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Web Development

7 Website Design Myths You Must Ignore

Website design and development is never a simple task, and there is no such thing as right and wrong. The website design depends on the business and the business owner’s choice. It depends on what they want and how to make them look, feel and fulfil the business requirements.

Website design is a complex and integrated task that helps businesses reach target audiences and connect with them to promote products and services. But there are some pre-set motions or rather misconceptions that come across while website design. These various myths may set you and your business in the wrong way. So you need to understand what the misconceptions are, and why to ignore them.

7 Misconceptions About Website Design To Omit

There are various misconceptions or myths as is commonly said about website designs. Bursting this bubble and informing you about the truth will help you set your business hassle-free.

Here is a list of the common mistakes that most people come across. From this, you will learn how to make your website more effective and impactful.

After the website design, you will automatically attract visitors

Designing a website is the first stepping stone to making your business/brand more accessible and helping you connect with your target audience easily. But the job is not done now. You need to keep working on your website if you want to connect better with your potential customers. Most people are misguided that after the website design is complete, visitors will land on your website.

This is not the entire truth about website design. Investing in the website design and having a good website does not mean that you will get visitors.

To attract visitors and improve your traffic, you need to keep working on your website design outlook. Make the website SEO-friendly, responsive, and user-friendly. This will boost your website’s search and help you get visitors more often. Keep updating your SEO and post videos, ads, blogs, and other media content to make your website more enticing.

You have a website, the work is complete

Usually, most business owners or people say that after you are done with website design and development, you don’t need to work on it anymore. It is a dilemma and a misconception that website design is all it takes. Then you can sit back and wait for visitors and sales to occur.

In reality, after your website is created, it is the starting point for promoting your business. You need to nurture the website, maintain it, update it from time to time and keep a close eye on its performance. You need to optimize your website to improve your rankings, make sure it is aligned with the current trend, and add media content for better engagement.

Building a website is a huge expenditure

Designing and developing a website requires a long process, huge investment, and financial support- which is one of the biggest myths of all. There are various web design and development service providers in India to help you with your website at affordable rates.

It is mostly a tale as old as time that website requires huge financial expenditure. You need the right web designing company on your budget, and you are set.

Only a business owner needs a website

It is mostly assumed that only an enterprise or a company will require a website to conduct business. It is a very common mistake and dilemma that websites are only for business owners. Often people assume that eCommerce business owners and brands only indulge in investing in website design. A website will get the proper business traction and help them boost sales as well as revenue.

But a website is more than that! A website is a very foundation for making your business/brand or any other product/service available in the digital realm. It can be for eCommerce, personal, informational, highlight any service, can be communicative, or could serve as an advertisement. A website has its own life and essence in the digital sphere serving different people with myriad purposes. It is mostly built for strong online visibility and to make the audience aware of their presence.

Visually compelling websites boost sales

Another misconception is that the general audience thinks that a visually attractive website will get you a bundle of traction leading to sales. But this is one of the biggest dilemmas. A visually compelling and enticing website design will not guarantee a conversion.

You need to focus on the overall performance of the website, the SEO, navigation and user interface and so many other parameters that will boost the conversion process but not guarantee it.

A pleasant and satisfying user journey will increase your prospects of sales, but it is not the only factor. Make your website design stand out so that your business/ brand can be in the spotlight. This will prioritize your user engagement and thus conduct your traffic inflow.

You will have top rankings from the first day

When a website is created it is not possible to rank on top overnight. It is a misconception and often believed that when your website is launched, you will immediately be on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). It needs continuous work and attention, and most important of all should be aligned with the best SEO practices.

Over time, your business will flourish and make its mark in the digital realm only if you continuously update, maintain and create new media content periodically. Optimize your website, and check for the links, keywords, and tags are up to par or not. Shortcuts will lead nowhere in establishing your business online.

More features will attract more audience

One of the other common misconceptions that the audience believes is that adding more features will improve your website’s traffic inflow. It is a myth, and doing so will make your website more complicated and undervalued. Rich features are good for the website but do not add thousands of unnecessary ones.

Add features that will be useful for you as well as your visitors to engage with you seamlessly. Too many features will pull down your ranks and user-friendliness. Organize which features you need and which you do not.


From the above-mentioned points, we know what are the common misconceptions about website design and what it is in a real scenario. As a site owner, you should always focus on the real picture. You may consult any web design and development service provider in India for expert knowledge and professional assistance in learning how your website works.

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