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8 Reasons why Aluminium is Perfect for Windows and Doors

It’s mostly found as Bauxite ore which is the third most abundant element found in the crust of earth. The most abundant metal found on earth. What makes it ideal for windows, doors, and curtain walls?

It’s the chemical mechanical, physical and chemical properties of today’s aluminum alloys that are responsible for the rapid growth in worldwide use. which is more than 5 percent every year.

Here are eight reasons for why the demand for aluminum frames within the world of glazing is growing. Currently dominating commercial markets and making PVC-U an attractive option. It’s a race to the bottom on the home front .

8 Reasons why Aluminum is Perfect

1. A light-weight

Aluminium is a lightweight metal, with a weight of 2.7 grams per centimeter 3 which is around 1/3 of the weight of copper or steel. In actuality, it’s one of the lighter commercially available metals.

This makes it suitable for door and window frames however, a light frame is crucial in the case of curtain walling. Curtain walls aren’t rigid and only have the capacity to support their own weight. therefore the more lightweight, the more durable.

2. Resistant to corrosion

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance window and you’re looking for an aluminum-based solution. It’s because when aluminum is in contact with air it forms a protective layer aluminum oxide forms immediately upon the outside. It is highly resistant to corrosion, despite whatever the elements can throw at it, even acid rain.

It also won’t damage by the use of cleaning substances. As opposed to timber or PVC-U frames. aluminum windows aren’t likely to crack, swell or split in the course of time. no matter the conditions. Protecting against corrosion is improved further by painting or anodizing the frame’s surface.

3. Will not break

Aluminum is malleable and ductile in the event that you’ve lost the details of your GCSE Chemistry. Which means it is able to be bent, formed into shape, or stretched out as a fine wire without losing its strength and without cracking or breaking. Also, it is flexible and not hard. Aluminum is the second-most malleable metal , and the sixth-most ductile.

This is great news for anyone who wants to create an curving curtains wall or window because the aluminum frame profiles can be easily bent or made into the desired shape , without risk of breaking.

4. The HTML0 is 100% recyclable

Aluminum is a unique material in the recycling of metals. It is completely recyclable, and the grade that recycled aluminum has is comparable to the original aluminum. It can therefore be reused again and again. In reality, close to 75 percent of all the aluminum ever made remains in use to this day.

It’s also good environmental news since it only takes 14,000 kWh for one tonne of fresh aluminum however, it takes only 5-10% of that to recycle and remelt that same amount. This means a lower carbon footprint and less cost.

5. Very durable

Aluminum alloys are used to create curtains and window frames. This is because pure aluminum on alone doesn’t have strong tensile strength. But once it’s amalgamated with other elements such as manganese and silicon, as well as copper and magnesium, its strength grows dramatically.

The tensile strength of aluminum in its pure form is about 90 MPa, but can be increased to more than 690 MPa when it is an alloy. Actually, Aluminum which as we’ve already noted is one of the most light engineering metals has a much higher strength-to-weight percentage than steel in an alloy.

In addition than steel it is a strong metal that increases with the colder it is as steel becomes more weak at low temperatures. This means that windows made of aluminum curtains, doors and even doors are able to withstand the coldest winter temperatures that are common in the UK. The lowest temperature recorded within the UK was -27.2degC in Scotland.

6. HTML0 Quickly forms alloys

As we’ve observed, aluminum is often combined with other elements in order to enhance its properties. For instance the strength of commercial aluminum can be increased by 20 percent by adding manganese. Aluminum can also form alloys that contain copper, silicon iron, zinc, iron and magnesium.

This allows it to make a variety of alloys that have properties that are specific to certain needs. Aluminum glazing companies make use of alloys of aluminum with magnesium and silicon that are the ideal choice for extruding aluminum profile. They are extremely flexible, heat treatable and highly formable, welding-able and feature high strength and an excellent resistance to corrosion.

7. Simple to convert into frames

Aluminum window frames are produced through an extrusion process i.e. by forcing the pre-heated aluminum alloy through a die in order to form the profile of aluminum. The frames are joined to create the frame. The design of these profiles that give windows frames their distinctive characteristic.

It is possible to create complex designs , but the intricate shapes can be created using only one extruded piece, making the profiles robust and long-lasting. Aluminum is also very machinable which makes it simple to precisely cut the aluminum profiles into the final window frame.

8. The Decorative

Aluminum can be easily anodized and powder coated to create an attractive smooth or textured surface. That means that aluminum windows or doors, as well as curtain walling do not only work well, but also look stunning.

Anodizing is accomplished by submerging the aluminum within an electrolyte acid solution and conducting an electric charge through it. The metal’s surface is transformed to a beautiful, durable aluminum oxide finish. The aluminum oxide is completely connected to the aluminum underneath and will not be smashed or peel off, making it extremely tough.

The aluminum oxide has porous structures, and therefore requires sealing in order to prevent corrosion. The sealant could be clear or have special dyes to make anodized aluminum offered in a variety of colors. It is also possible to powder coat the aluminum using paint.

The Senior Architectural System Senior Architectural System. we have an advanced powder coating facility located in Denaby.

The coated aluminum bars are energized. The powder receives an electrostatic charge. when it is released from the guns. This allows the powder molecules to adhere to the bars with an electrostatic charge, similar to how dust particles stick onto your TV.

Because of the electrostatic charge of the screen!. These bars then get baked in an oven. In which the powder melts and creates an even, flexible and smooth surface, which can withstand weathering for up to 25 years.

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