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7 best Omega-3 supplement brands for women

.Omega-3 fatty acids are a kind of polyunsaturated fat that plays a pivotal role in the human body, which even includes inflammation, immunity, heart health, as well as brain function. EPA and DHA, are primarily the main types of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Which is found in fish, and are mainly the biologically active forms of the omega-3 fatty acids. Meanwhile, ALA which is also the third form of Omega-3 atty acids is found mainly in plant foods and should be ideally converted into EPA and DHA before the human body can use it.

For those people, who don’t consume fish regularly, consuming a fish oil supplement can be an easy, quick and convenient way in order to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

How we chose

There are various factors. That should be considered. When scouting for the right Omega-3 supplement for you, and to help streamline the process. It is vital to check questions. Such as the use of the right quality of ingredients and dosages, third-party testing and certification, and EPA/DHA content, etc.

Below are the 7 best Omega-3 supplement brands for women.

  1. HERA Omega One

Omega and Vitamin E are a great combination of all the essential nutrients. Omega is good for mental health while vitamin E helps in growth of good hair, skin, and nails. Since HERA mainly targets pregnant women, they have sourced the purest and cleanest form of omega. Moreover, it has no side effects, and can be absorbed easily by the body.

HERA works on the motto of clean nutrition, and has worked to create these vitamins with the use of right ingredients, and right dosages. All their vitamins are clean, safe, and very effective. HERA Omega One has two main ingredients which are Omega DHA with 425 Mg, which is the core of brain, spine and eyes. Moreover, the deficiency of it can impact mental performance and can also lead to poor vision.

The second main ingredient is Vitamin E with 5 Mg, and it helps in the easy absorption of the nutrients by the body, mainly calcium. HERA Omega One helps in bridging the gaps in diet and nutrition, sharpens the brain, spine and eyes, and also avoids all omega related health conditions. All HERA products are backed by science, curated by doctors. Have no side effects, vegetarian certified, and traced by sourced.


2. Transparent Labs Krill Oil

Compared to the fish oil, krill oil contains more phospholipids and astaxanthin, which is a natural antioxidant that helps in protecting the oil from oxidation. Krill oil is also tested to make sure there are no heavy metals found in it. Moreover, with the benefits comes a heftier price tag, too. However, those who want to have extra antioxidants in their omega-3 supplement can go for it. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about its sustainability, then this product is not certified.

3. Kaged Muscle Omega-3

Every two pill serving has 2,000 milligrams of EPA and DHA fats in total, and  specifically, EPA consists of 1,100mg DHA consists of  900mg. Kaged Muscle Omega-3 boasts an absorption rate of 90 percent as compared to that of 60 percent of its competitors. They also have certifications from Friend of the Sea, Informed Sport, as well as from Safe. So the customers who are looking for quality insurance, then this product has a litany of certifications. It is also helpful as it has a quick-absorbing formula.

4. Performance Lab Omega-3

Performance Lab has sourced their omega-3 supplement and is safer to use. And is known for its sustainable version of the common omega-3 supplement. Their supplement is also vegan-friendly and carrageenan-free, which is not really common and also comes in soft gel form. Moreover, People who are looking for an omega-3 supplement with reduced unpleasant smells and burps can go for it.

  1. Utzy Naturals U Omega-3

Utzy Natural uses fish that are sustainably found in from Chile in order to curate their Omega-3 supplement. According to them. Chile is one of the least industrialized areas in the world. Hence, the fish selected for there, also undergoes processing to ensure consumer safety. Utzy is standard fish oil, offering EPA of 800mg, and DHA of 430mg. It also has additional omega-3 fatty acids in 80mg.

6. Natural Stacks Antarctic Krill Oil

Natural Stacks uses harvested krill from the Antarctic Ocean to make sure. That it is cold pressed on the ship so that its biological properties are kept intact. Later it is tested for impurities. Moreover, the EPA and DHA present in krill oil is more bio-available as compared to others in the market.

7. NuTru Vegan Omega-3

NuTru product stands out in the market as. it is vegan and has EPA and DHA which is sourced from algae. Moreover, there is no risk of contamination from mercury. Which is mainly found in fish. One downside of this product is that it contains only 450mg of omega-3s, which is much lower in terms of the dosage scale.

Lastly, there are various omega-3 supplements, available in the market. Which come in various forms, like capsules, liquids, and even gummies. For best results, find the best Omega-3 supplement that works for you and do not forget to take a balanced diet.

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