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7 Things You Should Try with USB on Windows [USB Tips]

USBs are very common in today’s world almost all users use a USB in some or another way.Most users only use a USB for transferring the data from one device to another.

There are many other useful uses of USB. This article contains a list of some amazing USB tips that many users are unaware of.

List of Some Amazing USB Tips

This list contains a variety of different USB Tips that every user should use on their Windows PC.

All the USB Tips mentioned here are super cool and very easy to use, which will definitely help the user in using the computer device in a better way.

1. Use USB Drive to Unlock your PC

The first USB tip that you can try on your Windows PC is unlocking the device with the help of a USB drive. By making the USB drive a key to your device you can increase the level of security.

When a particular drive is selected as a key to a computer device, then the user is always required to plug the USB drive in the PC to access or use the computer device.

2. Connect Different Types of Audio Devices on your PC

Users can easily connect different types of audio devices to their computer devices. This tip is not known by many of the users. The USB PnP audio device driver makes it possible for the user to connect different types of audio devices on a computer device with just one USB port.

This tip is very useful for those users who are more into music and songs. With the help of this tip, they can easily enjoy their songs on the desired audio device.

3. Run Portable Application from Anywhere

Another cool tip for your Windows PC is to run any portable application with the help of a USB drive. Traditionally users were required to install a particular application in order to use it, but now things have changed and users are not required to do that now.

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The portable applications can be easily stored on a USB drive and then can be accessed on any device that supports a USB drive. It is a very useful tip as it allows the user to save a lot of space in the hard drive of a computer device.

4. Increase The Performance of your Device Through ReadyBoost

A slow hard disk drive is an issue faced by many computer users. One can easily solve this problem through ReadyBoost. To enable ReadyBoost for a USB drive users are required to make some changes in the settings of the computer.

The performance of the device gets boosted when the user enables the ReadyBoost on a computer device. One thing that should be kept in mind is that there must be at least 256 MB of the free space available in the USB drive.

5. Create a Backup for your Crucial Data

USB drives are very helpful in creating a backup for the important data of the user. One can easily store a lot of crucial data on these USB drives, many different types of software are available for this purpose.

Apart from the software, users can take help from the number of tutorials that are available over the internet for the same purpose.

Data has become a very important part of our life, hence proper management of it is compulsory. USB drives help us in doing that.

6. Run a Different OS on your PC

With the help of a USB drive, the user can run a completely different operating system on a computer system. Running an operating system without even installing it on the PC is possible now with the help of USBs.

For running a different operating system on a computer are required to first have the files of that particular OS on its USB drive. Plugin the USB drive and open the OS files.

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With these simple steps, one can easily run a different operating system on his/her computer system.

7. Some Other Useful Uses of USB

Apart from the tips and tricks mentioned above, there are some other very useful things that a user can try with USB on a Windows PC. Users can easily run some portable applications with the USB.

Also, the performance of the Windows operating system can be improved and USB helps in staying secure with Tails OS.


Here we come to the end of the things you should try with USB on a Windows PC. Some of the finest USB tips are selected and mentioned here for your use. All the tips here are capable of making your work very easy.

Hope the information provided in this article will help you in some or another way. There are many other useful USB tips, one should always search for those and try them.

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