chambers

Primarily identified as an alternate form of treatment, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) relies on the power of oxygen to heal a multitude of medical conditions.

The patient undergoing HBOT is led inside a Hyperbaric Chamber where he breathes one hundred percent pure, unadulterated oxygen delivered at higher than atmospheric pressure beyond normal levels.

In this post, we take a look at different types of Hyperbaric Chamber and what each kind caters to.

Hyperbaric Chamber-Structure, Types, And Functionality

Simply put, a Hyperbaric Chamber resembles a pressurized vessel, and the pressure that’s prevalent during the treatment usually depends on two conditions:

  • The symptoms that are being treated, and

  • How’s the patient responding to the treatment

Normally, one can differentiate Hyperbaric Chamber based on their make-material. While steel chambers are referred to as hard-shell models and don’t support portability, the other kind is known as mHBOT or mild Hyperbaric Chamber that uses a soft and inflatable chamber design.

Also, a Hyperbaric Chamber can be either monoplace or multiplace. As the name suggests, a monoplace chamber usually has the patient treated individually. Whereas a multiplace model can accommodate several individuals at one go.

Both monoplace and multiplace chambers are approved by the FDA for 14 such conditions. HBOT is recognized as an on-label treatment.

In comparison, a mild Hyperbaric Chamber has received the FDA approval reserved only for conditions like Acute Mountain Sickness. In essence, each kind of chamber promises a different scope of delivery as well as efficacy.

Monoplace Models

As mentioned earlier, a monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber accommodates only one patient at a time who breathes one hundred percent pure oxygen for a pre-fixed duration.

During the process, one can relax by lying down or remaining seated. Doctors may also advise you to bring something to read or listen during the whole process to pass time. Doing so also does away with the anxiety which is common with anyone undergoing HBOT for the very first time.

In some cases, where a child is subjected to HBOT, his mother can accompany him inside the Hyperbaric Chamber.

The entire process is effectively supervised by a medical professional who is highly trained. Patients are monitored as long as he is kept inside the chamber.

Multiplace Models

Inside a multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber, patients are either made to sit in chairs or use recliners during the therapy. They usually breathe in oxygen via individual masks and a trained medico is present inside the chamber.

However, a multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber is not recommended in case of any transmissible diseases being treated.

Soft Or Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

Taking a different stance from the traditional Hyperbaric Chamber, the mild or soft models use canvas or polyurethane.

As one can guess already, these chambers aren’t capable of reaching the same air pressure as steel chambers.

Hence, they function by compressing the room air which is known to carry no more than twenty-one percent of oxygen; a stark comparison to one hundred percent oxygen that a patient breathes inside a steel enclosed HBOT chamber.

Nevertheless, the soft models aren’t any less effective when used for daily needs at home.

Several celebrities from the film and entertainment industry, as well as athletes, reportedly use a soft Hyperbaric Chamber at home to help them cope with conditions like insomnia, field injuries, restore endurance levels, fight stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression to name a few.

A soft Hyperbaric Chamber is also a great option to consider when looking to treat a serious patient whose mobility is affected. Besides, when one has a medical condition that falls right outside the ambit of an on-label treatment, investing in a soft Hyperbaric Chamber can make a difference.

Not only does it do away with the rigidity of the treatment policy but also saves one from having to book a session at a private clinic which is outright expensive.

Wrap up

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is perhaps the best alternative treatment option. The full potential of oxygen to heal several ailments.

Sure, the use of a Hyperbaric Chamber has been an object of criticism and several debates in the past, but clinical trials have managed to establish its efficacy.

While discussing Hyperbaric Chamber, there is no single model that can be prescribed for a particular individual. Although the common preference is a monoplace chamber, there can be times when a clinic can decide to club two or more patients with similar symptoms inside a multiplace setting.

For others who are desperately on the lookout to arrange the treatment at home. A soft or mild Hyperbaric Chamber is always a viable option to consider. While buying a Hyperbaric Chamber at home can be quite a pricey affair, one can also rent the same to save money.

Have you ever undergone or have been recommended HBOT? If so, how was your experience? Do let us know by dropping a line in the comments below.

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