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Why do Graphic Design?

This series is for anyone at any level. If you interested in graphic design and considering becoming a graphic designer topic. You’re wondering. If you need to focus your creative energy on a career in graphic design.

Ten key Pros and Cons of Graphic Design.

being a designer and becoming a designer. Hopefully, this will help you get a good overall understanding.

1 It’s creative

If you’re a person who loves being productive graphic design is a good career choice for you. On a day-to-day basis, you will be problem-solving. The inventive solutions and creating a range of graphics and design ideas. why do graphic design important.

2 It’s fun.

Graphic design can be really hard work but at the same time. It can be really fun bringing your imagination to life and being creative.

3 It’s challenging.

why does graphic design be by no means easy? You’re pretty much problem-solving most of the time. So, to produce great work. You will have to push yourself, harness your skills, be resourceful, tackle. The complex briefs and be able to produce great results swiftly.

4 It’s educational.

To produce original and moving work. You’re going to have to do a lot of research. Often you will find yourself learning and discovering things you didn’t previously know.

 Number 5

  • Includes
  • Multiple
  • Creative

There is no limit to the techniques you can use to create your work.

  • Illustration,
  • Photography,
  • Painting,
  • Screen printing,
  • Digital art,
  • 3D modeling,

Paper engineering the list goes on. One of the great things about graphic design. It can be diverse and you don’t have to be tied to one medium.

6 Something to show your hard work.

So, you may spend hours days, or weeks working on a particular project. At the last of it, you will most likely have something to show for it.

Over time you will build a portfolio of work. You can show off and be proud of. This will ultimately help you get more work or a better job in the future.

7 Expressive.

Design is a discipline. In the industry, you will not always have the freedom to be as creative as you want.

However, there will be opportunities whether. Your creating work for yourself or for a client. Where you will have creative freedom. On these occasions, you can be really creative with your ideas and creativity. Some work that you feel justifies.

8 Rewarding.

Being a graphic designer can be really hard work. You really get out what you put in. If you do a great job and your client is happy.

why do graphic design? That can be really rewarding. You may enter a design competition and win some recognition. That can be really rewarding. If you create a piece of design like a logo. That gets used to add marketing value to a client and improve their business. That can be really rewarding. Building a great portfolio and getting a new job and earning more revenue very rewarding.

9 Collaborative.

As a designer, you will be required to work alone. why do graphic design? You may often have to work with other creative professionals as part of a team. It can be a great experience and really rewarding working with other passionate people. Collaboration can lead to amazing work.

  • Everyone sees things differently

You’re bouncing ideas off another designer. Some amazing ideas can be generated.

10 Career prospects.

your experience and reputation. You can move into more senior design roles and look to become maybe, an art director or a creative director. You may wish to become freelance and work for yourself or maybe start your own creative business.

why do graphic design? In graphic design, there are a lot of opportunities to further your career. A lot of pros to being a graphic designer there. why do graphic design? On the whole graphic design is a really interesting and fulfilling career to get into.


Cons to being a Graphic Designer.

1 Location-specific.

If you want to become a graphic designer. You will have to accept the prospect of having to move. where the industry is and today.

Graphic design is not all commercial work. But a lot of jobs and a lot of well-paid jobs exist in cities. So, to get work and start out. You may have to move to where the work is.

2 Competitive.

Graphic design is very fulfilling creative. It’s fun you are basically being paid to be creative. That a lot of people want to do it.

Which means there’s a lot of competition. When starting out and looking for jobs. It can be really tough. You shall against lots of other candidates. Which may often have more experience.

3 The road is long.

A lot of people pursue graphic design. It’s not everyone who becomes a graphic designer or stays a designer. The path to becoming a successful graphic designer can be a long and expensive one.

  • Unfortunately

Today it’s not all about talent and skill, it’s as much about attitude, discipline, application, and determination. Everyone’s path is various some take longer.

why do graphic design? One who stays highly motivated disciplined.  The industry is competitive and one will have to keep learning and building a better portfolio. If one wishes to progress and succeed.




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